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God alone is the Positive Pole and all else are negatives!

Updated on November 3, 2016

Sun Tzu quote!

God is termed as supreme Purusha in the scriptures!

The Vedanta declares that ‘God alone is the Supreme Purusha means He is the only male and the entire creation is feminine. This truth could be grasped by comparing a simple example! In a ladies collage, a drama is enacted when the male characters were enacted by ladies donning the makeup of man. In another epic, it is written that Krishna is the “Gopala”, the protector of cows. The real meaning here is all beings including the human are like cows, with animal qualities and Krishna took it upon himself to protect us. His name itself reflects Go+pala, the protector of cows! Has not Jesus is known as “Good Shepherd”? He carries the young sheep in his hand and his glance is very compassionate!

In every eon, God takes the responsibility to guide the human beings. He can come in any attire, even as a beggar, a lame man, or as a wanderer. All these have happened really. Shirdi Baba used to beg from five houses every day! Also, to test his dear devotees he comes in any form or in any attire! When we go through the life of great saints, we will come across such incidents very frequently. In fact, God is formless; hence he could assume any form! If god has a distinct form, that renders his ‘Omnipresence” questionable! We humans are limited in intelligence, and hence we could not recognize god who comes in many forms and attires!

Quantum theory and subtleness

We can not understand God

The primal characters of God is defined as ‘Ever existent, Full of Wisdom and remaining in Eternal Bliss! He is the pure witness in each one, absolutely unaffected by the afflictions of the body and mind. In a way, he is like the water drop on a lotus leaf, which never wets the leaf though it is rolling on its surface. Hence god is never affected by the happenings in creation, the many modifications and the utter destruction we witness around the globe! He was ever smiling even amid the battle field. Krishna exhibited the same serenity in the battle field as well as while living in palaces. He never distinguished the palace life and battle field! He was equally smiling while he was a small baby when confronted with ogres and demons. It was like a play for him and few moments after, the ogres met their death in the baby’s playful movements. Krishna sucked the life of demoness Putana while she tried to suckle him with her poisonous nipple! He effortlessly teared open the beaks of the huge crane and killed the demon which came as a huge crane. He dashed a cart to ground when he knew, it was a cruel demon sent by King Kamsa to kill him! All the death emissaries sent by Kamsa were killed instantly by the boy Krishna! This is a small play for Krishna! He never exulted that he could kill the huge demons. He was indifferent to all the games of life!

He willingly undertook to go to Hasthinapur to counsel the wicked Kauravas against devastating war! He requested them to consider giving five villages to the five Pandava brothers, thus avoiding the bloody war! But the wicked Kauravas never listened to the sane advice of Krishna! Their evil deeds dragged them to the Kurukshethra war, where all of them perished! They thought that they were mighty and clever and possess a huge army which could vanquish the five brothers and their small army! They have forgotten that the Lord was on the side of Pandava brothers and ‘where the Lord is, there victory is”! If we go through those epic stories, we will understand the undercurrent of “Morality and Righteousness always triumph! While during the incarnation of Rama, god vanquished many demons living in deep jungles, obstructing the fire rituals of holy saints and sages living in various Ashrams there!


Why God created Evil in creation?

Now a vital question will arise! “Why god has created the evil demons on earth’? Of course, this question finds place in every era! Creation is not possible by simply having god loving people. The balance of creation will be tilted and there won’t be any charm in creation! Only by introduction of villain characters, we watch any drama or cinema interestingly. If all people are holy and they chant sermons, people will become mad! Only by comparing the good people with the vile and wicked, we realize the greatness of holy man and pious people. Imagine a situation where there is only one color! Then no beauty of nature could be cognized! It is due to the multiplicity of various colors, human life is rendered interesting. We have birds of many sizes, colors and qualities. We usually hate crows and vultures. We like the coo coo and parrot. We enjoy the dance of peacock. We marvel at the engineering skill of one variety of bird which weaves hanging nests in the trees! If there is only one variety of bird or one variety of fish or one variety of animals, man will become insane. It is the variety which renders the life tolerable for all humans.

A man was taking rest under a huge banyan tree! On waking, he found many tiny seeds of the banyan is scattered all over his boy! He exclaimed, “God is a fool, he has provided tiny seeds to a huge tree! A passerby heard the comment and told him, “God is correct in providing tiny seeds to the huge tree! Many animals, human beings and other creatures will seek the shade of the banyan tree. Had he provided pumpkin size seeds, you would have perished by now! We have people of such character in every age! They will always criticize; pass judgements even over God’s actions! It exhibits the foolish nature of such hard headed people! Hence Jesus told the people who follow him “do not look at the small dust on other’s eyes without caring for a huge distortion on your back”. All these ideas teach us “Never judge any or you will be judged”.

The teachings of all great people are similar in nature since Truth is one and it cannot be distorted! The only Truth is God is One, He is Love and Truth! Follow Him and reap the fruits! If you follow the evil mongers, there is no emancipation for you!

Understanding God...

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