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Relationship with God : Process of building one that lasts

Updated on October 24, 2015

I, me, myself

I, me, myself. I love myself - the latest mantra of life. Any modern city dwellers day starts with the end of an incomplete sleep, the time of getting up may vary but the basic story in 20 to 50 age group remains the same. Lot of time spent in commute, heavy traffic, road rage, longer distances and lesser smiles. Our time spending patterns have undergone a vast change with us spending more and more time staring at one screen or another. It may be a computer or a mobile or a television, sometimes all of them simultaneously. The coming of smart phones has encroached into our only personal time left- our time in the bed, it is threatening to enter our dreams and snatch the only rest our body receives. Internet has become our life partner and some of us are now more comfortable sharing our deepest thoughts, worries, anxieties and happiness’s with complete strangers on the internet than with our spouses, parents and kids. Our kids have started becoming strangers as internet has become their every minute companion too. Recently on my facebook page I found a lot of my friends scanning and putting up the cute letters or drawings their children have made for them this Father’s day and I started wondering as to how Fathers Day has become an important yearly event. When we were kids, there was no special day to show my love for my Daddy or my Mum or my Brother or for that matter any other relative. Every day was a day to love everybody, spend a lot of time with them, play, laugh, cry, bicker, fight, be shouted at, sometimes be punished, irritate, tease, grumble, hug and be hugged. Where is that love? Even then our parents were facing the same worldly problems that we face today, be it financial, relationship, health, etc. If the problems being faced then and now are the same, why is it that we are not closely bound as before? In search of real joy and happiness we are giving in to momentary pleasures .Why has life become such a drag? Or the bigger question is – Why are we doing this? What is the purpose of all this?


Void deep within

Why do we feel this dissatisfaction deep below? It has been described as a feeling of emptiness in the younger generation and a feeling of unknown fear in the older age groups. This feeling gets satiated temporarily when one buys a new home or a new car. It may also get satisfied by shopping, gardening, watching a movie or just sex. But we find that the satisfaction is short lived and that before long we start feeling the incompleteness again. Nothing seems to help. Only temporary distractions are available in the form of hobbies. Some parents try to find solace in the achievements of their kids and some try to satisfy them with their plants or pets. Worst is when we try to find solace in Alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs. One of the main reasons of increase of consumption or sexual promiscuity is seeking momentary pleasure which we mistake for happiness. These habits later tend to become addictions and serious problems. Let me clarify that I am not equating hobbies with addictions. Addictions are usually very harmful to health whereas hobbies are very important for character building and have a positive consequence. I only imply that both hobbies and addictions provide only temporary relief from this feeling of emptiness. What do we do?

God Shaped Vauum

There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.” an Incredible quote by Blaise Pascal, a well known French national, a scientist, mathematician, physicist, Christian philosopher and writer. He says it all in these few words. Now we come back to the big question –What is the Purpose of life?

Relationship with God

Has God spoken to you ?

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What now? A personal relationship with God!

We have only two choices. We can choose to sleepwalk through life, by fighting the daily battles, organizing for daily necessities, enjoying daily pleasures, facing the rest of life day to day or we can choose to get to know our Creator. To know him, we have to boldly ask the questions of what, when, where, how and why about life? To know the WHY or WHAT of our lives it is crucial to understand the HOW. That is answered only when we initiate a loving relationship with the Almighty, our creator and architect. Our life begins in him and has been planned by him entirely. So a personal relationship with him is of supreme importance. We have to be not only self conscious, but God conscious.

Irrespective or our religion, cultural or ethnic background, country or dwelling place it is extremely important for us to start our humble walk towards Him. We can be from any profession, age or gender, we have very limited time on this earth to get to know him and love him. Only an ever growing relationship with him will permanently satisfy that void of the vacuum in us.


Pastor Rick Warren :

What happens when we enter into a relationship with God?

Once we start this loving relationship with God we receive the peace that only God can provide to us. This Godly peace will make our characters deep to understand the tribulations and problems being faced by all around us. We will automatically learn to become more tolerant and loving to all. Our relationships with all will start improving immediately. Our decision making will become better as we get the courage to start picking the right options instead of easy options. Our perspective will shift from temporary to long term, bringing down anxiety and worries that plague us always. Our life will no more be self centered but God centered. If something is built around God, it can never be wrong! Once we reach here God will start revealing to us the true purpose he has created us for.

I believe that God has given his glimpses and spoken to humankind through chosen ancestors. These learned ancestors have documented their learning’s in the Bible. I also believe that God sent his only son Jesus Christ to save humans from the downfall that mankind had chartered for itself. Jesus Christ died on the cross at Calvary and raised again beating death. He has ascended into heaven and has sent the Holy Spirit to assist humans always. I also believe that Jesus Christ will come back soon to finish the balance work.

A study of the Bible without any bias will help form our world view. This will start the personal relationship with Jesus and the humble walk towards the Creator and Master. God sends us messages all the time. These messages constantly come through conversations, songs, happenings, dreams, and mostly in the quiet corners of our heart. These encounters might not be dramatic but are happening to us always. Throughout the New Testament the relationship of man with Jesus Christ has been described as that of a slave and a master, as friends and as brothers. We have to choose the relationship that we want with him. It will become clearer as the love for God deepens in our hearts. Taking time off daily to study the Word will be an extremely wise decision and investment not only for now but for eternity. It is your deep belief in the Almighty that will turn the really difficult stones in your life and fill up the God shaped void. The closer we try to go to him, the closer he comes to us. God invites us all with open arms to an honest, meaningful, committed, determined and a Truly Happy life! It depends on the choice we make today.


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