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God leads one step at a time

Updated on November 21, 2015

Trust Matters, Of Course

God could have set up the world in a way where we could make one decision to follow Him and then our entire lives would be complete. We wouldn't have to spend any more time with Him or do anything at all- everything would already be done. God had a much better plan in mind. He gave us His word, which is all we need in order to carry out His will for our lives. However, He still wishes for us to focus on living for each day while still keeping the bigger picture in mind. The obvious answer to why He would want us to live our lives for Him daily is so that we can trust in Him daily. But you can only trust in someone to the extent that you know them. I still find myself planning the next few years of my life and then asking God if that's what He has in store for me. How I view God a few years from now is hopefully more clear than how I view God currently. Therefore, I can't expect God to answer me now about a plan that may or may not be fulfilled a few years from now. Even if my plan is fulfilled because it is a part of God's will, I will view God more for who He truly is in my future than I do now. Also, as I get closer to God, I know that things that once meant so much to me have fallen to the side as insignificant ideas. My desires can be radically changed as I spend more time with God (Psalm 37:4). Most people are unwilling to let their desires go but if they are given to God, He exchanges them for true heart desires and we discover that He knows what we want even when we do not know or even when we think we know what we want.

Deeper Reasons

Has God ever shown you what path to go on and as soon as you started moving in that direction, you thought you understood exactly why God wanted you there? And then a little time passes and God reveals to you more through your decision to follow Him than you expected. And still...a few years down the road and you are making connections as to why it was so important to be obedient to God in the past. God has so much depth within Him and He has a way of miraculously intertwining different situations so as to make them all fall in place. Before I moved out to Colorado, I was trying to save up as much money as I could. I was already working near full time at one job, but the money from that wouldn't be enough to get me to where I wanted to be. In fact, when I got a second job, it was a confirmation to me that God wanted me to go out to Colorado. I thought that was God's soul purpose in having me take that extra job. When I started working there, I met a waitress who seemed particularly fond of people (sarcasm). I was intimidated by her presence as she was very authoritative and I was not. After meeting her a few times, I decided to pray for her. No one is that abrupt without a reason. I think it was the next day that she randomly started talking to me about things that had happened in her past. She began to notice that I was different than most people in the world and was really happy for me that I was able to go to Colorado, but she was also sad to see me go. I felt as though we had both left an impression upon each other and we both received from it. I was amazed that God could enable for a connection like that to happen within a matter of three months. God loves to take fragments of our lives and piece them together in a mosaic that we didn't even know could exist.


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