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God is not spelled ATM / Lifes Gates

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/21/09

 God is not spelled ATM, yet how often do we look to Him as an ATM machine, with a vending machine option connected to it as well. A source of all provision, well yes, He does meet our needs, but have we gone to far in redescribing needs and wants in todays world? We were created to serve God, He didn't create us so that He could serve us. Seems simple yet all to often we get off base with this, be it, "oh God, please let me get this job, that girl, a new car or whatever else", our little hearts desire. When we get the "new toy" or blessing how often is it, "oh, thanks God - great" and then were off to "play" with our new distraction ignoring the "provider" in the process. On the other hand what if we don't "get", do we trust that God knows whats best for us? That for whatever reason it wasn't what we truly needed? Or do we throw a hissy and not talk to God for a few days? Do we petition Him in Prayer to try to change His mind? To convince Him otherwise of whats best for us? Are we often just "little kids" wanting more and looking to the Father for it? When what we should be doing is focusing our attention on Him and His callings for our life? Don't we ask our earthly fathers about their past to learn more about them? However do we "dig in to" enough of our Heavenly Fathers to learn more about Him? Just some Q & A's for consideration. Thought maybe we might take time away from sports, computers & cook-outs and spend a little effort on "THE Father"

 In addition to that what could we maybe do to honor Him today, what would He like to see in us? Perhaps this week we could be obedient to Him and do what He calls us to do. Heres a thought, what if this week. Instead of more channels, and bigger screens to watch them on, fancier cars, more money or bigger homes in fancy "gated" communitys, could we focus on different "gates"? Think about all the "gates" we contend with these days, from the prison gates that keep the "bad "people in to the many gates that keep "other" people out. The very people we try to keep locked up God specifically calls us to Minister to, and how do we connect with all the people were supposed to if were safely locked away from them behind other "gates"? The very world were supposed to reach to tell about Heavens "Pearly" Gates we've more and more alienated ourselves from, sure we'll slip out of our "gates" every so often to do a little outreach, on our terms, usually on our "turf" and certainly in, our time. But what does our Father ask of us? When He lays things upon our hearts do we act or do we consider? Do we do by Faith or do we assess the odds, impact and logic? Whatever happened to "just do it"? I gotta tell ya, I've been guilty of this, it's sad.

 As I said, I almost "skipped Church" to write this today as it was so heavy on my heart, BUT! I'm glad I didn't, this message hitting me before Church "prep'd" me for the message today. The "pull" or battle between good & evil in our lives, feeling the "tug" in each of the 2 directions. Do we today have the Faith to "lift the dagger", be "joyful in prison" or to "speak the truth" to an unwelcoming group? Can we just say and do what God asks of us? Or are we to "comfortable" where we are? I was personally encouraged by a part of todays sermon, not a back patting moment here, just a personal realization being shared. Given the "run-down" of the results and outlook of "evil" vs. the results and outlook of "good" I found safely the "right" answers in my life - today, I hope that the answers the same tomorrow. If we have not love......

God SO loved us! He gave His ONLY begotten Son! Were all "adopted" by God when compared to Jesus, He gave the ONLY biological Son He had so that all of us "adoptees" might live. For those that haven't accepted yet, please consider. For those that have, be sure to Thank, Honor and Remember The Father on this Day and everyday.

One last thought, remember how long it took Noah to build the ARK? Thats Dedication!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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