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God loves all beings!

Updated on October 26, 2013

God loves the prodigal son!

All are equal to God!

Do you think that god takes revenge on the non-believers? Absolutely No! For him, all are his own children. In fact, he is concerned more with those who are stranded. Have you not heard about the story in Bible? God waits for the estranged child than the one who is behaving in a responsible manner. Then you may ask ‘why people suffer untold miseries all over the world? It is not really a punishment but it is meant to teach us, ‘effects always follow the cause in every case”. When god has blessed man with a free will, he has not given it freely. It has got a rider behind it. Whatever one does out of his own volition, he has to bear the results invariably. God has not counseled us to do bad things. In fact, there is a clear warning from our inner conscious, whenever we embark on a wrong deed” Many of us safely bypass that warning and act as per the whims of our mind!

Again some may raise a doubt, “why good people suffer and the evil one thrives? Yes, such situations arise only due to the irrevocable law of cause and effect. If not in this life, the good man might have committed many bad deeds in the past birth. He has to undergo the results. But our life on this earth is short. It is not possible to account for each act within a span of one life. Hence there is always a carryover of previous balances as available in the account books. Hence the other possibility is that the evil minded might have performed some meritorious acts in the previous births. Hence there is always a mixture of pain and pleasure in everybody’s life. None enjoys forever, nor does one suffer throughout his life. In Hindu scriptures, there are many examples to highlight the above laws.

Even those who suffer have got an option. Though they suffer, they need not react to the pain, if they know that the pain is the result of one’s own acts in the past births. We cannot change situations or persons. But we may remain passive to the unfavorable circumstances without reacting. Even great saints and sages have undergone the troubles and pain of life. But they do not react to their troubles as ordinary people do. They remember always the Divine and remain as a mute witness to the sufferings. Otherwise, they do not identify themselves with the body. It is the body identification which causes all grief and pain in the mind. The bodies are really inert instruments. The mind is the main interface of the body. Any pain in any part of the body is not felt by the body but by the mind. The mind owes its existence only in a body. If there is nobody, mind becomes defunct. Also, the mind is involved only in the past or it starts planning about the future. It will not survive in the Present moment. The present is anathema to the mind. Hence the psychiatric counselors stress the need to focus on the Present to relinquish unwanted fears and worries.

Whenever our mind is focused only on the Present, we won’t undergo any grief or pain. Hence the best way to avoid worries is to remain concentrated at the task at hand. Tackling only one task at a time is time tested way to avoid stress. A mirror reflects. The reflection will be clear only if the mirror is clean. Likewise if our conscious mind is polluted due to worldly desires and involvement, we cannot recognize the self within. Hence one must cleanse his conscious by following Truth and righteousness in all his activities. There is one way by which everyone can attain god. What we think, we must utter, and what we utter, we must act. This is nothing but the synchronization of thought, word and deed. If one is able to synchronize thus, freedom is not far off. But what we observe in the real world is, we think something, talk some other thing and act in a different way. There is no co-relation between our thoughts, words and deeds. Such people are considered bad or evil minded. Many people used to talk politely and sweetly but in their mind, they do not mean it. They curse in the mind and talk politely by mouth! How can we believe such people? But today, it has become a trend of all to act controversially but seek benefits and goodness from god. Your behavior reflects in the inner consciousness. We can never expect God to shower his grace by ulterior ways. God desires a pure transparent conscious. There should be no makeup hiding our real feelings.

Many people, while praying to God desire for sufferings and disasters to the enemies. How this can be termed as a prayer? If we really wish to pray, we should pray for the welfare of all, even our so called enemies. God loves all and never distinguish the good and bad. As I have said in the beginning, God wants the evil people to get transformed into good. Hence always pray for the welfare of All since all are children of the same god!


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