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God intervenes only where he is invited.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Early morning on whaling coast

Early morning on whaling coast, Bahia.
Early morning on whaling coast, Bahia. | Source

Our Father, as we worship you, here we are & have your way w/ lyrics

God’s thoughts are far superior than man’s

We have to be convinced and persuaded by the word of God. Abraham was fully persuaded that the promiser would deliver. If the word of God does not persuade you, you will not act unto it. Abraham’s willingness to obey God’s messenger and relocate to an unknown land was evidence enough that he was convinced and persuaded that God meant good for him. The fishermen exhibited immense trust in Christ’s advice in spite of all they knew about the fishing business.

Pico Agudo

As a God's child you will always be pre-informed of future happenings.
As a God's child you will always be pre-informed of future happenings. | Source

Holy - Matt Redman (Worship song with lyrics)

Trust that he can never be wrong

God’s willingness to lift us from one level to another depends on our conviction and persuasion to obey his word. Peter was a professional who knew very well that fishing can never be done in daylight. Nevertheless he obeyed the word of God and received pleasant fruits. In (Genesis 26) Isaac was told to stay on in the same land where there was drought and severe famine (Gerar). Most other of his neighbors must have relocated in search of land with more favorable climate. He got blessed in this drought stricken land. He acted in obedience to the word of God and was not let down.


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