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God's Pets

Updated on April 19, 2016
My dog, Charles
My dog, Charles | Source

Intro:My Dog and Me vs. Me and God

It may sound blasphemous to even compare relationships with our pets to God's relationship to us. It is not my intent to demean God . I have begun to think of how we love our dogs, how we treat them, and what we expect of them to be similar to what God must feel towards us. I will explore this in the next few paragraphs.

God, The Supreme Being

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord."-Isaiah 55:8

God is so far superior to us that we cannot comprehend His intelligence.

"I am the Lord, thy God, I am more intelligent than they all."

So why should He even bother with the likes of us? The answer, of course, is that He loves us.


We Are Smarter Than our Dogs

I have been thinking about how much smarter we are than our dogs. We have them because we love them. They are companions, admirers, and affectionate beings.We can communicate with them to an extent, but we are confined by their lack of intelligence. We have devised ways to teach them and train them. If the dog is obedient, he will go far in his relationship with us. If not, we will struggle with him, but we will still love him.

As We are To Our Dogs, So God is To Us

There, I've said it. It may be a blasphemous thought, but I do not mean it in that way. I might even reverse the thought and say, we are like a pet to God. I know, this sounds incredibly irreverent.

Of course we are more than a pet to the Lord. We are his children. But, there are many similarities in the relationships between God and us and us and our pets.


With our pets, they trust us as we feed them house them and take care of them. We learn to trust them as they grow and become obedient to us.

Our Lord cares for us and shows His care through giving us guidelines to live by. He takes care of us by answering our prayers. We learn to trust him and He learns to trust us as we obey him.


Man has devised ways to train his pets. He teaches them the basics in order to get along in the home with us. These techniques use repetition and reward. Because a dog is not that intelligent, he needs to have his training repeated over and over. Rewarding him when he gets it right is also a good technique.

God repeats his teachings and training to us over and over again in the scriptures. We hear them time and again over the pulpit. He wants to be sure that we, too, get it right.

He then rewards us with the blessings that he chooses to bestow on us. He rewards us.

We Train Our Dogs
We Train Our Dogs | Source

A Quote

“Repetition is a vehicle through which the Holy Ghost can enlighten our minds, influence our hearts, and enlarge our understanding.” Elder David A. Bednar at Brigham Young University, Jan 2016

Call to Repentance

So, you come home and find your dog has destroyed your carpets. Do you just let it go? Or do you reprimand him? Most of us would feel like we needed to let the dog know he had done wrong. We would also try to get him to not do it again. We would want him to repent. This is easier said than done.

God also wants us to repent of wrong doings. He asks us to recognize the wrong and be sorry for it. He asks us to try to never do it again.

Summary-Food for Thought

You can see, then, how I could think of the relationship between my dog and me as similar to my relationship with my Lord and Savior. It most likely is not important at all, but an interesting side note and commentary on our lives.

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