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God washes the souls of billions of beings!

Updated on September 24, 2016

Chanting cleanses!

Chanting of god's name is prevalent in all religions!

Chanting has been advocated in all world religions. If our past effects are like writing on pencils, the name of god acts as a rubber to erase such karmic effects. What if it is of dark ink? Then also there are some chemicals which enable erasing the ink marks. In fact, the name of god acts as a strong detergent to clean the conscious of all past blemishes. In olden days, washer man in India used to clean the dirtiest clothes by adding washing soda in water and soaking the dirty clothes in pot and put the pot of cloths with washing soda and water over fire place. After three or four hours, the clothes will become pure. It will be rinsed with water to wash of the soda water residue. In a similar manner, when our past effects are more, god subjects us to troubles and travails in order to clean us. The constant mental agitations act as the fire which removes the impurities in our conscious! We readily hand over our clothes to the washer man and pay him money after washing! But, god silently clean and wash the impurities of billions of souls, around the world, continuously and make our conscious pure. We are not paying Him anything for purifying us.

All names are His names1

God wants every soul to reach him in pure state!

He desires everyone to reach back to him, after exhausting the mountains of loads of karma, assiduously gathered in many births. Until the past effects remain, we have to take birth in human body again and again. When the effects of both merits and sins are cleared, we become eligible to go back to him. This is the fundamental philosophy behind human life. For enabling such cleansing, chanting is the best means. We can chant any of the myriads of names of god. Once we choose a name, we should stick to it assiduously. In the beginning, we may not feel any attraction to the name. After some time, we slowly imbibe the sweetness of the name which it confers in the consciousness. God’s name is more potent than fire. As the fire destroys everything put on it, the name removes the bad thoughts in our mind slowly. We must put consistent efforts to chant the name mentally, whenever we find time. During walking or travelling in bus or train, instead of thinking mundane thoughts, it would be better to remember the name of god! While chanting, we get two benefits. One is we are focused on chanting. We avoid thinking unwanted thoughts. If we think deeply, thoughts cause much harm to our conscious. Each thought is like a stone thrown on the surface of water, which causes ripples on the surface.

Some may feel that good thoughts are preferable. Initially good thoughts can divert our attention from bad thoughts. But at one stage, we have to relinquish all thoughts to remain in perfect peace! When god created beings, everyone was perfect and pure! Then god has granted ‘thinking mind and discrimination faculty’ to human beings. There started all problems. So long as man adhered to the rules of the game, everything was fine. When man started defying the rules of the game and everything was a free hit, the football game has become utter chaos. If we are watching the football game, there will be a referee who will regulate the play by showing various flags for out, off side and penalty corner! The game is appreciated by the onlookers because of the presence of referee! In life, god is the referee who is seated in our inner conscious and warns us whenever we plan to go on the wrong side! Everyone gets this conscious prick but few follow it. Hence today we find hatred and strife in society. People forget the fundamental unity of mankind.

When the mind is still....

Life is a game, adhere to the rules!

Watching the world situation today, we can conclude that everyone here is responsible for the sad state of affairs. Had everyone followed the wisdom available inside us, the world would be a paradise, so to say. But, by our own thoughts, feelings and actions, we have made the world a veritable ‘hell’. Now some people blame god for this deplorable situation. God is not at all responsible! “Life is a game, Play it, said Sathya Saibaba! When a game is played, we have to be cautious to follow the rules of the game meticulously! Then only the game will be interesting to watch! We find wild animals roaming in the jungles. Though they are wild, they kill only when they are hungry. Secondly, there is never war like condition in jungles. Occasional chasing of some docile animals by some wild animals is seen. What I would like to emphasize is ‘no war like situations in jungles! Only where human beings resides, such things happen more often. We are the most sophisticated tribe on earth, yet we are not able to maintain amity and harmony!

This is the very reason, why god has sent many sages, prophets and saints to earth! Their teachings hover around for hardly few decades and man descents again to his old ways of sensual pleasures! God has given man freedom, but man has misplaced his trusts on the sensual mind and lost the joy and happiness, sense control offers to him. Now we feel why god has given man freedom?

The soul is not born!


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    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 17 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Chanting the name of god cleanses soul, a bit to exaggerated argument I would say.

      One can chant all they want, or believe may be, but that dosnt authenticate or vouch for the cleanililess of their soul. Pretence may be!

      These priests etc or representative of the god soon seem to acquire that demigod status and their 'soul' purpose is materialistic gains from gullible minds.