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God and Spiritual Beliefs

Updated on June 7, 2017

Some people religions and existing spiritual beliefs

Religions are usually different from one enother expecially if we talk about the spiritual side of it. This photo here could easily apply to a Roman Catholic believer, as there are descriptions in that religion that describe paradise as seen here.
Religions are usually different from one enother expecially if we talk about the spiritual side of it. This photo here could easily apply to a Roman Catholic believer, as there are descriptions in that religion that describe paradise as seen here.

Religions need to be redesigned to serve humanity better

We believe that in the beginning man has designed their own religions; they were designed according to the need they had in those times. Today some of these needs have changed, so we need to redesign them according to our needs.
We believe that in the beginning man has designed their own religions; they were designed according to the need they had in those times. Today some of these needs have changed, so we need to redesign them according to our needs.

About our spiritual beliefs

Welcome to our article (99), God and spiritual beliefs

Dear readers, this is the continuation of our previous article, God exists for everybody; we are going to continue here with God and our spiritual beliefs, which in a way, they are our imaginary spiritual beliefs about God, written to overcome the atheists’ denial of God, and the terrorist use of God to satisfy their own greed. As you may know, we have written other religious articles, but, we are writing these three new religious articles, in the hope of finding a very short way to explain our modified religious beliefs, as we have explained above.

Well, I have to say that, actually it is not just our religious beliefs that we want to explain here, because people sometimes do not care about what other people believe in; but, because we believe that our modified religious beliefs, as we have written them, even though they could be said to be different from everyday religions, they could solve some religious problems that involve all humanity these days, (namely the atheists and the terrorist), for this reason, we feel that we have to write and publish them; as we have pointed out in our previous article, we believe that it could be helpful if people take notice of what we are writing here, as it might help humanity, if it is applied the right way in the future.

You see, we believe that religions need to be modified, to fall in line with today way of life. Now, even though we believe in most religious spiritual things, which people believe exist today; but even though we believe that, those beliefs are not stopping us from believing that, it is necessary to modify, or perhaps redesigned religions, in such a way that all religions could become a single religion in the future, or at least they could be easily connected to the same super God of the universe, which represents all spiritual being in the universe, therefore, it is the life force energies of the entire universe that we believe exists; we are going to do that by starting to use what we have described in our previous article, God exists for everybody.

Now, that we have stated our main aim, which is that we are looking for a way that would unify all existing religions, let us describe briefly humanity beliefs and needs, because we believe that humanity needs God and religions. You see, as far as we know, humanity has always had the need to believe in spirituality and God, all known civilizations have had their god, goddesses and spiritual entities, as we all know from our human history, if we look for this information. Therefore, we may say that it is the way our human brain works, in fact, we need God and religions, as some of us know, even the great neurologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud said that we need a God, in one of his books. However here is one of his general beliefs about God and religions: (Sigmund Freud's views on religion, Freud regarded God as an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful father figure; religion, necessary to help us restrain violent impulses earlier in the development of civilization, can now be set aside in favour of reason and science.) But we believe that even a great man may sometime miss some discerptions, since somewhere else he says that Man needs God, and it would have been great, if a benevolent God existed the way we human want God to be. But anyhow, let us continue to describe how we see this spiritual situation that we are talking about here.

We need a God and religion that we believe would help us when we need help, we need a set of rules to follow, which religions provide easily and many other things as well. For instance, when we cannot explain easily certain things, we start thinking that there is something out there that we cannot see, but it exists in another form like spirits or angels or demons, whether these beliefs have come about because we have been exposed to these beliefs, because our forebears believed in them as well, it is hard to say, but this is the way that our brains seem to work. We also would like to believe that our souls are immortal, it is a good feeling to think that one could be immortal, so, for us it would be better, if the spiritual world really exists.

Therefore, let us talk about God and the spiritual dimension that we believe exist in the universe, starting with the ways that some of us believe these spiritual entities or things could and would exist, so, we might be able to find the link that links our lives and all the spiritual entities together, at the same time, let us look at how all this spiritual beliefs might have come about, because they are definitely beliefs, and they may or may not exist; since there is no real proof of their existence, except that there seems to be a widespread beliefs of their existence; so, because of this widespread belief, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension really exists. Once we have accepted that, we need to discuss how we can describe it; since we need to describe it in such a way, that all existing religions would be able to link together in the spiritual dimension, as we have said in our previous article, God exists for everybody.

Having said that, now we need to say, that these religious articles are being written on the assumption, that all the spiritual things or being that we believe in they really exit, even though we are going to have doubts sometimes, and therefore discuss their existence.

Discussions about the spiritual dimension

As we have already said above, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension exists; but does it exist, just because of our own human behaviour and beliefs, we do not know for sure. Therefore, we would also continue to question ourselves, whether the spiritual dimension is real, or it is all an invention of our human minds? Of course, as we have said already, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension exists, because it would be helpful to humanity if it does exist.

Now, since we have decided that it would be better for us that this spiritual dimension exists, then, we have to decide what is the best way for us humans to proceed; would it be better for us to believe in spiritualty, God and religions just the way they are now? Or what else could be done to improve the present religious situation, since there are times when spiritualty or religious beliefs don’t seem to do their job properly. So, let us see what could be done, and how we can set religious things in such a way, that they could work better in the future.

In order to reinforce the need that something needs to be done, we need to go back again and again, to our human needs and spiritual beliefs; you see, we have already mentioned this many times, since the very beginning of time when mankind became able to think, we have always believed in some sort of spiritualty and gods, because we have not been able to escape the facts that whenever we cannot explain something, most of us if not all of us might start to think that perhaps there exists something that we cannot see, so, we start imagining lots of things that may or may not exist at all; this ability of thinking abstract things that we could not even see soon started the beliefs of a spiritual world.

We started to believe in this spiritual world, even though this spiritual world could not be seen from us humans, because they existed in another dimension, and they were invisible to us; but in our minds they existed and where more powerful than us, since we could not see them, but they could see us and if they wanted, they could help us or harm us; it was thus, that with these beliefs in our minds, we started our spirituality beliefs that later on became more complex, in the end we believed that there is a god or gods, and other spiritual beings and spiritual things as well.

In our own simple understanding, this is how and why religions started and continued to grow, as we can see from the many religions that exist today, and the religious books that they have brought about, like The Bible, The Koran, The laws of Manu and many other religious books. In our religious study, and religious articles that we have written, we discuss some of these issues; we have also written in one of our hubs in Hub Pages, about this spiritual need that we have; where you can check our hub, Man needs God, where we are able to explain a few human beliefs or things that we do and believe in.

All these things that we are talking about here, they belong to the spiritual world, that we also call the spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension, is where we believe all spiritual being are staying; so, since we would like to use this spiritual dimension to describe to the world, how God and these spiritual being exist, we need to describe the best way we can how this spiritual dimension is, starting with a general description of this dimension here-under; and then in our next bub or article, we will try to describe it fully, in the shortest way possible and in a way that our own religious writings could be linked to it.


The spiritual dimension

The spiritual dimension in a nutshell, is the place where all spiritual being are supposed to be, they are in a different dimension than our dimension, so, we are not able to see them; but with our own human imagination, we should be able to describe them how they are in this dimension, and then, those links that we may have with them.

So, let us start from the beginning and explain what in our view is a dimension, and then how we see this issue; a dimension is one of those imaginary things that holds within it all those things that belong to that dimension. Now, since we want to talk about God and other spiritual being, which we believe that they are in the spiritual dimension, which is connected to our own dimension, because we believe that our souls can move from this world to the next, and therefore, from the living dimension to the dead dimension, we need to describe how this dimension works, so, the people could believe that it really exists, since it could exist.

To start with, in the universe, we believe that everything forms cycles, which go around and recycles what exists in that part of the universe; so, in order to describe our spiritual dimension, we need to describe how this spiritual system works. We believe that in a way we have already done that once, in our longer version of our religious writings, but we need to do it in a much shorter and clear version, because it would be easier to follow and understand.

In this description of our spiritual dimension, we are going to start with God being the central and most important part of the spiritual dimension, because God is the most important part, and then, we must go through everything else, and at the end come back to God again, so, a full circle or cycle is completed.

Because we want to make this part of our religious writings as short as possible, we are going to keep the description within here as short as possible also; but even though we want to keep them short, we need to talk about God the central life force of the entire universe, we need to talk about all other spiritual entities, like other gods that the people believe in, the angels whether they are on God side or at the opposite side, the saints, the souls of people and what we believe happens to them, in the spiritual dimension; but above all, we need to do this in a way that it could work, so, people could understand what we are talking about.

Anyhow we believe that this article is becoming too long, because usually we are going to add more, when we are editing them in the future. At this point of time, we aim to write just three articles that would be able to link to all our best religious articles, we believe that we would be able to do that, by pasting their links in these last three articles.

So, we are going to stop writing this second article, and we are going to explain the rest of the spiritual dimension, in our next post that we are going to call, God spiritual dimension.

May God help us to describe these religious articles?

May God bell us all?



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