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God awaits for the appropriate moment.....

Updated on September 20, 2015

God awaits!

Why God is keeping quiet?

Involvement in the affairs of the world, bring plenty of sorrow to all people. They get involved in the hope of gaining something and to enjoy worldly pleasures. Since the birth, we are undergoing alternative phases of pleasures and pain. Only the duration differs between different persons. Some persons, due to accumulation of past merits enjoy a decent life on earth whereas many people toil for a morsel of food! Why this disparity between individuals, between countries and between different cultures.

The answer is obvious. What one sow consciously, he will reap it without fail. But, there are few noble souls, though they perform actions, it is entirely for the welfare of the people around. They never retain the doer ship. There lies the secret. While the majority of the people perform the tasks with the eye on the results, the few selfless people do it for the sake of the Divine! They have understood the unity of the entire mankind and hence any pain felt by anybody is immediately felt by the selfless one.

We had a few such noble souls treading the earth in the past as well as in the present time. We can not identify them at the first look. Their deeds speak louder than their silent service. They never pose themselves as the doers!

Jesus felt the pain of the poor and downtrodden and hence he hastened to extend his hand to them. Those who had faith in his mercy got themselves cured of blindness and other handicaps. The dumb was able to speak and hear by his gracious touch. He never differentiated people based on their race or poverty. He enjoyed the company of poor destitute rather than the rich hosts. He exhibited selfless love to one and all. He tolerated the atrocities of the rude people with great patience. When he was unduly implied in some false allegations, he never tried to defend him. He knew well that every thing happens as per the will of Father in heaven. Only in the last moment, before shedding the mortal coil on the cross, he lamented, “Why thy have forsaken me’! But he rose from the tomb on the third day to prove to the disciples that ‘whatever he has prophesized is true!

He wanted every one of us to emulate him, love one and all without any distinction. He made us to realize that all are one in soul. Unfortunately today, the world is split apart in so many ways, that ordinary human effort can not mend! But the Divine power is full of mercy towards the creation. The Father will never be indifferent to the cruelties inflicted on people by their own clan. As soon as a boil develop on the body, the Doctor won’t remove it surgically. He waits for the appropriate time till the boil develop fully which contain all the negative toxins of the body. If it is treated in the beginning, only a small quantity of toxin will be removed. Hence the Doctor gives medicines sometimes to develop to proper size so that it can be removed surgically and in the process all the toxins will be eliminated from the body. In the like manner, God too awaits for the appropriate time for the cancerous growth of evil to become full fledge, before it is removed completely. We now have evil dancing on the face of the earth in the form of terrorists who inflict injuries on the mankind by their various kinds of evil ways. In them, pure consciousness is completely hidden by the arrogant egos. If they are true followers of religious tenets, they should never hide behind masks!


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    • profile image

      Tamara 2 years ago from U.S.A.

      Jesus was very much impartial to whom He was spending time with. Any who showed respect or provided an opportunity to teach by being around (like the pharisee and Mary crying on His feet and wiping her hair on them to dry them) or Nicodemus learning from Him about being reborn and of course those in serious need of care and love.

      As He said: I did not come to condemn the world but to save it. He goes as far as telling us to love our enemies and demonstrated this, Himself, strongly- while crucified saying: Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

      God has a perfect life saving master plan that I tend to think our focus of faith should be on rather than focusing on those 'that know not what they do'. Just some thoughts that I hope sit well eith you. Peace and God's blessing to you.