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God wants to talk to you

Updated on February 1, 2014

There is a program I watch once a week on television called, "It's supernatural" with Sid Roth. He is a Christian Jew, who does his show weekly by having guest who has had supernatural
encounters with the angelic realm, healing and miracles that has come true also some has had deliverance's from demonic spirits. Most of these people on his show may be ministers, pastors or just regular every day people who have a testimony to share with the world, Just like me.

I have written a book called, "In Due Season: We will hear God's voice" and I truly believe that God wants me to tell the world that he indeed speaks to us in dreams, visions, audibly,
a still small voice in our spirit or even through another believer. I have written this book a few years ago and have revised it at the end of 2013 and put it back on the market. It isn't selling like major celebrity preachers or people who have gone through traditional publishers, because this is a self published book.

However, the message is very sincere and not made up; thus, it is there for anyone who is eager to know what God spoke to me audibly in a dream one night. It was life changing for me, because it told me that God is no joke. That he loves me enough to break through my limited walls at night and speak to me in a dream. I wasn't hearing his voice before when he knew I really needed to hear him, so that my soul could be saved and I could also tell others what he has done in my life. I have experienced some tragic moments in my life from dysfunction in my family to losing my mother and sister in 1999. I dealt with hurricane Katrina and I had a stroke in 2012. I had a NDE, which will be spoken about, hopefully in another book that I plan on writing for a future time.

The experiences I have had over the years with the spiritual realm is something that I think about all the time. I know it was God's will for me to experience them; although, I can't keep my experiences secret away from other believers or people that need to come to the Lord and be saved. My heart breaks because his message through me is not being heard by the masses. If I could give every one a free copy of this book, I would. But I wouldn't be able to afford it, I'd have to purchase those books myself.

I have given some copies away to several people and they were in awe over what they read in the book. I just hope that when people read it, that it doesn't stop there. That they pass the word onto the next person, so that they can get a copy too and hear this message.

The book is in Kindle for $2.99 and if you have Amazon prime, you can get it for free. How about that? Paperback is $7.89. I don't think money is an issue for many people that does not purchase my book. I think it is because it isn't a Stephen King novel or James Patterson.
Or it could be that they are just not interested in another person who claims they have heard God's voice. The book "Conversations with God" by Neele Donald Walsch went to the New York Times best sellers list. When I first heard about him. I thought he was making it up or that he was a wacko. "Who was I to judge this man?" God spoke to Moses, Noah and many other people from that time. After I had experienced hearing God's voice audibly, I knew never to judge others who say they hear him, anymore.

My mother was the most sane person I knew, very truthful, pure and genuine. She lost the use of her kidney's in 1993 and was put on dialysis. She always had health issues most of her life because of diabetes. One evening she was sitting in her recliner in her bedroom which faced the kitchen. She called my sister Julie and I into her bedroom and told us to look out into the kitchen. We did what she instructed, but we didn't see a thing. I asked my mother what was it we were supposed to be seeing and she said, "You got to see it, it's beautiful. the lights."

My sister Julie and I poked fun at her and laughed and she became a little aggravated by our sarcasm and treating her like she was losing it. She told us that she saw beautiful lights coming from the ceiling. She couldn't believe we didn't see the same thing. I told my mother that it was most likely meant for her eyes to see, not ours. And we dropped the conversation and went on with our day.

I used to accompany my mother to dialysis and sit with her until she was ready to go home. This particular day I went into the waiting room to wait until they put my mother on the dialysis machine. There were vending machines in this waiting room. I purchased a bag of chips and a soda from the machine as I waited. There was no one else in the waiting room with me.
It was raining very hard as I looked out of the window of this seventh floor waiting room.
I sat and prayed and gazed out at the sky, when all of a sudden it stopped raining. I saw hundreds and hundreds of beads of lights infiltrate the sky. I sat with my mouth open in awe at it's beauty. I felt the need in my spirit to ask the Lord what was I seeing, This is what I heard in my spirit, "We watch over mankind for God and we take your prayers to God." There were two nurses who walked into the waiting room and went over to the soda machine to purchase something. I know longer saw the lights, it was like they disappeared. later they manifested several more times in my life and still today, I see them from time to time. I know they are angels.

I actually made a mistake with my camera a couple of years ago and took a snapshot of angel wings radiating from a pillow on my bed. Something supernatural continuously happens to me. I don't complain, I take it in because it is God's will. He comforts me all the time.
I know that i'm not alone, as I've experienced feeling alone many times in my life and he reassures me that he's there. I have also seen an angel in human form in a shopping mall who talked to me as we stood by a jewelry counter. I was never diagnosed with having mental problems, so don't jump to the wrong conclusions. We all will experience angelic presences whether we are alive and well or on our deathbeds, and the last thing you will want is for someone to discredit your experience, especially one that comforts you.

The dream where I heard God audibly is a must read. And I believe it pertains to every one's life. There are plenty more interesting experiences in my book and it will forever change you, if you have a belief in Jesus Christ and the spiritual realm that he has created. God Bless the reader!

In Due Season Contest: See details on books website in the about me section.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 4 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Thank you Rayne123, I used to think the same thing. I felt angels were not real and definitely you could not hear God's voice; however, Moses heard him and he is no better than you are me. God is no respecter of person for what I learned. Please read the book and you'll see how he actually spoke to me. It was loud enough where my ear drums quivered and I jumped up from my sleep looking around to see if my dad was playing a joke on me. I was in the house alone and the words spoken was not language my dad would use nor I. And it was scriptural. And I wasn't a Bible thumper knowing scripture at the time. How would I get that knowledge? And I also spoke to God in the spirit during this dream. Something that was unusual for me. I hope you enjoy the book when you read it. May God bless you.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Great write

      I would love to read the book when I can very soon.

      I have had visions and dreams many times and never forget one of them. I remember dreams from years ago. I believe we are given dreams and visions at times, however I have never heard his voice directly/audibly. I am told that is impossible. He only speaks through signs and messages that one is led to. Everyone receives those messages the way they will understand. Just as every child you have listens in a different way.

      I would like to hear his voice but not sure that is possible.

      I wrote a hub with the encounters I had with Angels, I have seen miracles happen many times and experienced much from the unseen.

      This is a great hub and I enjoyed reading it




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