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God's Loves All His Creatures Big and Small - Even Atheists

Updated on April 17, 2012
Whether you like it or not, God loves you!
Whether you like it or not, God loves you! | Source

It's human nature to have various views and different opinions on a person's choice of religion, their beliefs regarding abortion, the death penalty, what prayers they chose to say, what church they attend and another person's sexual preference. These opinions tend to be vocalized quite reverently and in some cases obnoxiously. There have been times others have been forced to follow these beliefs when the court system has been required to hear the arguments and make a decision. The choice of removing prayer from public schools was forced upon our society because one individual was against that practice. When the court reached a decision on the Roe Vs. Wade case murder of innocent babies was legalized because one individual felt it wasn't fair that the choice to murder their baby wasn't allowed.

There are many in today's society who feel strongly that removing prayer from school and legalizing abortion was the beginning of the end to the moral and value system our country was once founded on. I am one of those who feel this way. However, this is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion just as those involved in those two court cases allowed their opinions.

With that in mind, we must take realize that when we vocalize those opinions we are judging those individuals as they judged our choices in the past. We need to realize that there isn't a person alive in this world that is sitting at the right hand of our father, God. We shouldn't be making judgement on others because those who pass away will first be interviewed by God who will then make His judgement, not ours. I once heard a women make a comment about someone who had passed away and she stated he is living in hell because of his behavior while he was alive. I stated that wasn't necessarily true. A shocked looked crossed her face as I said, he may have asked God's forgiveness with honesty and humility in which case, he would have been forgiven and allowed in the heavenly kingdom of God. Just as the individuals who asked to have prayer removed from schools and the person who headed the Roe Vs. Wade campaign legalizing abortion. This is something we don't know.

I feel that while we lives our lives on earth, God always loves us yet may not like the decisions we've made, the actions we've taken, that we've hurt other people, or in some cases taken a persons life. He doesn't ask us to like those decisions or actions either but he does ask us to love. I was once told in order to forgive someone to think of it this way, " Love the person, hate the sin " and I think that holds true for God as well. He loves us yet hates the sins we've committed.


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