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God, Religions, and Mankind

Updated on January 18, 2019

Signs to reconize maijor religions in the world

There are many religions in the world. This chart above shows some signs that would help us to recognize them. There are also many God and other spiritual beliefs, which makes it hard to know to truth. So, we are not sure what to believe sometimes.
There are many religions in the world. This chart above shows some signs that would help us to recognize them. There are also many God and other spiritual beliefs, which makes it hard to know to truth. So, we are not sure what to believe sometimes. | Source

My views of God, mankind and religions

Welcome to our article (117) God, religion and mankind

Dear readers, today I am writing this article about God religions and mankind, because I want to express my modified religious beliefs, which are slowly taking shape in my mind. I hope that one day I can write a good article that would suggest, how mankind could bring all religions together, because that is what religions should be like, they should work together and not against each other, as some of them do today. They can do that because in the past religions were designated to keep people isolated, but today the world needs religions that aim for globalization, since most people and governments have abandoned isolation policies and aim for globalization; so, it would be helpful if religions follow the same trend.

Anyhow, I have to say here, that I will try to keep this article short, but it looks like that there are too many issues, it is also very complex, so, I may have to edit and add several issues several times, before I can complete this article.

Now, let us talk about our religious beliefs, and the way we see God and religions. I believe that while God exists or might exist, and God might be slightly different to the ways that we have been taught God is; all religions have been written by us humans, so, humanity can re-write them if necessary. Now, this view of re-writing religious beliefs is not new, because it has happened many times before, if we look at our human history. Hereunder we are going to mention some of these changes, to show you our views.

To explain this better, I believe that first, we need to talk about our religious standing point of view, because our religious beliefs are conditioning the way that we can express ourselves: for instance, I am a Roman Catholic, so, I know mostly about Christian religions, and those religions that derive from the Bible. For this reason, I am going to talk mostly about them.

However, it would be good, if we can talk about religions in a chronological way, or at least mention some of them. It is believed that Hinduism could be the oldest religion in the world. What I know about them is that I have read the, The Laws of Manu , which has given me some idea, what these religions are like.

Anyhow, these Indian religions like, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism; also, the East Asian religions like, Taoism, Confucianism, Korean and Japanese religion, and others; we will talk about them sparingly, because we don’t know enough about them. Anyhow, all religions have something to do with spirituality, so, we can always compare theme somehow. Now let us talk about the Western religions and what we know about them.

The pyramids in Egypt, are monuments about God and after life

We need to look at what people have believed in the past, to see that God and religions have always existed in our human minds. It is believed that the Egyptians built the pyramids for the Pharaoh, so that when he died he could join the other Gods.
We need to look at what people have believed in the past, to see that God and religions have always existed in our human minds. It is believed that the Egyptians built the pyramids for the Pharaoh, so that when he died he could join the other Gods. | Source

Looking at the old Western religions

Now, let us start talking about the western oldest civilization and their religions, to see if we can learn anything from them: for what is known today, one of the oldest civilization that we know is the Egyptian, they built these pyramids, where there is ample evidence that they believed in gods and other spiritual things. In fact, they believed in the underworld and other strange spiritual things, they believed that their Pharaoh was a god, that would re-join the other spiritual gods when they died. They also believed that one day their Pharaoh could return to life, that is why they preserved their bodies. Today we still find these mummies in the pyramids, when we look for them. To understand better their beliefs, you can check out this Book of the Dead - Wikipedia, with this link.

Then the history books will tell us about the Greek civilization. The Greeks believed in many Gods, today there are still many statues that can be seen in their ancient temples. The oldest written evidence can be found in old Greek literature, such as, The Iliad and the Odyssey, where the story teller Omer tells us about the war that the Greek waged against Troy, the Trojan horse and how the gods were in favour or against those people, who took part in this war. In the Odyssey he talks about Ulysses and his return journey to his Greek island kingdom, it seems that Ulysses had done something that the gods didn’t like, so, they didn’t want him to return home, but in the end, he succeeded. Anyhow, the gods in the Greek mythology are more like humans, they have for their king Jupiter and they live on Mount Olympus. But there is more to it, we can have some ideas if we look at this links below, Family tree of the Greek gods - Wikipedia, You see the Greek pagan religion, like other major religions have their own version about creation and the world of the dead. Persephone: Queen of the Underworld,

Aphrodite: The World's First Diva The Golden Age: The First Greek Deities

Then there were the Romans, the Romans believed in many spiritual things, their religion was a mix up of religions, so, they believed in lots of gods, plus all the gods that other people had. So, when they conquered a new place, they not only took the people as slaves, they also took their gods to Rome for various reasons; the Romans even took some of the monuments with them, one of this is the obelisk they took from Egypt, which even today is in Saint Peter Square in Rome. Anyhow, we could say that the Roman religion was very much like the Greek religion, with a few variations.

What we would like to point out with these examples above, is that religions change from time to time, so, it is not right to think that religions last forever, the way they have been written the first time, which is very different from what the Bible and the religions that derive from the Bible want us to believe.

Talking about the Bible, if we use common sense, there are reasons to believe that the Bible above all was and is the Hebrew history book. In those times religions was the government as well. Anyhow the Hebrews were the people that have written the Bible, in the first place. What is written in the Bible can be accurate to a certain degree, but not everything is the way they want us to believe.

Anyhow, we have reasons to believe that religions have a very important role to play in our lives, even if they change and are not perfect, and might be man-construct, as this you-tube link below here will show you.

Now, in our next sub-article, let us talk about the role of religions in our lives.


This is the Greek mythology

Photo from, Anita Smith hub in Hub-Page, "The Golden Age: The First Greek Deities.
Photo from, Anita Smith hub in Hub-Page, "The Golden Age: The First Greek Deities.

The Egyptian obelisc, St. Peter Square Rome

When the Romans conquered a new place, the took the people as slaves, they took their gods in Rome and other things that were important to these people. They even took this obelisk from Egypt, that today stands in St Peter Square.
When the Romans conquered a new place, the took the people as slaves, they took their gods in Rome and other things that were important to these people. They even took this obelisk from Egypt, that today stands in St Peter Square.

The role of religions in our lives

Whichever way we want to look at this, we must admit that humanity has always needed God and religion in the past, so, we will continue to need God and religions in the future to live a meaningful life. You see, that is the reason why, our forebears believed in this or that God, whether they had proof about the existence of their God, we don’t know, but they wrote their religious rule according to their beliefs.

Today humanity is more advanced, so, some of us are questioning whether the existing religions are true the way they are. So, while most people believe in God and religions the way they are; other people believe that God may not exist, therefore religions are man-made, just because we need them. For this reason, this article is going to be controversial, because I am going to write it, as if I am an atheist or agnostic person, but I am not, it is only going to look that way. Anyhow, let me say what I have learn about religions, because I am writing this article to say that religions are useful to us humans, when religions are made and used the proper way. But when religions don’t fulfil their role properly anymore, because they have become out of date so to speak, then religions must be modified, they need to be re-set in a way that they can serve humanity, according to the times we are living.

So, we need to believe that the role of religions is to serve and guide humanity, because they have been written for that reason, therefore, we need to keep this religious set-up going, even if we need to modify religions, to make them work better. Now, let me see what I can suggest if we want to achieve that, without shocking you too much. Anyhow, I hope that God will guide me to say the right things; and you my readers forgive me, from jumping from a believer to an agnostic, and then, saying strange religious things.

Anyhow, I am writing this article about “God, man and religions”, because I want to say what I have learned during my life. What I have learned is this; religions are like a written law-book that does not need the police to enforce the law, because that can be achieved in a spiritual way, where God is the judge of everything, while your conscience is the part that tells you what is right to do. I believe that the older generation were good at setting up these sorts of things. I believe they did this by trial and error, and later they wrote their rules down, after having tried them several times.

Having done that, they found that it is a very convenient way to control the people, because the priests or leaders of those people, all they need to do is to remind their followers to do what they are told, according to their religious set of rules; by doing that they could easily reinforce their control over the people.

You see, sometimes I believe that God, gods and religions, they have all been invented by mankind, to give the people that extra guidance that we sometime need. Because there is not real evidence that God exists, and even less evidence that God created the world; so, there are good reasons to believe that, God and religions are all an invention of our human mind. But then, I might be wrong, so, I look for a different explanation.

Therefore, I believe that God is not completely an invention of our mind, because God exists and could be all the existing life on earth, and those energies that make life possible. So, God still exists, but not the same way that we the people would like him to exist. That is, the way like the Bible says, and the Koran says. Because their God is too powerful to exist. We believe that their super powerful God cannot exist just because the description of God, is beyond the possible ways of the physical laws that exist in the universe.

Therefore, we need to see, how we can describe God that could be supported from the physical laws of the universe, keeping in mind, that this God should still fulfil our human needs, just like what most religions do today. To do that we should believe that God is not the creator of everything, but God is part of the universe, and in a way the creator of all existing life and spiritual beings.

If we can do that, then existing religions can remain the same as they are today, the additional benefit is that all religions could be linked to this spiritual God, since God is the spiritual Father of all living beings.

Now, let us try to describe, how this spiritual God would exist within the universe. But before we do that, let us explain how we see some other religious things.


Explaining God and other religious things

Today, we are writing this article to state our views about God and religions. Our views are that religion should be reset in a way that could serve humanity, in a way that most of the world people could accept, because that is the role that religions must play.

We believe that the existence of God; is an assumption that humankind invented for their own needs, as we have explained above. We have also written some reasons in this article, Man needs God, about this existence of God; as we know today, it has worked well for a long time, but today things are different; even though we still believe that man needs God.

Therefore, we believe that the time has come, when we need to save ourselves from ourselves, we need to look at everything together, because there are many things that don’t add up properly in religious fields. You see, religions are used from many people the wrong way. They can do that, because of the way religions have been set-up in the past, therefore, religions need to be set up in a different way. For this reason, here we would suggest a set up that favour globalization, not a religion that fights other religions.

You see, if there is a God of the universe, this God can only be a God for everybody, this cannot be a God for the Jews, Roman Catholic or Muslims only. We believe that those people that want a God for themselves, because this God would help them kill the other people, are nut people, and they need to go to a mental institution. The Muslims that kill in the name of their God are terrorists and nothing else; they have invented a God for themselves that will let them kill other people. We should really ask, what sort of God is that?

A God that kills, is not a real God, because God is supposed to give life, and not to take away life, that is the great difference in the spiritual world. You see, it is believed that only God can give life, that is the reason why, God is above all other spiritual entities, because no one else can give life to anything except God; this belief of being the life giver of everything, will give God the importance God deserves.

Here I need to point out that, if we in our human ways, make God kill other people, then it would be better that God does not exist. After all we human have invented this God so powerful that cannot even exist, because God can only do, what can be done with the physical laws of the universe.

I know now, that some of you will hate me, because my God is not the creator of everything, but he is part of everything, since this is how I see God. I cannot see God creating everything from nothing. So, let me describe, how I imagine God and the universe, since I believe that God exists within the universe.

God of the universe is positive life energy

If we want to replace the way we see God of the universe, then we should describe God as the positive life energies of the universe, that gives life to every living thing, this life energy can also heal, provided the people can stay in touch with it.
If we want to replace the way we see God of the universe, then we should describe God as the positive life energies of the universe, that gives life to every living thing, this life energy can also heal, provided the people can stay in touch with it.

God exists within the universe

My views about God and the universe, is that God exists within the universe. The other option we have, is that God is the universe; this means that God is the physical and the spiritual universe together. Both these assumptions can be possible, since they give us the option to believe in God; but we must choose one that makes more sense to us.

Now, to write this sub-article, I must believe that somehow, I am a seer, so, I can see things that the average person cannot see or imagine, if I believe this, then I can write what I believe about God and the universe, since God has given me this gift. Now, what I can see here is this: God and the universe have always existed; but we could say that they may have changed or modified during their long existence.

Anyhow, my theory is that God is the spiritual positive life energies of the universe, that can give life to every living thing; therefore, God cannot be the creator of the universe as written in the Bible, because the God we have chosen is the spiritual God.

Now we need to explain our views, why the Bible has been written the way it has been written. We believe that the writers of the Bible did not know that our earth is only a very small part of the universe. They thought that we were the most important part of what they believed existed. So, from this point of view they fabricated everything else.

Anyhow, they had to imagine how the world came into being, therefore, they thought that there was a creator, and they called this creator God. Today things have changed a lot, since we know that our planet earth is only a small part of the universe. So, we can use a different point of view; we would like to say here, that we believe that God is not the creator of everything, unless we describe God as being everything, and God and the universe has always existed. Then once we separate the physical part of the universe from the spiritual part, we are left with the spiritual life energies of the universe, these energies we can call God. Now because I am a believer, I am worried that what I am saying could be the wrong thing to say in the eyes of God. So, I pray and ask God for forgiveness if what I am saying is not what he wants me to say, hoping that God listens to my prayer.

Having said that, now I need to describe how this spiritual God could be like, even if that might turn out to be, the most difficult thing that can be done.

It is my personal belief, that God can only be the spiritual life energies of the universe, these God life energies are everywhere in the universe and they give life to every living being; so, we are part of these life energies and we need to stay in touch with them the best way we can, if we want these life energies to help us in our life, that is if we behave in a way that is compatible with them, because only then God can help us.

Anyhow, now that I have described the world future God of the universe, I need also to suggest a people prayer for this future God, so, this is the prayer that I would suggest:

People prayer to God

Praying God for reconciliation

Our Lord God with our personal concerns we come to you praying God-Most-High, master of the universe and life giver to all living things and spiritual beings, we are praying thee for forgiveness of our sins, and reconciliation to thy spiritual life force energies of the universe that every living being belongs.

My Lord God, I am praying thee and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, and thus, I would become worthy to pray to you and my prayers of forgiveness and reconciliation would be heard and accepted.

My Lord God, and Almighty Father, I am praying thee in the hope that I would receive your forgiveness, reconciliation, spiritual cleansing, guidance and blessing, and after receiving them, let me be your humble servant.

My Lord God hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me; so that I can live in harmony with thy spiritual and eternal benevolent life-force energies of the universe, which gives spiritual life to every living being; Father hear my prayer, amen.


Of course, we need more prayer and other things, to keep in touch with God life force, some of which can be found in this article, Prayers of Reconciliation,

What I have said is not much of a description of God and a prayers, but there are lots of other things that could be said. But this is all that comes to my mind today. I should leave this explanation for another time, when I can think of something else to add.

May God forgive me, if what I said is wrong?

May God bless us all?

© 2018 Francesco Menchise


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