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God doesn't care which team you are praying for

Updated on June 13, 2010


Sometimes I know things. Call it intuition or “gut” instinct or some bizarre connection to the universe, sometimes I just know what is going to happen. I have no control over it so it is not like I can conjure up the winning lottery numbers or predict who my children will marry. Other than giving a little “advice” and I don’t usually explain where the advice came from, it really has served no purpose but to entertain and amaze me.

My husband has seen it at its best and would like it put to some good use. Mainly, he would like it to help him have some advantage in his fantasy team selections. I have tried, but my intuition grows quiet and sadly, does not help him out.

He asks me about his favorite sport teams, each player and how they will fair. I have explained that I “get” no message in regards to sports because God, heaven, the universe does not really care about such things. Everyone is praying for their favorite team and to God it is just the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher. “Whaaa…whahh…waaagh whaaaa.”

Last night we went to see spiritual intuitive, Nan O’Brien, at a live show in Portsmouth. Though I have interviewed her on a couple of occasions for newspaper articles, the familiar stories she told about her life and spirituality remain so interesting to me. I can relate when I listen to her. I guess I am on the journey as well.

One higher truth she briefly spoke of is how connected you can feel spiritually when there is silence. It is no wonder to me that meditation not only brings you closer to God or whatever it is that you believe in, but also connects you to yourself. If you don’t have a relationship and a respect for self, it is hard to provide anything meaningful for others.

There are a lot of thoughts going on in that head of yours. In the dark corners of the mind lurks hang-ups and envy and of course a righteous feeling of self-entitlement. We may deny we have them but to some extent we all do and realizing it is instrumental to understanding how they sabotage your choices, your relationships and yes, your life.

Nan, like another great spiritual speaker and intuitive, Carolyn Myss, also dislikes the thought process behind the recent book, audio, DVD extravaganza known as the “The Secret”. I find myself nodding and thinking, “OK, it is not just me that sees this as an elaborate insult to the Divine.”

The Secret is about the laws of attraction and intension, which I believe to some extent govern what we bring into our lives and shapes our good or bad fortune. But, there is a big emphasis on “to some extent”. Being negative may, for example, bring negative people into your life and influence your choices. You may not apply for that dream job because you think you won’t get it anyway. You may not go to a party because you know you will just be sitting alone against the wall. You will never win and you will never get married so why try? Negativity can cripple our chances in success and relationships because it stops us from being an active participant in our own lives.

But The Secret twists the theory of positive and negative attraction and makes it into an egotistical wish list of what you are entitled to receive. Want a pony? Cut out a picture, post it on your wall and BELIEVE it will come to you. Bam, Mr. Ed is in your driveway. The theory is if you want something, a materialistic want, intensely enough and believe it will come to you, it will come. If you don’t get your wish than you must not have wanted it bad enough or believed enough. You suck, not the universe. You lose and it’s your fault.

Are we forgetting that sometimes we want things that are not what we actually “need”? Sometimes God says no.

Nan O’Brien explained it like the role of a parent, “My kids would have loved to have ice cream for breakfast every day. It doesn’t mean I gave it to them.”

Carolyn Myss sums it up best in one of her latest books, “Entering the Castle”.

“The getting of what one wants; get your needs met-you can have everything that you want…is not a spiritual path. It is an indulgence in narcissism. It is an absolute compulsion of ‘spiritual capitalism’ and entitlement,” according to Myss. “And if you think this is a spiritual path, you need to think again.”

We are all guilty sometimes of this new spirituality where we think because we spout ritual prayers or have begun a journey of introspection; it somehow makes us more worthy of being granted some extra creature comforts. It does not work that way.

So whatever the reason for my growing intuition, I look at is as a gift, something everyone has if they just learn how to be silent and listen. I also know enough to treat it and my blessings with the respect they deserve and that unfortunately does not include a Divine fantasy sports team. Sorry hunny.


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