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God and creation are incomprehensible to human mind!

Updated on October 20, 2013

Part and full, messages etc.

Part can not understand the FULL.

An all knowing entity alone can describe the world of creation and cosmos. Unfortunately, the human mind is limited to the understanding of the world through the sensory inputs alone. At best the mind can logically infer things. But these understandings are not fool proof. Even our perception itself has many defects. For instance, the curvature of the earth is not visible to us. Only if someone undertakes a voyage over the sea, in the same direction persistently, will realize the truth, that the surface of the earth is not flat but curved. We can observe this fact through viewing a ship coursing through the ocean. After sometime, the ship is not visible to the eye. This also presupposes that the surface of the earth is not flat. Also many people have proved that they reach the same place when they go in the same direction. The technology behind the space missions has been made possible because of our understanding that the earth is like an orange fruit, slightly tilted in the axis. Hence the geo synchronic satellites are able to communicate flawlessly to the earth stations. Today communication satellites perform many tasks which enable communication and broadcasting TV channels around the globe.

The human brain is a very intricate one. But unfortunately we have not utilized even a small fraction of brain’s capabilities. Even with this limited use, man has been able to invent many things in the world. If we compare the progress of human civilization from the Stone Age, the past few decades have brought astonishing leaps in the direction of scientific innovations. But even if we take all the inventions in its entirety, it is seen that there is still a gap in scientific understanding regarding the creation and cosmos.

Here, I remember a story found in children’s books. Five blind people started exploring an elephant by their touch. Each one touched one part of the elephant. One man touched its tail and said that the elephant resemble a broom! The other one touched its stomach and said the elephant is like a big wall, the other one touched its big ears and said it is like a big fan, yet another touched its trunk and pronounced that it is like a big hose pipe. The last one touched the legs and said that the elephant is like a pillar. Thus each one was arguing based on his perception and there seems no end to their dispute. Fortunately, a passerby happened to hear the commotion among them and came near. He asked them the reasons for their dispute. When he heard their arguments he said, “All of you have touched only one part of the big elephant. Though what all you perceived is correct with respect to that part, the elephant is a big animal with all these definitions. Likewise, each one perceives the creation according to his knowledge. But the creation is so vast that none can fully explain it.

In a way, we are all part of creation. How a part can describe the full? It is impossible. The separate identity of the part must cease, then only it will become one with the full. We have seen rivers merging in sea. Until it merges, it was a separate entity with a name and form. Once it reaches the ocean, it becomes the ocean and acquires the name and taste of ocean and the quality of its vastness. We have seen that the ocean water neither increase in level nor decrease consequent to the merging of many rivers joining the ocean. Also, the rays of the sun regularly evaporate the surface water of ocean. But the ocean always remains full without any change in its level. God is also similar. But the ocean has got some shore. God is a shoreless ocean without any boundaries. It is always FULL like the ocean. The grace of God can be partaken by all. The love of God can be shared all, yet God remains always full. We may consider one more example. From the flame of one lamp, any number of flames can be lit. But the original flame never diminishes.

We can enjoy the grace of God and experience His love but we can never understand God with our limited mind and intellect. God is beyond human mind and intellect. He cannot be described in words! When it is so, how can we comprehend the creation which came out from God?


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