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God is not responsible for our sufferings!

Updated on July 11, 2017

You are creating your own destiny!

How can an ant measure the ocean?

Similar to the ‘sim cards’ in the mobile phone, each individual soul bears a connection with the Supreme Being. We are not aware of the process, but the communication happens in many ways. It is the considered belief of theists that God is everywhere and there is no place where he is absent. He fills the creation and cosmos. He transcends them too since creation is just a part of the Supreme! Swami Vivekananda beautifully explained this fact in Chicago during the Assembly of Religions as ‘the centers are everywhere while the circumference is nowhere. God is indicated as ‘infinite’ and ‘immeasurable’. Anything subject to measurement is ‘finite’ while the subtlest one exists everywhere all the time. We consider our scientists as very intelligent beings who invent many rare things. Has any of our astronomers could tell the vastness of sky or space with the most sophisticated electronic instruments? No and never, they could not even investigate about the fringe of the space so far! What to talk about their capacities. Human intelligence and memory is very much limited. With the limited intelligence, how can he explore the creator and creation? How an ant could measure the ocean?

Leave the choice to God!

Human brain in incredible!

Prior to the invention of ‘mobile networks’, none would have believed that global communication is possible with a little handheld device! The Atma has no form and it has no limbs, yet it is aware of each thought that arise in each individual. The creation of human beings with a thinking mind and discriminating intellect is the greatest miracle of the creator. Yes, the human conscious consist everything that is seen outside. Our brain is the greatest wonder. It has all the capacities but out of ignorance we hardly use only 2 to 3%. The great scientist and inventors use around only 5%. The rest of the capacity remains unutilized. Human DNA contains the entire history since the commencement of creation. But none has the capacity to decipher those intricate patterns. The DNA is responsible for the formation of a baby in the fetus and all the heredity qualities influence the health, shape and form of the baby. Thus some babies are born with defects during the birth itself. In the computer era, we have software to embed into the system. Thus we can use the computer as per our requirements. Is it not a miracle that each and every baby is provided a unique DNA pattern to suit its karma in previous births? We cannot escape from the past effects of deeds performed during many previous births. It will certainly haunt us wherever we are. Which server monitors all these aspects of human life? Each and every moment, we are undergoing the effects of past lives!

Our actions lead to destiny!

God is just a witness of our actions!

There are several examples to construe this aspect. A baby is born is a very rich family while another one is born is a very poor family. While one baby enjoys all the comforts and facilities, the other baby is deprived of even basic essentials like milk and water! How a starving family can feed the baby? Outwardly it may look that God is partial and there is no justice! But if we go through the scriptures of all religions, it is clearly mentioned that each individual undergoes the effects of his past deeds and God is a silent witness! God has not induced any to kill others or abduct other’s wives! God has not induced one to drink intoxicating liquors and consume forbidden food. We see many thieves everywhere secretly planning to conduct thefts in their localities or in the houses of rich and prominent people. They wait for an appropriate time when the inmates are away! They watch the targeted houses for many days and wait for an opportunity. This is the modus operandi of any thieves. Again there are pickpockets who snatch the wallets in the moving buses or crowded market places. God has never induced them to do so. When the creation commenced, God has enacted laws to govern each species including human beings. He gave people discriminating capacity and thinking mind. If man is not utilizing his innate faculties, god is not at fault. Even in the physical universe, we have laws which states that ‘every action will produce equal and opposite reaction”! When it is so in the physical world, why it should not be applied to spiritual sphere? When individuals suffer, they blame god but when they enjoy, they simply assume that it is due to their own capacities.

god is impartial.

Man is enslaved by the sensual mind!

The real fact is man is enslaved by the mind due to selfish desires and to enjoy various pleasures of the sensual world. Hence he never discriminates whether a particular deed is good or bad? When he feels that the senses are offering pleasures, he seeks to enjoy them more and more though his conscious warns him to desist! Let us consider a worldly example! A rich man apportions his wealth among his two boys and asks them to take care of the money and to earn further to add wealth judiciously. The elder boy was a spendthrift and plunders the entire wealth in many ways and left with nothing. The younger boy was intelligent and he invests the wealth in many ways. Soon he was getting returns from his investments. The elder boy saw this and he started blaming his father and accused him of favoring his younger son. How the father is responsible? He has given equal shares to each son. One son benefited from the investments while the other one spent the entire money! Who is responsible? The elder boy never used his discrimination and ended up as a pauper. The younger one earned nicely using his intellect and enjoyed the returns. God is like the rich father who treats everyone alike. He neither favors one over the other! It is our own deeds which decide the destiny! Hence all the effects of past deeds, both good and bad had to be undergone individually without fail. Hence most of the people of the world are suffering due to many calamities, solely due to their own deeds! God is not at all responsible either for our joys or sorrows!

We are the architects of our life!

Do you believe that god is responsible for our good or bad deeds?

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