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God is for Us not against Us

Updated on April 22, 2016

God sets us Free

Religion has rules, that is pretty clear to anyone who has ever picked up a bible or been to a church service. In a country that declares us all free, many feel the restraint of rules from driving a certain speed limit, to not killing your neighbor although you may get the urge to now and again. These rules are in place to protect the republic of America, to hopefully stop people from disturbing the peace, and to ultimately control the way you live your life. For believers of Christ, to whom we believe, the rules and laws are not to control us, but to set us free. This within itself does not make sense to many, so let me explain why God's laws and commandments are for you to be free and not controlled by a man in the sky claiming to be the God over all of us.

How could I choose God if I have a hard enough time choosing Toothpaste!?

So you say God is For Us?

Has anyone reading right now ever felt depressed, sad, or afflicted? Ever felt Hurt by someone you Love, your family or your friends? Felt angry at the world, yourself, or your neighbor? Have any of you felt alone while being surrounded by friends and family? Have you ever felt like you were drowning in the middle of Times Square surrounded by people and nobody could help you? of course you have! These emotions are things I feel everyday and are mostly caused by people degrading you or what you've done, marriage issues, family problems, school coming down on you, legal battles, financial struggles, or if you are like me, you don't even need any of that to trigger a complete breakdown where you binge on series of television or play video games for days in the darkness of your own room trying to avoid the world. Believing in God, I promise will not fix your issues of depression in 3 easy passages and 4 church services on Sunday morning. Depression, sadness, anger, hate and all emotional afflictions according to most medical professionals is caused by change, stress, and difficult life circumstances. Most likely coming to God will intensify all of these factors that lead to all of these emotions. You will most likely be more poor, especially if you are giving away 10% as most Christians do. Certainly you will face persecution everyday for being a believer of God and have to validate why you believe. and worst of all you will never have a plan for your day let alone your whole life. This to me sounds like chaos and certain mental destruction to a world that already has a hard enough time just deciding which toothpaste brand is really the best. So let's be clear, God does not make our lives easier in a worldly sense, we will most likely be more poor than we were, face more persecution, and have no sense of a plan for our lives.

Life is Messy enough

What was I talking about?

So now that I have completely went through all of the shortcomings of what it is like to be a christian... What was I talking about again? Oh yes, I was trying to explain how God is for us, right? well let me try to recover from this whole mess and explain how God is for us, but first enjoy this funny cat video!

Funny Cats always cheer people Up

Finally, God is for Us!?!? Right?

So why do I tell you God is for us? God is for us because he teaches us that the world will never be what we hope it to be. He teaches us that our Mom will never be the super woman we imagine that goes to work, cleans the house, cleans our rooms for us, keeps the fridge stocked full of groceries, loves video games, and attends every one of our school functions while managing to never yell at us. That our Dad will never be Super Dad that will have a cool job where he saves the world during the day, and plays catch with us at the park, takes us to get Ice cream, plays Call of Duty with us, takes us to the gym, helps us pick up girls and plays basketball with all of our friends all while managing to keep the world on his big strong shoulders and masculine beard that gives us hope for our future at night. Well I hope you get the point by now. That our brother and sister, and our wives, and our friends, and our pastor, and our president, and our 1st grade teacher will never be the perfect people we wish them to be. That our lives will not be perfect, and that the struggle does not get any easier. That eating too much and not exercising will indeed get some of us fat and some of us will have perfect figures, and that Life is most definitely not fair. That every day we will go through things we hate, that we will have to do things we hate, and that most people do not have lives that they Love. God teaches us that the world will in fact turn their backs on God, and instead turn to unfairness. So God gives us a heads up that we are going to need our morning orange juice, that today is going to be tough so we better lace up our shoes, and finally that we might want to put on our bullet proof vest because the violence in the world is exponentially growing and no one is safe, especially not believers!

We need Florida Orange Juice!

God is For Us.

I think I keep getting lost in what I am trying to say between all the cat videos, Florida orange juice commercials and the loads of other obligations I could be fulfilling right now. Let's get back to the main point of this article, God is and always will be For Us. By now you have to be asking, "how exactly is God for Us Mr. A-a-ron?" God is for us because the failures of the world, the failures of the people around us, and the trials we face in life do not diminish God's Truth and it certainly does not diminish who we can be. God gives us the tools to combat every trial, to pick up every one who has fallen, to forgive every ones transgressions, to fight off depression, sadness, faithlessness, and to fight the world. God sets us free through his laws and commandments and gains nothing for himself for in us he has all he needs and in him we too have everything we need. The Lord is our morning orange juice, or more commonly known as are daily bread. Our God is our laces we tie so we shall not stumble on the rock in which he had laid in Zion. The Lord is our bullet proof vest to shield us from evil and persecution. The Lord asks us to seek him first and everything will be added to us, that if we knock the door shall be opened, that if we ask we shall receive, that if we seek we shall find, and if we give up our lives we will never die. For those who choose to seek their own lives will die. For those who choose to seek money, wealth and prosperity will never have enough to buy eternal life or happiness. For those who seek praise will never receive enough of it. For those who seek the perfect wife or husband, will never be satisfied with the one they have. For those who seek change, will never see change as small as a mustard seed if they are not the change they hope to see. God is for us because he gains nothing from our faithfulness to him. God is for us because his love will never diminish or fail in our lives. God is for us because he is the alpha and the omega and will never leave us. God is for us because he sets us free to live in a paradise that we lost, not him. God is for us because he gives us the tools and the help, the holy spirit, to search our own hearts and minds to change the things that we can, ourselves. For it is not God's fault that the world is the way it is, for it is not God's fault children go hungry everyday, for it is not God's fault that children are abandoned, for it is not God's fault the world is not fair, and Most importantly it is not God's fault that people have to die. God gives us the power to be free, to change the world, to control who goes hungry, to control who dies, to control where each mountain should move, but this power only comes through Faith that together with God, we can be Change. God gains nothing from your repentance for your wrongs, for the Lord has no wrongs to right. God gains nothing from you being a caring and loving individual to your neighbor and all other people, for God could not Love any of us more than he already does. God certainly gains nothing from your Love of Him, for God has always loved you. So if God does not put us to shame, if God forgives us, if God rights our wrongs, if God covers our sins, if God gave us paradise, if God gave us everlasting life, if God gave us his son, if God gave us heirs to his kingdom, if God gave us everything, and God can gain nothing, then who in the world could God be for if he were not for Us?

Only Love Remains

God is For You!

Yes, You, God is for you the one reading who understands and believes in this message but doesn't think you could be worthy of such a Loving God. God is for you, the sinner, the adulterer, the lame, the abuser, the murderer, the charitable, the homosexual, the transgender, the drunkard, the rich man reading, and even the ones who did not read this whole article, God is for You. Not to judge or shame you, but to Love you into the Man or Woman he knows you to be! God is Love, and God will always be watching from way up above.

Thank You all for reading, Glory be to God forever and ever, Amen

God is our Hope

You Decide, Is God For Us?

Is God For Us, or against Us?

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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting. Abe Lincoln -- the greatest freedom is the obedience of the law.