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God is Separating the Wheat from the Chaff...

Updated on January 27, 2013

Are you out-'growing' your Friends & Family???...

"He will gather the WHEAT into the barn...but the CHAFF, He will burn in an Inextinquishable Fire"...{Matthew 3:12}

Over the past few weeks I've had several strange and unexpected confrontations with people that I associate with, but am not necessarily close to. These confrontations have all resulted in permanently severed relationships. These were relationships that I had Mentally categorized as 'significant'...yet they were relationships with people with whom I had no significant Spiritual connections.

One situation in particular was with a family member, with whom I rarely associate, but have 'significant' ties with. The catalyst of the confrontation was, get this...she didn't 'like' something I posted on Facebook...

Without going into too much detail about the what the post was about, I'll just it say that it was a general post addressing the issue of African-American women sewing or gluing weaves made of European or Asian hair over their own hair...which she admits that she does from time to time. The post was aimed at no one in particular, but apparently, she took it personally. The remarks that she, in turn, made about me...though not based in truth, were hateful, hurtful, and very personal.

The purpose of the post I made, was to encourage African-american women to love themselves as they are, and to love the texture of hair that God gave them, so I was perplexed when the post that this family member made focused on the fact that her hair was longer than most people that she knew, but she still wore weaves from time to time because she could 'afford' to. Though I thought that the reason she gave was quite tacky to say the least...the post gave me great insight into why my post had offended her so much, and why she had taken a general post so personally.

I asked myself, 'why would she mention how 'long' her hair is before stating, "but I still wear weave"???... My post had not been about how 'long' a woman's hair is, but how 'real' her hair is. The intense energy of Hatred that had accompanied the words aimed at me was way out of proportion to the actual situation, and both Illogical and Irrational...the only state of being that fits that Jealousy.

I am not a vain person at all. I rarely pay to get my hair done because I workout a lot, I sit in the sauna a lot, and it would be a waste of time and money. I don't know how 'long' her hair is, but I do know that my hair is longer than hers. Do I think that makes me better than her? Not at all. But if the roles were reversed, would she think it made her better than me???... Definitely.

In a recent family picture, she was front and center holding and large expensive purse that she refused to put down because it is a major part of her new egocentric identity, the purse, in my opinion was a tacky addition to what otherwise looked like a wholesome family photo.

I'm not materialistic or vain, but she is. And I don't have a jealous bone my body, which is why it took me a while to identify hers. She thinks I say what I say because I have long hair, and therefore, I must feel the way that she would feel if the roles were reversed...Superior. The length of someone's hair is the last thing on my mind. What I care about, is people loving themselves as God created them.

I thought about the last time I'd seen this family member...the subtle changes that I had noticed in her attitude after graduating from school and getting a better position...making a little more money than she was used to. I knew then, that I was watching the beginning of the subtle expansion of her Ego. I kept my distance...because me and egos don't mix.

I was also able to recall seeing a few of her Facebook posts in my news feed in the previous weeks that were indicative of even further ego expansion. I noticed that she had began to frequently refer to other people as 'bums' ,'broke' or 'ratchet', which is 'stupidese' for 'wretched', lol. Every post began to be about making money, spending money, or how people who didn't have money were essentially children of a lesser God.

I remembered her Brother talking about how he knew she would 'eventually' cultivate a relationship with the Lord, letting me know that she didn't currently have one. I also thought back to the tantrums and behavioral problems she'd had as a child. At times, it seemed that she was possessed. She would become so violent, that no one in the house could control her. She was even kicked out of middle school for breaking the principle's nose.

In the midst of analyzing her motive for verbally attacking me out of the blue, I had a Revelation. Suddenly, I knew God's reason for allowing this event to occur at this time. I have been doing a lot of spiritual cleansing and purification rituals, and meditating on releasing all darkness and negativity from my life before the New Year, this family member is a Godless person, and was therefore a chosen vessel for darkness. I had never really formed a close bond with her for this reason. I had already taken notice of how superficial she had become, and determined that people like her were not adding any value to my life, so her disrespecting me was where we officially parted ways. She was allowing herSelf to be used by evil.

She took me off of her friends list on Facebook, I felt NO pain, because I never dealt with her anyway, and now I don't have to deal with her obnoxiousness on my news feed. In my spirit I heard the words 'God has now separated the wheat from the chaff'... I was vaguely aware of that scripture, so I Googled it and decided to write this hub as a way of releasing the rage that was ignited within me in response to this unwarranted attack.

I do not claim to be completely innocent in this situation, for I too, have aimed hurtful words at people in my less evolved days, and perhaps this was a bit of my own Karma returning. One friend in particular, a spiritual teacher of mine, severed our relationship early this year, due to some harsh and hurtful words that I had thrown at him, and like my family member, once my soul had regained control of my ego, I was truly sorry and attempted to apologize, but he could not forgive me at the I understand why. I had hurt him as deeply as she had hurt me...

Though she later apologized, her words are indelibly printed on my brain. The initial hurt turned to a ball of rage that had to be released in some way...hence, this hub.

I accepted her apology and apologized for the nasty things that I had said in the argument, and my apology was sincere. I hated to ever be drawn into such a negative vibration. My own ego had been triggered as a defense mechanism, and for approximately 24 hours, my ego was in control of most of what I said and did. After traveling as far as I have on the peacful path...I was very disappointed in myself for even allowing my vibration to drop so low even for a moment.

The lesson I learned in this situation, is that I should choose my words more carefully, so as not to hurt anyone. I don't mind others being 'offended' by the truth, but it is never my desire to inflict pain. Though, for my own peace of mind, I am trying to find it in my heart to truly forgive her...I will never forget...and we will never have a relationship of any kind.

After the confrontation was over I received inbox messages from two others that had been observing the whole thing, and they both told me of similar altercations that they had had with her as well, one of which, I had partially witnessed myself. I knew then, that her ego was taking over just as I had suspected, and that she was headed for destruction.

I won't be shocked when whatever 'bad news' is headed her way hits, its the natural outcome of blindly following the ego. Putting so much negativity into the universe, It is impossible for it not to return in some way, shape, or form. I would never wish negativity on anyone, but karma is an immutable law of the universe that we all must adhere to.

I've witnessed several of my friends sever relationships in the past few weeks as well, which is why I know that something bigger than what we see is going on on the spiritual plane. I actually feel much better now that this dark cloud has been removed from my life, and so do my friends. We are all happier and more at peace, further persuading me to trust the voice of spirit.

It is harvesting time on planet Earth, and God is separating the wheat from the chaff. So if U are having experiences similar to ours...consider that this might be the reason. My advice is to not resist, but accept what God allows to happen in your life, because there is a method to the madness.

**Peace and Blessings**

Copyright © 2013 Mcway, T.

Are you the Wheat or the Chaff???...

Have you had similar or related experiences lately?

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    • TheLady111 profile image

      TheLady111 5 years ago from The Vortex

      Thanks for Reading and for Overstanding.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Lady.....I can easily identify with what you have recently experienced. Different types of circumstances, but the main theme holds.

      As a woman who has always had a large circle of friends (varying types & degrees of friendship)'s has surprised me that over the past 4 years, I have come to a place and frame of mind, I know is real, but I cannot quite explain or describe it.

      I've casually related this change in me, to a simple matter of coming to terms with what has always been inevitable. Over the past 4 years, I have calmly, quietly and inconspicuously, shed a few "friends," due to realizing they brought negativity,hassle and unwanted DRAMA, into my life.

      Where I may have dealt with it all, throughout the years and chalked it up to some acceptable excuse......I must have gone through an "epiphany" and one day realized, "I don't want this, I don't need it and I surely don't deserve it." Actually, Lady, it was an Ah-Ha moment, as Oprah says.

      You are right on target when you say that you saw and felt the trouble coming...and noticed the change in her. Although she hurt you with her poisonous words.....she actually opened a door for you that had always been ajar. In other words....It was your blessing in disguise.

      You have a had a burden lifted and closed that door, as it should be.

      Personally? My heart is lighter, my spirit is more energetic and my life, in general, much more peaceful. The only question that remains with me is, "Why did I wait so long?"......Good Luck!...UP+++