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God is so lovely, He takes care of us

Updated on January 26, 2016

great god


God-He has to be present

If there are millions and millions of blades of grass, there must have been a first blade. If there are millions and millions of towering trees, there must have been a first tree. There must have been a first of everything. If that is so, then there must have been someone who is all – powerful, all-complete, self – existing, independent from whom all things came. That someone is God. He not only is present. He has to be present.

Conan Doyle, the great writer of detective stories, puts it this way: `Show me a picture without an artist; show me a statue without a sculptor, then you may begin to talk to me about a universe without a universe maker, call Him by the name you will.’ Who made God? The answer is `nobody’. The chief proof of the existence of God lies in the fact that nothing happens unless something causes it to happen.

Sweets do not disappear from the Jar unless someone’s fingers take them out. The philosophers express this by saying: `every effect must have a cause.’ There must be someone who always existed, someone who never had a beginning. There must be someone with a power and intelligence that has no limit, whose very nature is to exit. That Supreme Being is called God. So, the answer to the question: `who made God?’ is –more made God. He always was, He is and He will always be. The very word `supreme’ is means `above all others’. Hence there cannot be more than one Supreme Being. Thus God is the Supreme Being.

What is God? We experience in our daily lives many physical substance physical substance is one that is made up of parts. For example, the air we breathe is made up of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases from the area. The nitrogen and oxygen, in turn, are made up of molecules of atoms. Every bit of the material universe is made up of physical substances. Physical substances can be increased, decreased or changed. All physical substances are limited in space or time.

Philosophers also speak about another kind of substance-spiritual substance. Spiritual substance has no parts and so it cannot be broken or separated.

pray to god


I love God


God is so lovely, He takes care of us

God created all of us. We are all His children and He is our father. God made the earth. We live on the earth. God made air. We breathe it. God created water. We drink it. God made blue sky, we see and enjoy it. God made sweet, colourful and juicy fruits. He made vegetables. He made grains and ground-nuts. He made all these for us to eat. God made cotton, wool, and silk. We wear cotton, woollen and silk clothes.

God is so lovely, He takes care of us. He guides us. He helps. He protects us. He entertains us. He blesses us.

God is loving father, who cares for us.

I live with my father and mother. They give me good food. They give me nice clothes. They send me to school. They teach me good things. They nurse me while I am sick. They try to make me happy.

My parents stand for God at home. My parents do so much for me. What should I do in return?

Obey them, respect them, and love them. Help them, study well, this will please them.

God, help me to please my parents dear, and whatever they tell. Bless them both, far on near, and keep them safe and well.

As we speak to our parents we speak to God through prayer. He guides us in all we do.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of this new day. Be the beginning and the end of my day. Guide me in all that I do and say.

Bless us O Lord, and these your gifts. I thank you Lord for this meal today.

God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. Let us invoke His help before we begin our study and thank Him after our study.

You are the source of all knowledge. Help me as I begin my study. Sit beside me and teach me. The night is long, dark and deep. Keep me safe through the night, in your fold, till it is light.


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