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Face Of God.

Updated on December 5, 2012

Niagua River, Southern Missouri


Seeking God's Face

In the early morning light, I went to the river and asked to see the face of God, the Creator…the Great Mystery.

Standing at the edge of the bank, I watched the morning’s mist rise from the river’s surface in vapor streams. I saw the reflection of the powder blue sky in the still water. Further up stream, the rippling of the water over the rocks was the first sound to reach my open ears.

Standing still for a while longer, I heard the squirrels move, chatter and bark. I would see the flipping of their red and gray tails. The crows began their caa caa, announcing my presence, while other early morning birds responded with their song. There were sounds of twigs snapping and rustling foot steps of other animals hidden from view.

I noticed the driftwood at my feet, crumbling apart and returning itself back to the earth adding to the dark rich tone of the dirt. Across the way, the tall grass began to dance in the light breeze. The incense like smell of the damp earth, sand and wet wood tickled my nose.

Soon, a woodpecker’s pounding echoed down the river’s channel. Breakfast was sure to be found for him beneath the tree’s bark. The rapid fire of his beak was followed by slow pecks. I could hear the occasional acorn drop from a tree and smack through the branches.

Waffling under my nose was the faint smell of the green earth, sweet grass and the decaying fallen leaves in the brush of the woods beyond. I then saw the sun’s golden rays piercing through the treetops, illuminating the veins in the leaves.

I looked down at my feet again, and took note of the different rocks, silently waiting for the next surge of water to carry them to a new home and slowly change their form. I compared their size to the bed of sand laying beneath.

Breathing in deep, I filled my lungs with the heavy morning air. I felt the coolness of the season prickle my skin with goose bumps.

Not only did I see the face of God in all that surrounded me, but I could hear His voice in all the sounds. I could smell His wonderful presence in all that filled the air. I went down to the river this morning to see the face of God and I was both privileged and pleased.


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 6 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Welcome to HubPages. Very beautiful