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Godly perception: Self conscious or God conscious.

Updated on February 8, 2014

Throught One's Eye.

Things are not always how you perceive them to be. For some their are certain filters so to speak with in themselves that cause them to see things in the light of these filters. Through certain experiences or life lessons, people adapt their understanding and adjust how they perceive things accordingly. What I have found in myself is that with a past wounding would cause me to project my experience with another person, which caused me to believe that all people were the same and that i could trust no one. Which is not to far from the truth just not as bad as i viewed it for the longest time. Experiences can distort ones perception of self and influence and can pervert future relationships.

What it is i would really like to look at in this hub is the transition from a self conscious state to a God conscious state. Have you ever heard the statement "Things are not as though they seem?". What kind of statement is that for the most part? To me it is a conspiracy theory type statement which causes me to want to be challenged in what it is I am seeing and get behind the scenes to see what is really going on.

If you were to look a stream you can could probably see the rocks and things collected at the bottom as the water rushes by. You cant quite give a true in depth perception without getting closer and even breaking the surface to see beyond what you can from standing above. Sometimes it is upon breaking the surface of this stream that one is able to see with fine details the condition that lies beneath the surface. Its the same way with other objects that are view from in the water versus out of the water. Some may seem bigger than what they really are and some not. Its like the pencil in a glass of water, half in and half out. The pencil looks broken if you stand to the side and view it, yet you know its whole. The point I am trying to make is that things can appear to be one way, and truly turn out to be different. It is all how one views something, as well as how they view it.

As it is with life pertaining to perception, I believe there are two forms that matter, one is what self perceives and then the other what God perceives. Through who's set of eyes do we perceive things to be. With out question there should be an understanding that through God eyes, one should be able to see the reality of how things are truly. Seeing through God's eyes would be like breaking the surface of life. Taking the time to have a great in depth understanding of how things truly are, and get the details correct, can cause someone to experience life on a whole new level. Are we willing to abandon what we think we know and allow ourselves to perceive things in a new light?

How is your thinking?

People can either be self conscious or God conscious. When one is self conscious, a majority of there thinking is self absorbed. The self conscious attitude cause one to think about self when it pertains to almost everything that happens in ones life. What is best for self, and what self desires, and what are the benefit of circumstances in one's favor. When it is all about self, there is no room for others. When it comes to others the ideology that they are only out to take away from self, and what self has comes into play. This selfish behavior is not one that should be accepted. This selfishness can become a filter in which an individual views life and bases decisions when it comes to doing anything in this life. It is a distorted view, and can cause the reality in which self see life to be.

When one becomes God conscious, they learn to be about more than self. They become aware of others, and the needs of others. They Truly become aware of God and His love for man. With His love they are able to see things in a whole new perspective. When it comes to life they can see the picture in a whole new light. The way things are perceived are through a lens of truth. How God and what God reveals in the light of His truth. This is how things truly are, and how we ought to be toward our fellow man. I like to say it like this "there is always an US in JESUS". Its not just about self when it comes to God. It is too about us all, and He did what He did for you and me as a whole. We should use what He has given and move with Him into the fulfillment of why He created us.

The Obvious.

Sometimes things are so obvious that is beyond are assumed perception. Let me use an example that I once heard.

So this man went to work at this factory. He showed up faithfully for years. Always chipper, always on time. Now every day He would wheel dirt from the job site to his home with permission from His boss. Now, the guys who where the night Guards would see him coming and always sensed that something was going on with this guy. So the guard stopped him a time or too and would inspect the contents of the wheel barrel, and even empty it and shift through such contents. After a time they just gave up knowing that something was up.

What was happening with this employee was that he was smuggling wheel barrels from his work. each time he would exit work right in front of security, and they never realized the obvious because they where so looking beyond what they perceived the man was doing.

Sometimes its not always something that you have to figure out. Sometimes it right in front of you and you have to see it for what it is. Things are not always as they should be, but people don't always need to complicate things and have to be willing to see what is right in front of them. It time to learn how to go about things differently and learn to so with a different perception. It time now to think out side the box.


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      DaKingsKid: I see with spiritual eyes as I am spirit. All created in the image of Almighty God are by nature spirit, and although we take on a human form it is our spirit that sees God, talks to God, walks with God, hears God.

      Brother Dave.

    • DaKingsKid profile image

      DaKingsKid 7 years ago

      You guys are great. Thanks for the comments. When we know God perspective concerning our own self and some of His thoughts toward us, it put a whole new light on things as well.

      Be blessed beloved..

    • profile image

      faithfulldaughter 7 years ago

      this really has spoke to me regarding the way i look at things & the fact of it being im a selfish person most of the time. But i know realize that i can become more aware of it & start being more God conscious. Starting by opening my spirit to Gods will for my life.

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      An excellent hub that challenges us to revisit our perception of life and life events.

      Though, in this life we can never have perfect clarity due to the corruption of sin, we can, in God through Jesus Christ, possess spiritual discernment and vision that lifts us beyond the norm.

      Thank you for the challenge DaKingsKid. Worthy reading which I voted up and useful.

      Love, peace and joy in Him!

      Forever His,

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 7 years ago

      So true. Our perceptions are so colored by the lenses we look through. So thrilled with having the Word of God to keep my perceptions clear and focused.

      another good hub. There is so much out there today about self esteem but really the only true esteem that satisfies is God esteem...knowing that He loves and values us.