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God is all knowing - Seeing through the eyes of God & Scientific proofs

Updated on July 21, 2012

The Answers are coming

This hub is an answer to a Q&A Question asked by Alexander Brenner

Q- Is it even possible to know anything about God?

Religious Scrolls & Text

Whether these text are true or not is always going to be left, up to speculation. One thing to keep in mind is that as human beings, its up to us to choose what it is that we choose to believe in. So with that stated, god is a humans belief and expression if your a believer of such, and if your a non-believer god may be an entirely different form altogether. Many other worldly cultures have chosen to follow not just a single god, but multiple gods, also known as polytheism.

This was something rather shocking to us modern minded people, especially as a child growing up in a household where the sense of such a belief hadn't been thought of. Monotheism, however which is the belief in a single god or one god, being the prescribed formula, and format of religious ways for most of us believers today.

The most obvious question posed to any person is as follows, do you believe in god, a god, or multiple gods?

Your question is quite stimulating, yet it only points at a factor of ignorance, in many people who have chose not to believe in a creator of all humanity & the universe as a whole.

Non-believers also known as atheist, tend to have great doubts in the fact that there's a 99.99% chance, that something brought us all to life, because we surely didn't do it alone.

God exist throughout us all

Whether your a religious person or not we all have one thing in common, and that is we must all co-exist with one another, and many of us have conflicting perspectives or beliefs in things as a whole.

Now as for questioning the fact of an existence of a actual creator of all things, this wordy debacle of sorts, has always been a stimulating, and controversial subject, to base a formulated opinion on, as well as set of closing arguments upon, for most people.

Those people who are religious, or claim to be, no matter the particular belief system, actually believe that god has expressed his words through biblical text, with gods inspiration onto man; through man as a sort of spiritual vessel to reveal to all humanity (Revelation, Divine inspiration also known as Prophecy).

Such a thing could definitively have been possible, hence the religious text we see all around the world today, and from many many cultures of the world shown and depicted as well in history books.

Earthly power, or true divine powers in all beliefs has always been used as the movement, and governing force of controlling the masses mostly using faith, hope, and praise upon a everlasting divinity or God. This religious effort has driven many cultures into some sort of specified restricted path, or definitive direction towards further enlightenment of self worth, value systems, moral code of ethics, righteousness, accountability, discipline, brotherhood, peacefulness, and overall balance in life with, that of the outside natural forces.

Unfortunately they all can't seem to come into agreement with one another, and also have been struggling for centuries in countless religious wars & persecution, over which one is the all time truest, or fairest belief of them all. Ironically its like the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty and her battle with the wicked witch, or Queen who stares at her talking mirror, looking for answers she asked countless times, "Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all."

Using the Scientific Method of proving God's existence

Scientifically speaking it takes a great deal of energy, inertial forces, and powers of momentum for any form of internal energy to be stored, shared, transferred, and eventually exchanged from one vessel to another.

Sir Issac Newtons 1st law of thermodynamics states that a force is either a push or a pull, or restated as the definition on wikipedia as, "The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force."

What this meant, is that everything brought into existence, has been acted upon by something else other than it, and was definitively brought about by such or its derivative (Newton's Calculus), also shown in Molecular Biology as (mitosis or cellular division). Hence the huge probability of our external & internal beings coming into existence, due to some other outer force, or presence, we all call God today, or the many other titles many religious people have given to such a creator.

His 3rd law of motion, or thermodynamics states in lamens terms that, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, or restated by wikipedia as, "The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear."

The only troubles with such a law, is that it only governs the given system, or that of subsystems of a body within our universe, and has no standing or hold, on that unseen, creative God like potential of energy in existence outside of it. Now Newton's Laws do indeed point out the obvious fact, that we come from something, rather than nothing, & the parent child relationship, also shown throughout all religious texts & forms of belief today.

Evolution or Creation & Why not declare even both

This is my view and perspective on the whole creation vs evolution theory. I feel that similar to how facebook is currently for family & friends, and Google plus is for strangers socializing & web business collaborations, so is the dualism between the creation myth many call it & the Evolution theory.

God has must surely created the entire Cosmos in only 7 days, and I say that because when the grand opening occurred it must have been so powerfully expressed, it resembled that of a big bang, and it doesn't take long for galactic dust the size of stars to separate apart.

What a climatic introduction into the world it must have been for sure, now as for the Evolution Theory, Darwin had definitely came close to explaining things out a great deal, about how creatures may have developed on the planet, and he had visible proof. All the forensic evidence cannot be denied, which is also proven by those things hidden beneath the earths surface, archeologists found years later, anywhere from fossils, bone structures, body types, and eventually leading to carbon dating itself.

Many religious people of this modern age, now seem to claim that God created everything, including the evolutionary process, which Charles Darwin was credited for coming up with, but wasn't the one who provided the pathway and reality or physical occurrence for such. It was his curiosity alone that appealed to the minds of his time, which lead to the printing of such thoughts into books, history, and eventually taught in schools and countless universities & colleges.

Religion, Philosophy or Science, Which is it?

Most religious people hold their perspectives strongly against that of the theory of Evolution. Whether or not the theory might actually be correct, is only relevant to people who have the need to question its ultimate purpose & validity. I personally have looked at the Evolutionary process as a type of undeniable inner & outer working of things that god has put into place, as a way for living things to change & improve. This is highly probable, I also feel that science & religious perspective can possibly both be correct about creation & how it all began.

The main issue surrounding the facts of why many religious groups, have had this conflict of interest with the Darwinian theory, has always been due to the fact that his theory had infringed upon the creation story in their respective biblical text. Many philosophers of the past had also posed such a conflict with their own personal opinionated views on it all without accurate evidence & closer inspection with tooling or data collections. Having the knowledge of these past situational disagreements, has spurred a great deal of controversy amongst most believers as well as non-believers, who chose to take their respective one sided positions.

The end result for many people at that current time as well as today, is that some may have began to even question the true integrity of their own belief system, possibly even instilling doubts, and or converting non-believers into believers. So needless to say there was much reason for such scrutiny on their parts, and the saga continues, as each party attempts to protect their own foundations of such beliefs or firm disbelief.

Doubts & Questions-

Now if God wasn't responsible for the creation of all things into the Milky Way Galaxy, in terms of the many living creatures on this planet including that of the evolutionary process which Darwin branded as being for their developments. Then what comes to mind is, where did it all come from than, in direct effect if a person denies such a possibility of such a God being present & behind it all, its truly that persons prerogative to do so.

The actual evidence that Darwin's views on the evolutionary process provides, strictly cannot be argued for the most obvious factual anthropological evidence, but the religious stand point, or counter argument stands a solid and firm position as well, on the fact that something was responsible for it all.

Our vast ever expanding universe, didn't just set itself into motion, positions, placement, velocity, the fluid dynamic mechanics of its solar luminous motions. All the physics mankind has analyzed and attempted to come up with or has made, cannot disprove such a possibility.

This must have been, due to the dominant factor or it all being left out of the biblical text & scriptures in the ages of antiquity, but today this firm stance is quickly changing. People like Copernicus, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and many countless others, had all provided their own view points and perspectives on the matter.

The inner collective workings of all these great minds brought fourth rise our modern day philosophy lessons, politics, and many modes or trains of thought processes as well. This struggle between doubt, self awareness, being conscious of thy self, has always plagued man kind, thus giving eventual rise to such subjects, and formats of thinking.

We as human beings are always going to formulate questions, to the obvious puzzle, as to whether or not we actually exist, who was responsible for bringing us into it all, and whether or not we will continue to survive some probable unfortunate inevitable demise as a species. Well my friends, this all may be true. One things for certain is that, we wasn't the ones responsible for placing anything into existence, and its so obvious our responsibility is only for borrowing, stealing, stating clams too, branding, copying, mimicking, or consuming everything we see.

Idol Worship is at an all time high - Religions warned about it all

Use of Common sense tells us

Now tell me, If God didn't exist, do you think any of us would of been going through such things today, as the occupy movement, suffering from starvation, or countless wars for that matter. I think otherwise, actually it appears that god himself has given man a drive purpose to be what he chooses to be, and to think what he chooses to think, even about his very own existence.

Such a purpose man has opposed, his inner nature and his outer self, and at one time or another man even wanted to be identified as a god himself (Egyptians & Greeks), and is much reason why such things are in occurrence today. I myself believe in the almighty God, I practice my own form of worship, and refuse to be told how I shall do so, & will take that to my final resting place far up in the Cosmos also known as the Heavens.

End results of selfish ways, greed, mayhem, False worship

This might just be the very reason why, we have been going through so much conflict, issues of morality, and even been the creators of worldly justice, institutions, crimes of injustice, recreation, lust, hope, war, deception, sexism, racism, honesty, hatred, artificial life, love, as well as other great themes today, we all seem to use as some sort of fuel to express ourselves.

To be human is to exhibit all these typical behaviors in our quest and possession to know more things & take full possession of.

To have such a grasp or hold of it all physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, illustrates to the world, our proven weaknesses as well as vulnerabilities.

This is shown in many various forms especially when things get tough for us all, & our craving for survival status will always presume to be the winner or victor here, for our species in most cases to continue existing at all. Questioning is quite OK, but living out our struggles is worth much more, counting for why people will choose which side to stand on themselves, no matter what.

May God bless us all, God bless America for which it once stood for, the people, and God bless the world.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @ Dave Mathews, thanks for sharing your views, all views are respected here.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @ deblevey thanks for giving me some feedback here, and I hope you find this hub relevant in someway when you return, it was meant to showcase what I discovered over the years about God & his awesome powers of knowledge he provides throughout all things.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Worshipping the God od My fathers and His Son Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit of God presents no difficulty to anyone who chooses to know God. It may for other.

    • deblevey profile image


      6 years ago from Columbus, Nebraska USA - Planet Earth

      CloudExplorer I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan! You're quite prolific and lay out your essays so beautifully and completely! I need to really go over this one and who I know myself well enough to predict...I may have something to say about it! For now just want to give a shout out...i keep kinda busy trying to make a living on this here internet thingy...haven't figured out yet how to make Hubpages work to my benefit n not enough time to write my own stuff. Hopefully, in the future I can make some contributions although it will be hard to match the high level of quality and integrity i find in your work!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thank for reading @ both of you,

      @ Jeyaramd yes indeed we need to look deeply within the caverns of our true source, which is our souls. The question have always been there, and I do believe each person knows when their doing out of righteousness for all others and themselves, or when their doing wrongly out of pure selfishness, & especially when it comes to their own personal belief system as a whole. "To thine own self be true", is the phrase that best spells it out for sure.

      @ kelleyward, I full respect your honesty here, and glad to see that you've been mindful of every step your mind takes into things as a whole, spiritually, emotionally we all are vulnerable creatures, and so one must take time to fully examine things through and through, prior to full acceptance.

      Awesome comments here on hubpages, I'll be stopping by to read from both of you soon, until then.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Really enjoyed reading this hub Cloudexplorer. Looks like you put a lot of time, prayer, and thought into this one. I believe in God and know Him as Creator! I use to study apologetics but found it kind of hardened me to other people. I'm learning to live my truth in love and hoping that the whole of what I do will point to my God. Thank you for sharing this hub!

    • jeyaramd profile image


      6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      I noticed a typo. In the last paragraph, I did not mean to say, "We should pray to God and then go around doing things that are contradictory to what God would want from us". Obviously, it should read, we should pray to God and should not go around...." That does change the meaning. Thanks Cloudexplorer. We seem to share a similar wisdom towards the divine Cosmos. Thats awesome. Having faith in goodness is a religion in itself. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • jeyaramd profile image


      6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Divine worship is very subjective. A controversial topic indeed. Instead of defining God, and wondering whose form of worship is the best. Those sort of comparisons are meaningless. Its more important to be aware of what you become when you think of God, or I like to refer to as the universal goodness that exists in the universe and deep within each individual. That is God within our thoughts. We should try to bring such divine thoughts to our action towards compassion. That would be more important than trying to pray to God so that we are only happy. I like to pray for the happiness of the world. We are all children of this compassionate master.

      I agree with your statement, "I myself believe in the almighty God, I practice my own form of worship, and refuse to be told how I shall do so, & will take that to my final resting place far up in the Cosmos also known as the Heavens."

      I admire your compassion in stating, "May God bless us all, God bless America for which it once stood for, the people, and God bless the world." Now, that is the meaning of true faith. We should pray to God and then go around doing things that are contradictory to what God would want from us. Thank you for this spiritual hub. God bless you. Voted up for beautiful, useful, awesome and interesting.


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