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A Real Atheist ain't no Fool

Updated on March 15, 2010


Gods, Devils and Such

Charles J. Hunsinger


In Psalm 14:1 we read, "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.”


The reasoned Atheist will never speak, as the fool. A reasoned Atheist will never, categorically make the statement that gods no not exist, due to the obvious fact that he does not know. He does not possess a universal intelligence. He is not privy to a universal understanding of existence. Atheism is not the foolish endeavor. As reasoned Atheists, reason, and the process of reason indicates that there is simply no indication or evidence to verify any of the assertions of the existence of one or a multitude of deities believed to exist around the world.

The belief in such deities is simply a commitment to cause for a myriad of reasons, but none have anything to do with our capacity to reason. Such beliefs are simply an archaic and antiquated mentality clothed in fear and promoted guilt. Such fear of the natural world was, perhaps, the first method used to exploit and control others.

As the Atheist is no fool and does not speak in absolutes that, at this point, cannot be proven: Is the believer not the fool who asserts, as an absolute truth, the existence of gods when he too, has no universal knowledge? As the Atheist reasons, thinks with the use of his brain and not his heart, a muscle; perhaps this accounts for the difference of perspective when it comes to reality and myth.




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