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God and Our Sins

Updated on June 1, 2017

Killers means you is going to die

Killers are killer, killing is the greatest sin of them all. Killers only kill people dead and there is nothing good about that. These days when people are being killed for no reason at all, one may as well ask if there is a God at all.
Killers are killer, killing is the greatest sin of them all. Killers only kill people dead and there is nothing good about that. These days when people are being killed for no reason at all, one may as well ask if there is a God at all. | Source

Humanity top main sins

Welcome to our article (94), about God and our sins!

May God guide and help me say the right things in these religious writings?

Let us try to understand, what could be the top main sins in the eyes of God. By using our own human intelligence, we believe that killing another fellow man (woman or child) is the greatest sin that we can make.

Let us try to think about, what God could and would consider as human sins. You see, there are a lot of negative actions that we do during our lives, which could be considered as sins; but in this article, we are only trying to talk about the three main sins of humanity, against humanity itself, which are: killing people, robbing people and sexual sins in general.

So, we want to talk about humanity itself. But since we are talking about God and our sins, just to make sure, let us ask ourselves, Does God really exists? Because there is also a possibility that God does not exist at all. If that is the case, then whatever we are going to say about God would be worth nothing. But, since this question about God existence cannot be answered in a positive way, for us to be on the safe side, we must accept that there is indeed God. We will write about the possibilities of God existence, later in this article, or in our next religious article, because now, we would like to write about our human sins in the eyes of God.

We know that there are many answers about what our sins are, and they are written already in the present day religious books, but here we would like to go back and review those accepted rules, just because this gives us an opportunity to point out to our readers, what we believe those sins are, and why they are supposed to be sins of a certain degree, so, let us start from the beginning, by trying to see what in the eyes of God our main sins would be.

We believe that the greatest sins of them all, are the sins committed against humanity, when people kill other people just because they do not agree with them; anyhow killing has always been a very mortal sin, the sixth Commandment states; Thou shalt not kill, that is if we believe that there is God, and he has dictated these Commandments.

So, to do that and make it clear to our readers, the reasons why it is supposed to be so, we need to believe and accept that there is God, and God directly or indirectly has created or has helped to create life on earth. Now that we have accepted that God has created life on earth, and we humans have been placed at the highest spot of this existing life chain, by using our own logic reasoning we should assume, that all humans are equal in the eyes of God, therefore we are all God’s children.

Let me point it out to you, since we are all God’s children and we are equal in God’s eyes, all those people that think that God is with them, and therefore, not with the opposing party are stupid, because God being God, could not and should not take part in these stupid people arguments; if people think that God the life giver of every living thing, would take part and see his own life that he has created destroyed, whoever thinks that is a complete fool, because whoever kills another human being has sinned the greatest sin in the eyes of God, and make no mistake about it. Those people that kill and are proud of their killing another human being, must be the most horrible human being in the eyes of God; so, when they die, they will be sent to the most horrible place in the spiritual world, and when their turn comes their souls will be destroyed forever, just as they have destroyed the human lives of the people they have killed.

So, killing another human being has got to be the greatest sin against God, since one may be said that he is killing a tine part of God himself, we may have to assume that it is so, because logic human reasoning cannot see it in any other way. So, those people that believe that they are helping their God by killing their own enemies, will have a big surprise when they die, because if there is God as we believe there is, and we have a soul, the souls of those murderous people can only end up in the most horrible place in the afterlife, so, very quickly they will find themselves on the highway to death, past the point of no return and down in the abyss of the universe, where they will be disintegrated to the smallest existing particle. This is our humble belief, if you want to read all about this unheard place, read our reconciliation of the universe writings. Here are a couple of links that you can go to visit. Lucifer domains circle, Spiritual circle one negative, one may argue that this is only our point of view, but try to use your logic human understanding, and see if you can come up with a better answer?

So, our beliefs are that whoever kills anyone has done the most horrible sin in the eyes of God, and those people that kill in the name of God anyone at all are even worse, especially if they kill innocent people just for the joy of killing them; let them make no mistake, they kill be severely punished in the afterlife, because they will get what they deserve. Now that I have written about the most horrible sin in the eyes of God, I have to move on and try to explain a couple more sins before I conclude this article, since I would like to talk about the three main humanity sins, and this is only the first one.


Robbing with violence

We believe that robbing and above all robing with violence, must be the second main sin, in the eyes of God.

Robbing other people of their belongings, is another one of the main sins in the eyes of God; it has got to be so, if there is a benevolent God, because you cannot go around taking other people things, just because you like to do so.

Every one of us has got the right to enjoy our own belongings, which we have worked hard to own them. So, robbing anything at all could be said to be a sin, but here we are not going to call a sin, those small things that would usually happen during our lives; you see, for example if you happen to be hungry, and you have no food, and you happen to be near an orchard or a vine yard and you pick up some fruit and eat it, that might not be called a real sin, if you do it only one time, because there is plenty more on the trees and vines and nobody is going to miss it anyhow. But anything else that could make the owner upset, because it is going to make some difference to his belongings should be called a sin. So, the greater is the value of the things one takes from somebody else, and the greater is the damage that the rightful owner feels, the greater should be the sin in the eyes of God. Now, what we have written above is a sort of an example how one can judge the sins that we make during our lives.

But what about the real great sins of humanity, when would be robbers go out in search of taking away the belongings of somebody else, even when they have to use violence; they are so desperate in their own greedy ways that they don’t care the damage they do, they might hurt or even maim whoever stands in their ways, in fact they might even kill some people, if anything goes really wrong; so, robbing with violence must be one of the greatest sins in the eyes of God.

Let us say a few things about the value of things that people own, because sometimes I am inclined to think that some of these robbers don’t know how to live an honest life, and don’t want to know how to live an honest life, and therefore, they don’t know anything about what is going on in the world.

Let me explain: you see, for any owner to own anything he must have worked hard to own it, some of us might be lucky and been born in a family that already owns several things, and this is because, his forbears and the members is his family have worked hard to produce and retain those belongings, so, all depends on how much work we do or have done in the past, which in a way would be equal to the things we own; therefore one could say that we have to produce things in order to own things. Here we could say that the world could have been a much better place to live in, if everybody would try to work his way up, instead or trying to grab other people belongings.

So, one could conclude that robbing with violence, is one of the main sins of humanity in the eyes of God, but there is more, because we need to consider also when people go to war to dispossess other people of their belongings, because in their violent ways they do a lot of damage, not only to the people involved, but also to the entire world, this is what we are going to write here under, because we believe that wars are a sin against God.


Horrible Islamic State killings

Killing the innocents does not make you a hero, it makes you a killer and killing is the greatest sin in the eyes of God. But God if there is a God does not intervene; because most likely God does not exist and there is no divine reward or justice.
Killing the innocents does not make you a hero, it makes you a killer and killing is the greatest sin in the eyes of God. But God if there is a God does not intervene; because most likely God does not exist and there is no divine reward or justice. | Source

Wars are sins against God

Wars of possession, or other wars must be one of the greatest sins against God and all humanity, because it tries to destroy people life; during the wars, many people get killed, and that is one of the main sins that we would commit, we also dispossess the losers of their belongings. Some of you might say that it is not true, but look in the past, a group of warriors would go out kill the people, let us say, they surround a castle take the castle kill the people inside and the castle becomes theirs including anything that would belong to the castle.

Here it would be logic to ask, is there a god? And then, if there is a god, why does God let these people kill these other people? Perhaps the only right answer that we could be able to say, and could be true is that there is no God that is looking after us; because if there was a god these violent things should not happen at all, so, if they happen, it is because God does not would not or most likely could not do anything; in other words the omnipotent God that we would like to believe in does not exist, this is the proof that God does not exist to the extent of our beliefs.

However a spiritual force could and perhaps would exist, but it is more like a very mild spiritual force, compared to the ways that the Jews, the Christians and the Muslim believe in. Here we could add this explanation, because of this great power that we have believed this monotheistic God has; we have been fighting many wars in this God name in the past, and most of these wars have been a mistake.

So, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah or whatever is the name of this God or gods, that have made life possible on earth, and therefore could be said that are the life givers of every living thing, this same life giver or life force would not be happy when we destroy life, because life is a part of themselves.

Now while I am writing this spiritual or religious explanation here, I cannot help thinking about what is happening in the world today, some religious fanatics or perhaps it is better if we call them terrorists, they believe that they would sacrifice their lives, because that is what their God wants them to do; they believe that when they die they are going to be given a better place in the world of the dead. Here I would like to strongly point out that they are killing themselves and other people as well, so, it would be impossible for their God to like them.

So, if there is a God and there is an afterlife, it is most likely that because what they have done these would be religious fanatics, they would end up in the most terrible place in the afterlife world of the dead. It has got to be so, because these fanatics kill other people and at the same time want their possessions; so, this is another one of the great sins against God and humanity.

We could say more, but it is better that I change to another great sin of humanity; where we would be talking about sexuality and their sins in the eyes of God.


The third main sin

When we think about it, the third main sin in the eyes of God must be sexual violence, to rape a person against their will is a very bad sin, there are too many sexual sins to name them all, and some of them could be even disgusting to hear about them; so, we will talk about a few of them only, but at the same time, we want to give an opinion of how we see humanity sexual behaviour in a general way, and also the reasons why people are sex driven.

People are sex driven because that is the way Mother Nature made us, you see, it is through our sex drive that we have in us, that life on earth continues indefinitely, if there was no sex drive in us, we would not exist; so, sex desires are there because that is the way for humanity to reproduce and continue perhaps forever. Now, when sex is controlled in such a way that we reproduce without hurting anyone, the sex drive that we have is the greatest gift that God and Mother Nature has given us to enjoy, so, let’s enjoy it if we can, if we can control it at the right level, and do it with the right people that enjoy it at the same time.

But people are not always able to control their sexual desire; their sexual drive makes them do many stupid and sometimes violent things, history is full of story after story of sexual desires that have led to violence and murders, even in the Bible, there are description of sexual desires that have affected many people; here one can start with Abraham and Sarai; the story goes like this, Abraham and Sarai his wife went to Egypt, because there was a famine in the land where they were. Before they reached Egypt, Abraham said to Sarai, you are a beautiful woman and when the Egyptian will see you, they will kill me so that they can have you; so, instead of saying to them that you are my wife, we will say that you are my sister, so, they will spare me, and that is what they did.

In Egypt, what Abraham foresaw became true, and the men over there would have liked to have Sarai, even the Pharaoh saw her and wanted her, but Yahweh punished him for his desires by sending plagues and other bad things, in the end the Pharaoh understood the reason and he let Abraham and Sarai go with lots of cattle and sheep.

The bible also states that this is how Abraham started to become rich, because Yahweh influenced the Pharaoh to give Abraham many sheep and cattle and other thing, for atonement of his sins for desiring Sarai.


The ancient city of Troy

This is an imaginary battle of Troy fought outside the city, it is said that the war was started because, the most beautiful woman of ancient time Helen wife of Menelaus of Greece now called Helen of Troy ran away with her lover Paris prince of Troy.
This is an imaginary battle of Troy fought outside the city, it is said that the war was started because, the most beautiful woman of ancient time Helen wife of Menelaus of Greece now called Helen of Troy ran away with her lover Paris prince of Troy. | Source
This are the ruins of the city Troy in Turkey. This city was destroyed for the love of a woman, one could say. This is how strong the sexual desires are, they are so strong that when they are not controlled properly, they can bring destruction.
This are the ruins of the city Troy in Turkey. This city was destroyed for the love of a woman, one could say. This is how strong the sexual desires are, they are so strong that when they are not controlled properly, they can bring destruction. | Source

Sexual desire could bring destruction

Believe it or not, but sexual desires can sometimes bring even destruction; Here we would like to mention, one of the oldest story about this subject; the war of Troy.

The war of Troy was started because of this beautiful woman, now historically known as Helen of Troy. The story goes thus, Paris the most beautiful man and prince of Troy, went to Sparta and fell in love with Helen, and somehow ran away with Helen the most beautiful woman in the world, But Helen was already married to Menelaus. After that Menelaus with the support of many other Greek royalties made an army and went to war against Troy; so, the war and destruction of Troy happened because of this beautiful woman called Helen, and the sexual drives of humanity.

There have been always story after story of the things that men did in the past, for their personal sexual desires. There is a story in the book, one thousand and one night, where this lady tells many stories to her husband, as a very long story, knowing that she is going to be put to death when she finishes the story, and then, her husband would take another woman for a wife, but somehow she keeps the story going for a very long time, she has children from this strange relationship, the day she finishes the story, her husband gave away the idea of killing her for another woman, because then he would have killed the mother of his children. As you can see, the stories of man with many wives has always been there, even though today Christianity forbids it: And then what about Henry the Eighth with his many wives, it seems just the same as The Arabian Nights all over again.

I believe that I have said enough about these sexual sins; where man in particular finds hard to control his sexual desires; so, his desire need to be controlled, now some religions like Christianity, and in particular the Roman Catholic doctrine teaches us, that man needs only one wife, and that works perfectly fine since everybody get their share; but in some places they have also gone too far in this denial of sex drive, because their priests do not get married, but this denial of sex against Mother Nature designs, is having many problems, as we all know about the paedophilia, therefore, it would be better if they make a different set-up, so, rethink and make some changes, in order to make it easier for everybody.

But what about the Muslim religion, where man plays a very dominant part, so, everything has been set per mans’ desires. If we look at this difference in the two main religions of the world, it becomes obvious that the Muslims seem to be driven from sexual desires, and therefore, their religion has been set in such a way that their desire could be satisfied; here man can take several wives.

Anyhow, whenever we have ex outside the approved ways, we are committing a sin, and sex that leads to violence and killing, must be one of the main sins in the eyes of God.

The Muslims say that Allah their God allows for all their sexual enjoyment, as it is written in their Koran, which is a religious book written for the ways of life that the Muslim men like to have, so, this religious book seems to me, that it is more likely that it has been written to satisfy their man sexual wants.

Now before I close this article, which is becoming too long, let me make this observation: Religious books are written to guide people, the right way if possible, and even though we say that religious books have been inspired from God. There are doubts about it, because to say that, first one must be sure that God exists, and after that if God exists, one might say that their religious book has been inspire from God.

But what about if God does not exist, which is more likely to be true, because the God that we would like to exist cannot exist, because we have made him too powerful to exist. Anyhow, it is very likely that some spiritual being really exists, but they are very likely less powerful than what we would like them to be as our God. You see, most religious books have been written and set to satisfy our own desires. Anyhow, when we use our sexual desire, outside the normal ways, and in doing so, we might hurt somebody, then our sexual desires are a sin.

Now let us go back to talk about God, in my opinion, there is no real God as we wish him to be, so, if there is something supernatural, this something is less powerful that we wish them to be, and does not help us very much, except what we would be able to do ourselves, if only we believe, we can do it.

Most times God does not even hear our prayers, even when we need his help, but even though he does not hear our prayer we still pray God; this is what we will be writing in our next article, before we conclude about the possibilities of God existence.

See you soon.

May God bless us all?



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