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God's Plan-Clark Sister's Reality Show--(Article-Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole)

Updated on April 19, 2015

The Clark Sisters

Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole/Psalmist and Big Screen

A three-time Grammy Award winner, six-time Stellar Gospel Music Award winner, American evangelist, speaker, radio host, fashion designer and gospel singer; Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is bringing more than God’s sunshine to the center stage. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Psalmist Dorinda Clark Cole hails from a long line of gospel singers (Elbert, Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, Karen, Twinkie and Jacky). With the gospel sensation song, You Brought the Sunshine released by the Clark sisters, Dr. Dorinda Clark’s ministry has taken over the 21st century and is now reaching global listeners. Many young and seasoned listeners are tapping in to this anointed woman of God’s music ministry. With her fifth full-length solo album, Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole is building a powerful kingdom that will one day pave the way for upcoming gospel legends.

Dr. Clark’s music has been around for a long time spanning from my younger days. I first became familiar with the Clark sisters through my grandparent’s gospel tapes dating back in the 1980’s. Every Sunday morning before church, there was a concert going on at our grandparent’s home. From 6:00a.m until Sunday school, the gospel greats were heard back to back. When I first heard “You brought the Sunshine,” which was a song released by the Clark sisters in the late 1980s, I did not know if I should dance or sit because this was God’s music. The music at that time had a nice tempo and was the type of music that would get one moving. As a child, I would listen attentively to that one song (You Brought the Sunshine) and it was in the late 1980’s that my love for gospel music began. I am 36 years old and still remember every word to that one song released by the Clark sisters, but I have added many more of the Clark sister’s songs to my gospel collection. As we embark on the 21st century, God is doing some great things in Pastor Dorinda Clark’s life. Evangelist Clark is a great psalmist, works the stage well through ministry and most of all a good down to earth person who is approachable. With all of the great characteristics of such an anointed woman of God, Pastor Dorinda Clark Cole is now on the big screen in a new television series entitled, “Preachers of Detroit.”

Starring Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole-Preachers of Detroit

“Preachers of Detroit” feature pastors’ Bishop Charles Elli, Pastor David Bullock, Evangelist Dorinda Clark, Cole, Pastor Don Shelby, Bishop Coretta Vaughn, Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston and Pastor Tim Alden. The main focus of Preachers of Detroit reality show is based on faith, family and friendship. As a viewer, “Preachers of Detroit” is more of an informational, yet Godly based reality show. The implications of the show reveal the theories and philosophies of how the Bible sometimes conflict with things, ideas (Women Bishops) and emotions, rather than people. Dr. Dorinda Clark plays an integral part in the reality show as a great listener and counselor.

Personally, I would like to see more of Dorinda Cole in the show, but there are many topics and issues that are being brought up on the Preacher of Detroit reality show that is of great interest. Honestly, as I am writing this article, I have to be perfectly clear and express what the Lord desires. The Clark sisters are legends in the gospel industry dating back to their mother, Sis. Mattie Moss Clark. Many people have viewed the reality series, “The Sheards” and some people are watching “Preachers of Detroit”, but God has another plan. The master plan is for the Clark Sisters to come up with a reality series together, rather than separate. Within the new Clark Sister series, we could date all the way back to their parents and move forward to their lives and family in the formation of their Gospel views and ministry (studio work, preparation for award shows, formation of songs etc). The beauty of the Clark sisters having their own reality show is that they can take viewers back in history and then lounge viewers forward to the present. The show could focus on ministry and any topic near and dear to their heart. I believe that if all of the Clark sisters, spouses, children and grandchildren have a reality show called, “ The Legendary Clark Sisters," this would be a major series and the gospel viewers would greatly appreciate the lives of such icons.

The Legendary Clark Sisters


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