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God viewing through the eyes of man!

Updated on August 5, 2013

Immortal teachings of our ancient scriptures!

Each one of us views the world through their eyepieces. Hence the world looks different to each individual and equals to the number of people in the world. Here I introduce a small riddle. It is God, who views the world through our eyes! Funny, you may think. Then, who perceive all this? There are certain fundamental theories in philosophies. 1. There was none before the creation. 2. The sole power, invisible, since there was none other than the power. There was no second entity apart from this power. For instance, for any action to materialize there should be a subject, object and the interaction between the two. But in this peculiar case, the subject, object and the interplay are one only before the creation. Only when the power had decided to become two, creation ensued. Hence my contention is only this. The same power has become two; one as a subject, the other as an object. Hence when I say that everyone views the world through their eyepieces, it is the power or God who views the world through the eyes of each individual.

There is a stanza in the Upanishad texts which say, “Sahasra Seersha Purusha, Sahasraksha sahasrapad”. The text is in the Sanskrit language which means, Purusha or the supreme God possess thousands of heads, eyes and limbs. The implication is that each individual is a representation of the supreme power. Hence this stanza of Upanishad substantiates the assumptions given in the above Para.

But, we cannot understand this truth since there is a thick veil which hides the truth from the individual soul. The veil referred above is the body consciousness of each individual or the ego principle. First of all let us understand ‘body consciousness.. Invariably, all people in this world suffer from this. Every one of us identifies ourselves with the body. The Self is really the indweller of the body. Body is only an outer case and for all practical purposes, it is an inert instrument incapable of functioning on its own. The activator or the prime mover is the Self inside. Though the Self enable everything to function, yet it is absolutely unattached to the body and remains indifferent to the sufferings or joy, the mind feels through the instrumentation of the body! The mind is the interface between the body and the world outside. Without a mind, none can feel happiness or grief. We have seen persons who were affected by mental ailments. They will mostly remain oblivious to the external situations. They will be laughing endlessly without any reason or rife. Otherwise they will be repeating the same words. They will assume themselves as great people and behave in that manner. The reason is their mind is disconnected with their bodies. Hence there is no focus. Only certain instincts induce them to behave in an erratic manner.

From the above we have seen that the mind acts a pivotal role in the functioning of the individual in the society. The only rider is that the mind should obey the directions of intellect and not the senses. Now, how an individual soul can identify himself with the supreme soul or God? First of all, it is a wrong impression generated by the experiences of life that the individual is an isolated entity and every other is different or distinct from him. All troubles start only due to this misconception. Everyone must understand that they are part of the whole and they were never separate at any time. The feeling of separation is really an illusion created by the mind. There lived in South India, one famous saint called Ramana Maharishi. Many might have read about him through Paul Brunton. He lived his life as a Self and not as an individual. Hence he could remain motionless for nearly six months, absolutely unconcerned about food or water. His posterior parts were food to the cockroaches and scorpions. When some good people found out Ramana in the cellar, they forcefully removed him from the place to protect him! But his rear skin was full of pus and blood due to the insect bites. Somehow, he was saved for the sake of humanity. His immortal teachings adore the houses of many spiritual aspirants all over the world. His simple reminder is “You are God! Remove the ignorance that you are yet to realize! You are not the outer cover, the body, mind or the senses. You are the SELF within! You need not do anything but simply BE! This is simply akin to the teachings in the Bible “I am That I am!

I am That I am!


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