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God's Omnipresence can be inferred by the devotee!

Updated on March 3, 2016

Lord Narasimha kills the demon!

God is Now Here!

Wherever we notice smoke, we can infer that there is fire. This kind of inference helps the spiritual seekers all over the world to infer on unknown truths. Theists assert that God is everywhere, while the atheists affirm that there is no god in the world. There is no scientific evidence for both the categories. It is only inference and faith which makes a theist to believe in the existence of a supreme power, which creates, sustains and annihilates the universe. Imagine a spider, weaving its net out of its own saliva and absorbs it later when the purpose is served. Similar is the method of god. He creates the cosmos out of himself, sustains it for a while, and absorbs it back in him. Many philosophers and spiritualists talk about the creation in several ways according to the dual, nondual and qualified dualism they practice. This is termed as “Dwaita, Advaita and Visistadwaita in scriptures in Sanskrit language.

While duality is experienced by almost all the people of the universe, the non-dual philosophy is limited to few realized souls who can be counted by the fingers of the hand. Ramana, Ramakrishna, Yogananda, Ramtirtha and Nisargadatta and Papaji are some of the non-dual philosophers. Earlier, we had Socrates, Aristotle and Plato who are some of the Greek philosophers who believed in non-dual philosophy. For ordinary worldly people, the term ‘non-dual is meaningless since they perceive duality everywhere in the creation. They fully vouch their sensory perceptions. How anyone can negate what he perceive through the senses? Yes, logically they may be correct. Scientists go a step further to argue that evidences are lacking to support the non-dual philosophy.

But the latest inventions in “nuclear physics’ affirm that matter is nothing but energy particles gyrating in high velocity. When I see an iron pillar, I describe it as a strong iron pillar, but the nuclear physics researchers affirm that the ‘solid is a misnomer”. They are mere energy particles! The spiritualist asserts that the pillar is god! This is how the child Prahlada told his father “Hiranyakashibu” when he was confronted with a question, “Where is your God Narayana?. The boy replied without any fear, “He is everywhere! Then his father gave a heavy blow to the iron pillar with his iron mace! The pillar broke into two pieces and there emerged a horrifying man lion figure who was called Narasimha with the form of half lion and half human. He lifted the bewildered demon Hiranyakashibu on his thigh and tore open his intestines with the sharp nails of the lion. It was a gory scene. Everybody trembled in fear except the boy Prahlada, who knew that it was Lord Narayana, who assumed the form of Narasimha to kill his father. The boy started singing prayers glorifying the rare appearance. Soon Narasimha calmed down and affectionately embraced the boy to shower his love!

These episodes are not like “Harry Potter” stories. They were real and happened many thousands of years ago. Why such things take place? It is for subduing the enormous ego of the demon father. The demon king had obtained many boons from the Gods. “He should not be killed by any human being, nor an animal. Hence the Lord has to come in half lion, half human form. Then he got another boon. He should neither be killed inside nor outside. Also he should neither be killed on earth nor in the sky. The Lord adhered to the conditions of the boon by placing him on his lap, after taking him to the threshold of the entrance. The threshold is neither in nor out. The lap of the lord is neither the earth nor the sky. The demon got a boon that he should not be killed by any weapon. Hence the Lord used his nails to tear open his intestines! See how the Lord adheres to the boon given to him earlier. The boy Prahlada, though born to a demon, he was a great devotee of Lord Narayana from the birth. Hence he was not even aware when his father subjected him to many cruel tortures. He was oblivious of the outer environment, always singing the glory of God. Hence he was under constant protection from God. Ultimately, when the boy was asked to drink poison, he simply obeyed his father, drank the full cup. Though his body became blue in color, soon it was changed into white color. The Lord seated in his heart, absorbed the poison and let Prahlada survive. Thus all the plans of the demon king were thwarted in the bud by the Lord Narayana to protect his devout Prahlada!

Hence, the inference from this episode is God is everywhere!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you meenakshibhati and Abhimanyu gaur. The omnipresent could be intuitively felt in the heart.

    • profile image

      Abhimanyu gaur 

      2 years ago

      Your hub has a proof of god's existence. How? What science has confirmed now that everything is the same and everything is energy has already been written in the Vedas and that is why quantum physicts loved Vedas so much. Nikola Tesla who invented alternating current said that the day when science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will make more progress in a decade then it has made in all its previous centuries of existence. Nikola Tesla had understood a part of the grand design and ultimately he became a vegetarian and a celibate. Unfortunatley he was murdered for selfish reasons.

    • meenakshibhati profile image


      2 years ago

      Very True. God is everywhere. Difficult to understand the presence of the almighty until and unless one goes deep into the soul. Once you meet him within yourself, no one else is as beautiful as him.


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