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God will make you rich enough to be always generous.

Updated on August 12, 2016

Veliko Tarnovo.


I surrender - Hillsong live (Cornerstone 2012 dvd album) Lyrics/subtitles (Best worship song)

The will of God is for you to be a blessing to the poor.

God gives you provisions so that you can bless others. When you become a blessing is the only time you can claim to have received blessings from God. You are not truly blessed until you actually become a blessing to others . He wants you to be a blessing to others and that is the sole reason of him blessing you. Somebody needs to be impacted by the blessings you have in your life. Remember, you don’t need a lot to bless others. Just share the little you have, with others. Don’t wait until you are extremely rich for you to start being open-armed (generous). God will not bless you with plenty if you are not faithful with the little you have. (2 Corinthians 9: 8-15) We must not be mean. We must give generously. Your generosity makes your recipients to praise God. Sometimes you are even forced to scale down on your needs or even forego them all together so as to have surplus to bless others with.

Flosagjá canyon

 Flosagjá canyon, a continental rift between the tectonic plates (North American and Eurasian).
Flosagjá canyon, a continental rift between the tectonic plates (North American and Eurasian). | Source

Michael W. Smith - Agnus Dei

Salary is an important source for offering funds.

Most people hive part of their salary so as to offer tithe and other church contributions. It is therefore important to learn how to relate to your workplace boss. We have to realize that working is a necessity; whether one is in God or not. The only difference is that a son of God will not have to toil hard for the land to bear fruit as it would be for a sinner. The Garden of Aden did not have the normal development projects we are used to. There were no bridges, buildings, factories and the like. This might mean that Adam would have had to work so as to provide these provisions. His labour in the Garden of Aden, however would not have involved an element of toiling. When man fell, he had to toil henceforth for his provisions. That is where the work place boss comes into play. Some bosses are good while others are not that good. God uses your tough boss to shape your character. When you become a boss in due time, you will act differently. God therefore teaches you to be a good boss through the tough bosses you have to work under.

Photo by Keith Kissel.


You have won the victory/The anthem - Full Gospel Baptist Church - Lyrics

How to relate well with your workplace boss.

You need to give your employer not only what they expect of you but even more. You are rewarded for completion of assignments rather than intent to complete. Add value to your boss. If you find that your absence is not felt in your work place, then your presence is not necessary. Be the best in whatever you are doing. Your value to your employer is proportional to the problems you solve for him. Your value is way beyond what anybody can pay you. Don’t compete against people. Compete against yourself. If you are the best in the trade then you should be comfortable. You should not let other peoples’ success stories worry you. Promotion is a reward you receive when you stand a shoulder above the rest. Be enthusiastic in your job. Your job should always be viewed as a source of your seed, not your bread. In this way you involve God in your employment, which is good because he is able to make you live a life which is far beyond the reach of your payslip. However in this one you must act with prudence. In this one it is very important to wait for God’s word before you act. Abraham started from Haran only after receiving the word of God (Genesis 12: 1-9). However God’s blessings come to only those that are obedient. If you are disobedient in any way there is no point of expecting God’s blessings. There is possibly no way you will receive a word from God if you are living a sinful life. Sin is a form of disobedience.

Rainbow over Gullfoss ("Golden Falls" in Icelandic)



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    • Kat-martin profile image

      Kathleen Bona 2 years ago from Rochester, New York

      Great Hub! And thanks for sharing the video of the 3-yr old dancing. At the tender age of 3, he gets it...spreading happiness brings happiness.