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God's Grace Frees Us To Be Our Best

Updated on May 15, 2012
God's grace is our easy button
God's grace is our easy button | Source
rejoicing instead of complaining
rejoicing instead of complaining | Source
smiling instead of frowning
smiling instead of frowning | Source
content in all things
content in all things | Source
letting peace abound
letting peace abound | Source

How often do we get frustrated during the course of a day? There are so many issues and concerns that face us, seemingly from one minute to the next. If we just had one of those Staples™ easy buttons, all of our problems would disappear, right?

Well, we may not have an easy button; but what we do have is God's all sufficient, unmerited grace. As I was reading my daily devotion this morning, I prayed silently for God to give me the grace to do His work. Having prayed that prayer, I began working on the things from my 'to do' list for the day.

One of the very first things was a phone call regarding an ongoing series of mishaps and blunders with a well-known student loan servicer. During the course of the phone conversation regarding the loan, I felt myself getting frustrated at the direction that the call was going. After my tone changed, I was quickly reminded of God's grace and how it is available to help me. Instantly, I repented and brought my tone back under control. Afterall, I have control over my tone; it does not control me.

I then began to think of the many times that we get overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed, and upset over the cares of life. It is during those times, however, that God's grace is most available to us so that we don't react in a manner that displeases Him.

God's grace helps us to rise above those feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and despair that life tries to throw our way. We can be and we are better than that, but only by God's grace. It is His grace that frees us from sinning under fire. He thinks wonderful thoughts about us. He wants us to know and believe this even when things happen beyond our control. We may be unable to fully understand why things happen or even what to do about them, but God's grace will see us through when we apply it.

When we put God's grace into action in our lives, we become better people for God, for ourselves, and for those who are connected to us. We can't please God when we are all discombobulated, perplexed, or befuddled. He expects great things from us because He loves us and sees us better than we are. His grace gives us the freedom to obey Him and to do those things that lead to righteousness and holiness without regret or shame for what we have said or done. He has a great plan for our lives, and is working in us giving us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

When we seek to please God, others see God in us. We don't have to say a word. So let's not bring displeasure to God or to others who depend on us to be our very best. We should make every attempt to live peaceably with one another. This task is much more easily accomplished through God's grace in us producing good fruit and good deeds for Him. So, forget the easy button and let's use God's grace to make us better for Him, ourselves, and others.


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