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God is not responsible for man's troubles!

Updated on July 17, 2014

Is God responsible for our troubles or joys?

Many things in the world perplex us. As hills and valleys, there are huge differences in the life of people. While some are wealthy and lack nothing, many people toil for even a morsel of food. While some live in huge mansions with many servants to attend them at command, there is lot of people living in platform in very pitiable conditions. They co-exist along with dogs and other animals alongside. While there is pleasant climate in certain countries, there is scorching heat in many parts of the world. There is perennial supply of pure water in certain areas of the world. In other parts, even there is scarcity for polluted water. There is harmony in certain homes while in most of the households quarrel and bickering is the norm. Some children get healthy nutritious food in abundance whereas many children in third world countries are deprived even the mother’s milk due to poverty. Why there is such a huge difference?

This triggers one pertinent question. DOES GOD DISCRIMINATE? The answer would be big NO. God is compassionate towards all beings. He loves all beings as the bosom of the Heart. He never discriminates some as good and some as bad. Secondly, God never metes out punishment nor heap blessings on any. It is our own deeds which recoil upon us without fail. Yes, Newton’s laws on action and reaction are equally applicable in the realm of God. Even while creating this beautiful universe with varieties of species, God has decreed that willful choice exerted by human beings is bound to recoil upon them. For instance if you throw a ball against a wall, the ball is sure to bounce back with equal force. If you hit a table with force, your hand would have received the same hit in equal force. Many people in the Western world believe that our life ends permanently in the death of the people. If that is the case, people who commit heinous sins here can escape with impunity. Also the poor and innocent people who suffer at the hands of the mighty, has to blame only their fate!

What is the opinion of sages and saints, prophets and incarnations on this subject? Sathya Saibaba, a recent incarnation that passed away during April 2011, has clarified this matter in an extensive way. He compares God with a postman who delivers the mails. In India, the mails are delivered at the doorsteps by the postman daily. The postman is unaware of the contents of the mail. His task is to simply deliver the mail to the CORRECT ADDRESSEE. Some receivers exult on reading the mail. Some others become depressed on reading the contents of the mail. The mails may contain good or bad news or simply some information. In a way, God delivers us the results of our deeds in this or in the past births. If we had committed good deeds, the results that accrue will be equally good. On the other hand, if we were engaged in immoral acts or bad deeds, the results are bound to recoil on us on some day. Hence God is always concerned with the correctness of credentials of the person, to whom a particular mail is due. He is never concerned with the contents of the mail. It is our fate to receive the thing.

Many in the world feel that good acts will negate the effects of past sins. NO. It is not like the bank balance! We have to undergo individually the effects of past merits and demerits. Hence in the life of human beings, good and bad periods alternate without fail. It is rare that a man is perfect. We are the mixture of good and evil. If we are one hundred percent perfect, then we will become God! Even in holy persons, there tend to be a minute part of the effects of the past bad deeds. Hence they too undergo sufferings at some time. People wonder why such a saintly person suffers. In this birth, he may be perfect. In the past birth, he might have committed some sin which needs atonement. Hence never imagine that God is the cause for your troubles. In fact, God is keen to deliver you from your sins to take you back in His Divine Kingdom! Hence, never blame god for your troubles or joys! Yes, he neither gives joy nor troubles!


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    • Prayerhub profile image

      Prayerhub 3 years ago from Padova-Italy

      Even if the heat and the cold seasons keep us uncomfortable, they will not kill us, they are meant for our own good. This is because without the snow, what is produced in cold regions cannot and without the scorcing sun, what is produced in tropical climates will not be produced, what a mighty God we serve.?....This hub is beautiful.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Hackslap for reviewing the hub and what you say is perfectly correct. We always learn from hardships more than when we are at ease.

    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      While Im not really religious and prefer not using the term 'God' too often. I do agree with the general message your hub's imparting .. .we go through tough times as it makes us grow more and learn from our hardships..