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God's Gifts to Us

Updated on August 14, 2011

Angel of God

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A Giving God

What if the world we all lived in was dull and colorless, or perhaps we could not see at all? There was no blue sky, white clouds, oceans and beautiful colorful scenes to behold on this green planet? What if we had no hearing ability and could not listen to the winds blow, the birds singing n the trees, and beautiful music of the creatures God has created for us all to enjoy? We would not be able to create the wonderful music God allows us to make in celebration of our lives on this bountiful earth. What if we had no sense of touch and being able to feel the good rich soil and hold the newborn baby of our loved ones in our arms and the wonders of warmth and closeness we have been given. What if the food that we ate had no taste and was all bland and flavorless and we ate merely to stay alive? What if the aromatic smells were not possible such as cooking foods on the hearth and smell of a rain in summer and how it enriches the earth under our feet? It would be a world without the enjoyment that our creator has provided us in His loving care. Instead, He gave us all the senses of sight,hearing, smell,touch,taste, and we came equipped in the wonderful experience of life, as we know it. Did our creator have to give to us these grand gifts? He made us to love and live in a beauty that exceeds the limits of our comprehension. God is love. That's the true meaning of who God is and what He wants for His creations, made in His own image.

The story of Adam and Eve, I believe was a true story, even if it is hard to comprehend as mere mortals . There had to be a first born and a means to create more of our kind on this planet. This was a Biblical Story created so that we could see in human terms, that we were made by our creator, and then we reproduced our own kind over the ages, until our present civilization.

The story of Noah and the arc and of the great flood that took human lives of this world, sounds fantastic to us, yet is is truth and we should always remember that if it is told of in the scriptures, it is truth, to be respected. As it was said also in scripture, there are many mysteries in heaven and earth that only our creator knows the answer to and we may not clearly see or understand the meaning about them all. Yet we know they are good and right and that our Creator means for us to benefit from His ways. Somethings we accept in faith and do not always see the reason an event occurs. Miracles occurred in Biblical scripture about Jesus feeding the throngs with only a few fish and loaves of bread. Jesus walked on the water and quieted the raging storm with his disciples and we may not see the how about this, but we know these miracles occurred. Have we not seen with our own lives the miracles around us each day? Could there be no more greater miracle than the birth of a baby and how perfect it is and that it comes into this world having all the senses that our God intended?

Many researchers and scientist agree that the earth and all of its numerous living creatures with all of their senses and the formation of living cells, all could not have occurred by some accident. There is way too much organization and meaning to life, and this was not the product of spontaneous generation. Our Creator is the grand maker of all the Universe. He may have made other worlds similar to our own. This we know for a fact, He sent His Son Jesus into our world, that we might be saved, and we know that this is good and right and the way to be united with Him when He calls us there. I am glad that my God created me and I want him to be glad that He did make me. I am His servant and hope that I can serve Him for a long time to come. I will be ready when He calls me home.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      God is,and what He gives to us, we receive, whether in His name or in our own, he is a forgiving Creator.