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God's Message To The 7 Churches of Revelation - Part One

Updated on November 15, 2015

Welcome to our new Hub on chapters 2 & 3 of the book of Revelation. In this hub we wil be doing a survey on the history of God's churches down through the ages. God the Father sent Jesus Christ to deliver this message to John the apostle on the Island of Patmos to the Churches of God in Asia or Western Greece at that time, Revelation 1:1-9.. This message is addressed to the 7 stars (angels) over the seven churches (lampstands or candleholders) that existed on this mail route to these small churches in Greece, Revelation 1:19-20..

In this part of this Book of Revelation we will read and study the messages given to these listed churches. Here we will see believers that would effectively represent the Churches of God down through the centuries right up into our present days. The order of the messages seem to be designed to reflect he attitudes of these churches and their prophetic existence for today. These Churches have strengths that Christ will encourage them to use but He will also warn them against what can weaken them.

Jesus Christ comments on their strengths which are blessings to them if they continue n His faith and righteousness, Romans 3:20-31. They are : 1. We willeat from the tree of life. 2. We would not be hurt by the second death. 3. We will receive a new name. 4. We would be be given power over the nations in God's Kingdom. 5. We will cclothed in white garments of righteousness. 6.We will be supporting pillars in thr Temple of God. 7. We will sit with Christ on His Throne.

Christ also warns them and us today of things that can weaken us if we are not careful to prove all things. These warnings are: 1. Satan drawing Church members back into society and sin. 2. False eachers and false prophets. 3.False doctrines 4. Christians in name only. 5.christians with little strength. 6. Wretched and blind members spiritually. 7. a corrupted form of a paganized Christianity. Weneed to be careful that we do not get misled by false Christ and false prophets who will lead many astray, Matthew 24:3-5. The apostle Peter also warns us of these people in 2 Peter 2:1-3. Jesus Christis the only way to our heavenly Father, so follow him, John 14:6. We are to prove all things as the apostle Paul encourages us to do with the help of the Holy Spirit in us, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24, John 16:13-14, 1 Corinthians 6:19.

These churches are given 7 part commendations where they are commended for their; 1.- Works. 2.- Labor. 3.Patience. 4.-Stand against evil, 5.- Stand against false apostles, 6.-Longsuffering, 7.-endurance. Jesus Christ says all these are important and he commends them for it. But He has some things against them that they must change or He will remove their Lampstand, Revelation 2:5 Now lets find out what happened to all these 7 churches since 31 A.D.. when the orginal Church was started at Jerusalem on Pentecost, Acts 2:1-21.

In this section Part One we will becovering the four Churches of Revelations chapter two - Ephesus, Symrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira.

Ephesus -The Loveless Church that left not lost its first love with God's work. God is saying here to them; "Remember when we first met, how much you loved me. Now i hardly ever hear from you except when you are in trouble. I long to be first in your life again. I will never leave you nor forsake you, please come back to me. I miss our long talks and intimate fellowship. I want to bless you. I want the best for you because you are the apple of my eye. If you do not seek me, if you do not ask for guidance how can i work through you?

The Timeline for this Church is from 31 A.D. to the present day because it would have some evil works that were in existent in their time which are still present with us today. Christ commends them for their good works that he knows they have been doing, Revelation 2;2-3. never-the-less He reproves them for not having the same love for God's work as when they first began. They had become complacent or had lost their original zeal for doing god's work, revelation 2;4-5. Jesus does commend them hating the wicked works of the Nicolaitans, Revelation 2;6.

The Nicolaitans were a Gnostic sect founded at Antioch and who's leader was called Nicolas. They were paedophiles who celibrated December 25 as the birthday of their pagan god Posiden the god of the sea in that city.also of Ephesus. Ephesus at that time was greatest seaport in that part of Greece. The people of that city were known for their unbridal lusts towards children. The Nicolaitans were an homosexual priesthood much like the Roman church that came from Greece. They established a spiritual hierarchy were a man could come between a person and God as an intercessor like some churches still do today. The Greek word Nicolaus or Niko means a priest and part of a priesthood. The word laos or laody means the common people. The apostle Paul described these people as having reprobate minds since they were sexually perverted by Satan, Romans 1:28-32.

Here in Ephesus and Corinth is were Paul and Timothy were doing spiritual warfare with another Gnostic sect founded by the first New Testament Gnostic, Simon Magus, Acts 8:9-24. These false teachers claimed that they were apostles of Christ but were found to be liars of God's truths. They were Satan's agents trying to deceive and lead new Christians astray f\rom Christ's real truths. They were like the false Christ mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11:4. This particular sect is mentioned in 1Timothy 1:3-20 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-37. They were trying to keep women out of the ministry of Christ's church which is a priesthood of all believers, 1 Peter 2:4-10.

The apostle Paul had many women working with him in Greece;.One was even an apostle named Junia, Romans 16:7. It was because of the false Gnostic ministers twisting of scripture around to their own liking and claiming that Eve was created first. This teaching was disrupting God's churches in Ephesus were Timothy was teaching. The Apostle Paul came to Timothy's rescue and told them to be quiet and not teach their heresy. This silence was for those woman that were causing problems by claiming Eve was created first. It is from this misunderstanding of Paul's teachings that some think he meant to keep all women from preaching for Christ. This is usuallymisunderstood by many who do not have the Holy Spirit in them. The apostle Peter said that though the apostle Paul's teachings were hard to understand at times it was only because some didn't have the mind of God yet to understand Paul or any other teachings from the apostles or disciples, 2 Peter 3:16.

This is one reason why some in our modern days think that women are not to preach or teach. This is a great error and shows sloppy study of the scripture by some that are not real scholars. A good book to read on this subject is "I Suffer Not A Woman", Rethinking 1Timothy 2:11-15, In the Light of Ancient Evidence that reveals the real truths by scholars inspired by the Holy Spirit, 2 Timothy 2:15, 3:13-17. You can find a copy of this book at Christians for Biblical Equalities web page: .

Jesus Christ finished his message to this church at Ephesus by telling them to listen to the Holy Spirit, Revelation 2:7, and be overcomers and He would let them eat of the Tree of Life. This message was also for many of the other disciples and Christians Churches in Greece like Lydia's house Church by the river at Philippi and the Bereans in Acts 16:14-15,40 and Acts 17:10-12. This message to Ephesus is also for us today because many false teachers with the deeds of the Nicolaitans are still around. We must be careful to avoid such destructive behavior and flee from Churches that still teach these destructive ways of the Devil because these principles could keep you out of God's coming Kingdom if Not repentant of, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

The Church At Smyrna - The Persecuted Church

The timeline for the Church at Smyrna was from 100 A.D. to 313 A.D.. their name means myrrh or sweet smelling. Myrrh is a herb that is used at burials to anoit the deceased for burial. This city was located about eighty miles north of Ephesus on this mail route. It was a beautiful city but also a city of Roman Emperor worship. These Christians were annihilated for their faith because they would not bow to the Roman Emperors who wanted everone to worship them.

Jesus Christ's message to them as recorded by the apostle John states; "and the angel of the church at Symrna write; these things says the first and the last which was dead and is alive; I know your works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of thse things which you shall suffer;behold the devil will cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried, and you shall have tribulation ten days: be faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life."

These Christians were faithful unto death as Christ had told them that they would suffer martyredom. They went obediently to their deaths, of men women and children. Christ had no reproof for them because they had nothing wrong with them. They may have been poor physically and financially in the flesh but they were rich in faith and loyalty to God the Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had trained them well.

Ten days meant ten years and they were murdered by the Roman Emperor Diocletan because they would not bow or sware allegiance to any pagan Romans leaders from 303 to 313 A.D.. From 5 to 7 million of thse faithful Christiand were killed at the hands of the Romans in Smyrna. Many more faithful Christians down through the ages would also suffer death and imprisonment from a future Romanized pagan Christianity. These Christians at Smyrna will be among the first to be resurrected when Jesus Christ returns and will receive crowns of life and will rule with Christ one thousand years as Kings and Priest in the Kingdom of God, 1Thessalonians 4:16, Revelation 20:4, 1 Corinthians 15:52-58, Revelation 5:10.

Pergamos: The Compromising Church - Where Satan's Seat Is!

The next Church on our list is the Church at Pergamos or Pergamum. It was located 70 miles north of Symrna, Pergamos means it was a compromising Church. Jesus told John to write to the angel of that church, Revelation 2:. 12 - that he knows their works and where Satan's seat is; That they kept Jesus name and did not deny their faith even under persecution. Their leader named Antipas was marytred in this city where Satan had control by the Roman government, Revelation 2:13. Jesus said he had a few things against them which he disapproved of such as the Doctrine of Balaam and also the doctrine of the Nicolaitans which he hates. They needed to repent of follow those evil doctrines that could cause them to fall from God's Church and to become morally reprobate like the Romans. Than Christ said that he would have to fight against them with the sword of his mouth and would have to remove their Lampstand, Revelation 2:14-16. Jesus said that they needed to overcome these deceptions of Satan the Devil. If they did he would give them hidden manna to eat and a whitestone that would have new name on it for them which only they wouuld know, Revelation 2:17.

The doctrines of Ballaam can be found in Numbers 22 & 23. Balak King of Moab asked Balaam who was a fase prophet living in Moab, to put a curse on Israel whom God had delivered from Egypt during the days of Moses. He had to ask God if could curse Israel. he asked God twice but God would not give him permission to do so. Here in Pergamos which was another seat of Satan's false religion of the Roman Government's pagan religion. They were allowed to try and deceive Christians with lies. They also persecuted this Christian Church in Pergamos to try to make them give up (stumble from) their faith in Christ, Revelation 2:14. This was very similar to the deceitful works of Balaam in the Old Testament.

This Church also had a problem with the Nicolaitans whom Christ hated. These Nicolaus followers where known in Greece. Nicolaus is the title for the leader of the Nicolaitans. the apostle John knew him as Certius who was a well known paedophile. He was the Santa Claus of his "Day" who kept December 25th the birthday of the Roman sun god Mithra. Mithra's name was later changed to Jesus Christ as a compromise to make a pagan feast day seem Christian in the 4th century. This Nicolaus or Santa Claus was used to to draw children and adults to worship this evil person, Satan, through Nicolaus - Santa Claus as their provider instead of God and Christ. Nicolaus like Balaam was a false prophet and is used to take attention away from the real Jesus Christ even today in the so-called Christian nations. He really was the patron saint of paedophiles. He used child sacrifice in the past and his followers of his pagan religion still do today. Our founding fathers of the USA knew Christmas was pagan and did not keep it then but as this country grew it also assimilated many people that did who came from Europe. These Europeans with their false Christian teachings used our first Amendment of our Constitution which made it easy for a paganized Christianity to assimilate in this country under the name of Christ...

The Next Church On This Mail Route is - the Church at Thyatira - the Corrupted Church

The timeline for this Church was from 538 to1517 A.D.. It was called the Corrupt church because of evil uinfluences from the Roman Church on them in that era. The Roman Church desided that it no longer wanted any competition from any other churches that would not follow their church doctrine of men exclusively. So they began to eliminate them through different inquisitions if they would not follow Rome's doctrines of men with Sunday and Easter worship instead of god's Holy Days, Leviticus 23.

Jesus commended them for their faithfulness and good works and charity at Thyatira, Revelation 2:18-19. However, He had a few things against them like listening to some of the false doctrines of the Church of Jezebel who seduced some of them to commit fornication with her and also eat unclean foods sacrifed to idols., Revelation 2:20-23. jesus said to them they were to resist that great false church and be overcomers, and that He would save them and give them the power of righteousness to rule over the nations and give them the morning star, Revelation 2:24-29.

Thyatira was located east and south of Pergamos on an open plain. It was a hub for merchants and the false religion of Jezebel similar to the Jezebel the wife of king Ahab,who deceived the Lost Ten Tribes in what was once ancient northern Israel. This false church deceived both Gentiles and Israelite who were mixed together in this city of Greece. The attitude of this type of pagan woman or church was called by Jesus Christ Babylon the Great and Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth, Revelation 17:5. She was responsible for murdering many Christians in the past. This was a church that influenced the merchants of the earth with false doctrines of men, Revelation 17:6-18, !8:11-19. Its influence as a false church would reach into the Middle Ages (Dark Ages) of Western Europe and into our very endtimes.

This very same false Church still exist today as the largest paganized christian Church who's headquarters is in Rome, Italy. It will be instrumental as the religious arm of the New World Order. It will once again in the spirit of Jezebel be able to martyr and murder many more Christians of our time period in history. Some of these Christians will compromise with Jezebel and follow her replacement Theology and will continue to follow the doctrines of men instead of God's Commandments, including the Seventh Day Sabbath and Holy Days that were practiced by Jesus Christ and His real disciples down through the years since the Exodus and taught by the God of Israel - Jesus Christ, Leviticus 23, 1 Corinthians 10:1-12.

We have now come to the end of part one, chapter 2 and conclude this portion of Revelation that has to do with the first four of the eras of the Churches of God down through the ages. You can see that this part shows the very severe trials and tribulations for Christians that lived in these ages. Many suffered tribulations and death from Satan's false church. it is estimated that some 100 million Christian Sabbatarians were martyred at Thyatira alone, from Satan's unslaught against them in the "Dark Ages". All seemed lost for God's people for very few remained and scattered and in hidding until a new revival would take place during the start of Reformation years when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of the church in Wittenburg Germany to challenge Satan's false and bloody system of Catholicism.

We will be presenting part two in Chapter 3 of the book of Revelation soon. Come and see what would soon happen to Satan's dominating control of the people of Europe and how God used the Bible to cause a revolution among Satan's own church to to twarth his seemingly Satanic and demonic victory to deceive the whole world at that time in history, Revelation 12;9.

If you would like to find references to these 7 Churches of God on the Internet you can go directly to :Put these in their browser to the following web pages to these interesting works at:

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