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God is necessary! Hope and Salvation are God's gift to us. Jesus Christ is God.

Updated on November 23, 2013


A human without hope is hopeless and is a slave to the evils around them in this world. We live in a world of constant deceit; political deceit, religious deceit, cult deceit, and many other form of lies which can involve anyone.

Humans are not perfect and only ...Our Lord Jesus Christ is perfect in the way He lived His life as an example for all of us. The Christian Faith- those that truly follow Christ as best they can- is the true Faith. Any other faith that does not produce good fruit is not good and there are no exceptions!

When we accept salvation, which is a free gift, we are no longer in bondage, in sin. We become FREE. The gift of salvation is free and available to all. The thing is, many do not choose salvation.

Many people do not choose salvation because they may think,

  • it's too good to be true
  • it's too easy
  • they can earn their way to heaven

Those are just a few reasons, but another reason is PRIDE. Pride is the worst sin of all.

When one accepts Christ as their Savior...they are free. They will not be affected fully by the evil in this world. If they err or fall into sin, they will rise up again like Christ did in the Resurrection.


The freedom of the saved is joy and peace and understanding. It is a clear mind and a clear conscience. It is the hope and knowledge that after all these sufferings on earth, they will be in an eternal paradise where there will no longer be any kind of pain or despair.


Imagine a faith so strong that leads you to endure all! That leads you to do GOOD to your neighbor! That leads you to be Good to Yourself!!!

Freedom is doing good healthy things for yourself and others. Jesus is the perfect example and He IS God!

Source: Windows 7
Source: Windows 7

Selfless Love is True Love

Humans have feelings, and feelings are a part of us and our makeup. We are created by a loving God. A God who has given free will to us all. The time will come when many false prophets will come to speak lies to itching ears, people who want things the way the want and nothing else. No self discipline...

True self discipline is when a person does not do their own will but God's will. It is often said, that "the spirit is willing but the FLESH is weak!" And it is true. If we master our spirit and use our sane minds to conquer our lusts and sin, by our will being turned over to God's will, then and only then will we have true peace of mind!

True self discipline is being SELFLESS and not selfish. Anything that gives us what we want, in the end, is bad for us. It is only through giving up our own selfish desires, that we can then be truly free!

Lust of the flesh is NoT bad, when it is in the proper place! It belongs between two people who are tied to each other in a loving relationship and take vows. There happen to be many DECIEVERS out there who will try to confuse you and make you see the picture upside down!

Lust IS bad when it hurts people emotionally, physically or mentally. Lust leads to disease and the devalue of other people.

On the other hand, LOVE....

True Love is true. True love exists in this world. But you need to be a lover of truth, and exhibit love within yourself to deserve and keep a true love with

True love is freedom and accepting the other person for

  • who they are
  • their faults and imperfections
  • for better or for worse
  • in sickness and in health

That's pretty selfless! That is true. That is true love. It is not selfish. Selfish love is trying to change a person. Selfish love is not accepting them as they are. Selfish love is not love, it is pure selfishness.

What is true love?

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