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Goddess Philosophy

Updated on June 13, 2015

If there is a God, there must also be a Goddess. Neither is more important than the other, both are in balance, together they create a Whole. --Marion Weinstein

We are all made up of aspects of both sexes. This is our balance. When we accept what we know to be truly ourselves, which is often much more than what the old role models for men and women allow, we can become complete.

Ask yourself... "What male and female strengths do I have within me?"

Is it a detriment as a male to have decidedly feminine qualities? Is sensitivity, thoughtfulness, empathy and chivalry only relegated to metro-sexual males and those men raised by a stern grandmother? On the other hand, is it a requirement to be part of the "boys' club" in the workplace where it is typical to talk about female co-workers in a derogatory fashion for kicks?

Are we still living with a worldview where powerful and driven women are considered the B-word, or worse, the C-word? In a world where both sides of a marriage are required to bring home the bacon, is it still the wife's duty to fry it up in a pan?

The non-fetish crossdresser skirts both sides of the gender coin. To define the crossdresser I speak of... he/she is not looking to cause a scene or be outrageous but instead wants to be accepted in society as a woman when dressed in feminine attire outside the home. Acceptance is the goal in his/her cause. Because the feminine and masculine sides are integral and fused in their mentality, you will encounter them as softer in demeanor and with a healthy respect for women. They often have more female friends and feel more comfortable around them versus hanging out with the guys.

Is the combination of the masculine/feminine more enlightened or a detriment? I would like to say the former. The stereotypical male and female conventions seem to be blurring in the 21st century where certain former Olympians are labeled as the "new normal". Gender identity is not what I am referring to for the typical crossdresser. The simple merging of masculine and feminine mental traits is at play with the crossdresser, not the pursuit of drastic and final transition into the opposite sex.

The world may find itself realizing that the social and philosophical traditions of men and women in the new millennium will never be as they once were for Ozzie and Harriett, the Cleavers, or even the Brady Bunch. The world is moving on. The question is whether we as a society are truly ready to move on with it.


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