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God may not exist

Updated on May 30, 2017

Places for worshipping God

The Jerusalem temple is the most important religious place of worship in the entire world, since it is the temple that was built according to God's descriptions, according to the Bible writers. It is important for religions that derive from the Bible
The Jerusalem temple is the most important religious place of worship in the entire world, since it is the temple that was built according to God's descriptions, according to the Bible writers. It is important for religions that derive from the Bible | Source
We have built many churches, basilicas, mosques, temples and many other things to worship God and other spiritual entities, but God might not exist.
We have built many churches, basilicas, mosques, temples and many other things to worship God and other spiritual entities, but God might not exist. | Source

There is no God

Welcome to our article (93), God may not exist

May God guide and help me to say the right things in this article?

Dear readers, as it happens, sometimes, we must change names when we start a new article, because what we first wanted to call it has been taken, so, my article has ended up with a slightly different name, anyhow let us see what this new article is all about.

We believe that God may not exist, or we may have to say that here is no God because, there is not a benevolent God that hears our prayers, and then, answers them by helping us achieve what we are asking in our prayers. These are some of the reasons:

We believe that there is no God; because, when people do very nasty things and there are no signs that God punishes them, we believe that there is no God.

We believe because there is no God, because God never shows up these days, just to let the people know that he exists. But there are also other reasons.

But not withstanding these negative beliefs, we still pray to God; we pray to God, because we need to believe in a superpower that could help us, in our hours of need.

Therefore, it could be said, that God is hope for those that need hope most; so, when people have problems they turn to God and pray, because God is hope for them, this is the reason why we continue to pray, just in case there is God and somehow God would help us in one way or another.

So, in one way or another we pray to God, even when we know, that it is very likely that God does not exist, so, he will not answer our prayers, but our reaction to this, is that we keep praying, in the hope that there is a God that hears our prayers and grants our earthly requests. Anyhow, about our prayer not being answered we will come back later, when I am going to talk about my own personal prayers, for the time being, I am saying that we should not count that God is a certainty, (although I am certain that there is a sort of God, but not the God that we would like to have). Now, because we are not sure about God existence, we should moderate ourselves in our beliefs. So, it would be foolish to do extreme acts, just because we believe in God in our own ways, and our God says that dose things could be done in his name.

What we have said above are not the only issues about God existence, because when we say that there is no God, it is because there is no real physical evidence these days that God exists; God nonexistence becomes worse when we check it out with our own logic reasoning, and then compare it with what we have been told to believe about God, here we are bound to see that it does not add up correctly, and therefore, we feel that something is missing, therefore, we have many doubts in our minds; we see that it is more likely that what we have been told to believe in, and what is written in the Bible could not be correct, some of these reasons have already been written in our religious writings, some of the others may have to be explained as we go on writing them; now apart that there are things in the Bible that are not correct, there is also the way that God has been described, our beliefs are that in the Bible God has been described as being so powerful beyond beliefs.


The powerful Israelite God

Now, let us see, why we do not believe, that Yahweh God of the Israelite, (also known as Jehovah and for the Muslims Allah) is so powerful beyond beliefs, like it is written in the Bible. You see, the Jews needed a God so powerful, so, they described their God, as they wanted their God to be. But we cannot see that God Yahweh is that powerful, and God has been the creator of everything. Because our logic reasoning says that it cannot be right, no one can create something from nothing, and this should also include our gods. Now, this might be one of the main reasons, why the atheists say that there is no God, because the God we portray in the Bible cannot exist, for the simple reason that he is too powerful to exist, since the things that he does cannot be done, just by willing them to be done.

However, the possibility exists, that there is or could be spiritual forces and spiritual beings that may indeed be able to do some of those things that are hard for us to do or explain. So, we have to give the benefit of the doubt, and we might have to accept that there is God, but this God plays a less important role than what people would like to believe; so, God would not be omnipotent to the extent that God can do anything at all, even like the creation of the universe, because if God would be able to create the universe, then by simple reasoning God is the universe, so, God and the universe could be the same thing and have always existed together; anyhow, our beliefs are that God might not be able to create the universe, but he is able to do most of the other things, with a few exceptions as written in the Bible.

Here again we have to say that it is our nature that we need God, therefore we have to accept God’s existence, even if there is not a lot of proof of God’s existence. This simple reasoning is based because there is proof that there is life, So, there are good reasons to believe that all existing life represents God, so, God exists because life exists, we have already written another article about this subject and here is the link, God exists because life exists .

We know that what we are saying does not prove or disprove the existence of God, for this reason, we are going to say more, where we will compare the possibilities of God’s existence, before we conclude this article, but first let us talk about my own personal view about the existence of God, and why sometimes I also believe that God might not exist.


The invisible spiritual God

God might not exist as a person, even though he may take a person appearance whenever he likes, but we have to say that since God might be just life energies that float in the universe, when we look at the universe it might be said that we see God.
God might not exist as a person, even though he may take a person appearance whenever he likes, but we have to say that since God might be just life energies that float in the universe, when we look at the universe it might be said that we see God. | Source

God might not exist

I should say that I believe in the existence of God, in my own ways. So, for a believer like me, it is hard to say that God does not exist, because, if I really believed that God did not exist I would not be writing these articles at all. So, I would say that I believe that God might exists, but this existing God, is not the God that most of us would like to have, since we all would like to have a benevolent God, that would hear and answer our prayers constantly, and this is one of the reasons that man needs God. But this benevolent God does not exist, because most times our prayers are not heard and answered, so, it stands to our reason, when we have doubts and say that God does not exist.

Now, I would like to say a few things about my own life experience briefly, so, I could prove my point about my own beliefs about the existence of God, and how God could exist if he does exist, here I would like to do that because I don’t have to rely on anybody else, to prove my point but myself, so, let us see my reasons why I believe what I believe, by using my own life experiences, and perhaps some of my close relatives.

Sometimes, I have reasons to believe that God does not exist, because of what is happening around me. You see, I believe that if there was a real God as most of us believe, then God should have treated me better, and God should have heard and answered my prayers, because I pray very often for my own needs. You see, here I may add that at this very moment I feel as if I am praying God, you see, I believe that all my religious writings are a sort of prayer to God, so, I really wish that God would somehow hear my prayers and help me. I also believe that I don’t deserve all these drawback and pains in my life, which I am having and I have had during my entire life, it is not fair as I am a believer, so, I am praying and doing my best.

Now, let me say a few things about my very hard life that I have been living, but before I do that, let me inform you that I believe that I am not a saint, but at the same time I am not a sinner ether, I might have sinned of course, because nobody can be perfect, but I believe that my sins are only minor sins, so, they should not make much difference.

Now let us go back to tell you about my life in a nutshell: as a boy I ended up working in our family farm very early in life, this life in the farm made me a rather dull person, just like anybody else in those times that had to live this hard and dull life; now this sort of dull life has many consequences, one of these consequences will show up if you compare the lack of our communication skills of us people living in the farms, and then compare that, with the communication skills of the rest of the community, who are living in town. You see, those communication skills are very important during our lives, because, if we don’t have those skills life is going to be a lot harder, I know that slowly we learn how to overcome that, but it takes time, and while we are doing that we may lose some good opportunities. I have said this because I want you to compare and understand, why I have lived the rest of my life the way I have lived it, and because, I am going to use my life experiences to show you that God does not answer our prayers.

This article is about God existence, and our beliefs and prayers that we pray to God during our lives, most of us believers pray to God constantly, even when God persistently does not answer our prayers; when we pray to God one of the first things that comes to our mind is that we wish we were worthy and that we were free of sins, but nobody can really be free of sins, because it is near impossible, however one could ask what sort of sins a person could have, just for comparison.

We all know that the worst sins in the eyes of God, is that we should believe in God and respect God’s commandment, but apart from that the worst sins are when people is to kill other people, the second could be robbing other people things, perhaps some other sins that stands out could well be our sexual desires, and activities during our lives; but these sexual desire could not be classed as mortal sins, because most times they could also be God’s blessing, since this is the way of how Mother Nature reproduces life indefinitely, therefore, it is only when we go out of our way, and overuse our sexual desires for our own enjoyment, and while we are doing that we don’t care if we hurt other people feelings, or completely ruin them for life, sexual sins at that level are really very bad sins.

Now I believe that this article is becoming too long again, you see most readers these days like to read short articles, because they don’t seem to have time for long articles. So, let us talk about my own personal sins, just to argue my case in our next article; where we are going to look at the three main sins that I believe a man could incur during his life. We may be calling next article, Sins in the eyes of God, or God and our sins.

See you there.

May God bless us all?



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    • Frank Menchise profile imageAUTHOR

      Francesco Menchise 

      3 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Say Yes to life, I agree with you that religions are an ancient way to explain the unexplainable, but today they start to seem out of touch with some parts of our society, so I believe that it is time that some of us start suggesting a new way of religious beliefs. The reason for doing that is that by downgrading the importance of monotheistic gods, one might have a chance to change the views of some religious fanatics that really believe anything that has been written in their religious books. Well that could be just the beginning of it, how it ends we have to wait and see.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      This is interesting. It's an issue a lot of people struggle with today, especially Jews, who are the most persecuted people on Earth. I have written a 4-part hub about the world's 10 most practiced religions. Three are polytheistic, one non-theist, meaning it doesn't depend on whether or not you believe in God, and one is flat-out atheistic. Most people believe in at least one God, but mankind ultimately must solve its own problems, and as technology advances, people are believing less and less. My current flashbacks from joining a cult and putting my life in danger have led me to the conclusion that religions are simply ancient science, designed to explain how the world works, how to best live in it, and to explain the unexplainable. Scientific discoveries and advances have proven some of its teachings true, and some false.


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