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God resides in the saint as well as 'sinner'!

Updated on September 19, 2014

God loves All..

God never differentiates the sinner from saint!

The most astounding thing is that ‘god resides in the saint as well as the murderer! But God always warn, whenever we embark on some kind of bad deeds or plan to commit some evil. This is a subtle warning, but wise people listen to the whisper, whereas the evil doers simply ignore the warning. Once, Sathya Saibaba has said, “When the mind is sufficiently silent, one can hear the voice of god! But do we find any such time when the mind remains silent? Seldom, the mind remains silent. It will be chitchatting constantly within. Most of the time, this causes great agitation in the minds of those who listen to the nonstop chitchat. Can we ignore those rumblings? Yes, if we choose to ignore the murmurings of the mind, it won't disturb us, though it will continue its pastime!

Hence saints and sages advise the human beings to remain aloof from the mind and thoughts. Do not associate yourself with the thoughts. Think that the thoughts arise to someone else. If you think that the thoughts arise in you, and then enquire, “who am I’? If you go on enquiring in this fashion, you will understand that the thoughts are not you! The famous saint philosopher Ramana Maharishi of South India had gone one step further to state that “I am neither the body nor the mind; I am neither the senses nor the intellect. I am none of this. After negating every perceivable thing and thought, what remains is only “Pure Awareness”. I am That. I am not born nor do I die. It is only the bodies which takes birth and ultimately die. I am the indestructible Self, pure witness of all the phenomena called world and creation. This is the ultimate Truth of one and all whether one is dubbed as a saint or sinner! Our mind can travel only in the dual world and perceive duality everywhere. Mind is inexorably attached to a body as a vehicle. Mind can never survive without a body! Also, the mind cannot survive in the Present! The mind always dwells only on the past or future. The Present is anathema to the mind as the fire is anathema to the fly. Hence the dual mind cannot investigate about the SELF which is non dual. In fact, the mind originates only from the Self!

We have seen many times, that clouds hide the Sun, which is the very source of them. But, how long can the clouds hide the Sun? Clouds are known as ‘passing clouds’. Clouds won’t remain static in the sky. A gale of wind will waft away the clouds easily. Hence we notice that the clouds are always moving speedily in the sky. While the clouds hide the sky, we cannot proclaim that there is no sun at all. Likewise, when the mind hides the Self, we cannot assert that there is no self! There is a funny thing about the assertion by the rationalists. They aver that “there is no God”. First they start with “There is” and then refute their own statement as ‘no god’. Again the atheist state, “god is nowhere’. The theist states the same with a small manipulation. He split the word ‘nowhere’ as ‘now here’. He states, god is now here! Only a little gap, between ‘w’ and ‘h’. I have heard one devotee declare, ‘there may be no god for you’ but I have my god! These are all the question of Faith! For every little thing, rationalists need physical proof! Can they assert that they had proof for their father’? It is simply faith in mother’s words. Every child accept ‘mothers version of father’. It is the mother, who points out the father to the child! Can we prove the subtler feelings like ‘love and faith’ by laboratory experiment? These can only be inferred. Hence it is futile to argue with the rationalists!

The rationalists think that god is like any other human being and hence the moon walker asserts that there is no god in the moon! How our naked eyes which are capable of only seeing the phenomenal world can discern the formless power? God is subtler than the sky or ether! Can we see the sky? We can only infer the sky through the sound! Whether sky can be held within our palm? There is no place where the sky is absent. It is inside the pot as well as in the space! When the scientists are unable to explain the sky, how can they explain about an entity which is subtler than the sky? It is because of the creator, creation is here. Otherwise, how can we discern the world and its beings? It is by the power of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, we aver that the world exists! The SELF is the prime mover! The self is like the car driver! When the driver switch on the ignition, the car roars and the engines are started. Then with the deft driving, the driver can move the car sitting inside! Likewise, God or Self is verily within the creation and enable the creation to move on and be sustained. Ultimately, he absorbs it back in him. This is like the spider weaving the web out of the saliva of its mouth. After being there for some time, it absorbs the web through its mouth!

In fact, contrasts make life interesting. If there is only one color, we will become made. It is the seven colors and its combinations make life lively and wonderful. Likewise, if there are only good people in the creation, the creation loses its charm. Bad people and villains add interest to the play. Likewise the creation includes both good and bad, both harmful and helpful bacteria in the minute level. Hence, we witness natural calamities amid the calm world. Devils and demons are part of the creation who gives value to good natured souls. Likewise, the night glorifies the day and the summer glorifies the winter!


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