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God is Faith Hope Love

Updated on January 18, 2015

God is hope. He is a guide for those who are searching for direction and leading. Many of us have goals and aspirations in life that we want to achieve. Or simply we just want to be the best in everything we do. And there are some of us who want to try new paths and ideas. Starting could be very difficult. And along the way we doubt if we can ever make it to the finish line.

God lights our path. He reminds us that there is still hope despite all hindrances and obstacles that come our way.

Light has different colors. The different colors represents faith. No matter how hard life is there are lessons that help us grow stronger. There are situations that we come out victorious. And we rejoice knowing that we have overcome. The different colors also represent the people around us. Family members who will stay right by our side in our worst situations. True friends who will be bold enough to point what we are doing wrong and praise us even in our little achievements. And strangers who are willing to give a helping hand or just inspire through their smiles.

God is love. His hands are always ready to help and embrace us. He comforts each one who is needing consolation in every struggle. Each one of us need a touch or a tap of encouragement. An uplift to our spirit saying that we can survive every hardship and testing.

God loves us and gives us love. A love that knows no fear and conquers all trials. A love that breaks boundaries and limitations. A love that inspires to also reach out to others who are in in need of help. A love that keeps us steady and resilient even if the world us is crumbling down.

Everyday let us share the love and hope in our hearts. Let us be a reaching hand to the people around us.


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