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God or not

Updated on April 12, 2016

What is God? Who is God?............

What is God? Who is God? Why do we believe in God? Whether one God or many God? These are valid questions in order to begin search for God. In literature we found that God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent. If those declaration on God is true then we should find God everywhere. God should move around us like any other person or being. But, we cannot find God at any places. We cannot realize God like any other earthly things through the limited capacity of our senses. Then, whether we name some of the miracles that happen around us as an "Act of God" or laws of science. But, science, a subject created by rational human being which explains various natural phenomenon; science has also limitation in explaining many natural things happening around the universe. However, some believes that God is a form of energy, some believes God as a Higher Being like Human, some believes God as an extra-terrestrial Being. Now belief/ trust these are emotional words and has no existence in material scientific world. In scientific term we can say we don't have any better receptor to receive signals from God, provided we consider God as an Energy, we don't have the capacity to build a camera to take a snap of God. I have personally read about a supremely spiritual person named " Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri" lived in India, camera failed to take a snap of His earthly body. How science will explain this phenomenon. Science tells us that our body is made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, some minerals; why we require mothers womb to create a fully grown human body, who puts the first breath in us, how a body breaths inside the womb, why after death we cannot put breath into it, why we cannot make a dead body live even we supply food, oxygen and all life supporting stuffs even if all the materials are present? Science will say nerve currents are playing vital role in bodily sustenance of a human being and there is no role of God in it but science is still searching the truth of first life on earth.

These are the contradictions between science and religion and the fact is that science have design much better receptive device to prove whether God exist or not before giving its final verdict on GOD.

Hinduism: One God or Many God

All religion believes in One God. In Hindu religion there is representation of many forms of One God. That is why many people around the world has the misconception that Hinduism believes in many Gods. What Hinduism tells:

1. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma believes in One God or Mother nature or "Adishakti", who is responsible for the creation, sustenance and destruction of the whole universe and Mother does all these activities with "Satwaguna" represented by "Bhramha", the God of creation; "Rajaguna" represented by "Vishnu", the God of sustenance and "Tamaguna" represented by "Shiva or Mahadev", the God of destruction.

2. All person have all these "guna(s)" and person behaves according to the most prominent "guna" in him, the appearance of the person will be compatible with the "guna" predominant in him. So, there is God in all person, no one lives in this world is a sinner.

3. Person can rectify himself through spiritual practices and can gain God like qualities (forgiveness, love, sympathy etc.).

4. Ancient Hinduism does not support caste based on birth right but believes on intellect of people. In Hinduism all persons are equal and unique.


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