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God's Voice...Really

Updated on May 4, 2013
Exodus, chapter of the bible
Exodus, chapter of the bible | Source

God's voice

It all starts with love...

Clue, if it don't sound like Jesus, you better check again...John 14:9

It used to be said that if you ever mentioned that God spoke to you that you were either crazy or a 'special' person proclaiming to be called by Him or someone trained by others to preach the gospel.

Typically, people would either deny that they heard from God, embrace it at the expense of giving up all they held dear, usually their families,or goals or would enter into organized religion of some type or form, that suited them.

Historically the organized church has, at least for me, been the less likely place that God would visit because of all sorts of reasons. You pick some, if you haven't already been told about the 'big ole bad church of organized religion' invoking their God to kill, maim, steal and destroy.

The bible, the New Testament shows Jesus' encounters with organized religion.

Even reading about the Sadducees and Pharisees in the Bible makes one wonder about organized religion. You know a group of men who want to listen to your prayers, tell you 'you are worthless', and then take your hard earned money from you, instead of pointing you to love, God / Jesus and what He did at the cross.

Many atrocities have been done in the name of God. Ever wonder if those same people read the word of God - the bible?

Yet, Christianity is one of the most tolerant of so called religions going. We allow you to mock our savior - Jesus, in pictures, movies and words, to attach his name to the foulest of profanity with the expectation of doing what He said to do, forgive and turn the other cheek.

Ever ask yourself this, "How can you know a person without spending time with them, listening to them, and really getting to know them, through their likes and dislikes?"

Isn't that how relationships are built?

Interesting how we are called to be living epistles, lifestyle - daily manifesting the life of Christ Jesus in our lives so, that when we are seen, God can be seen as well. Or at the very least, the changes that can only be attributed to God are seen.

Yet, we more than ever seem to fail God. Even though He through His love, His word and His encouragement is known to change our lives for the better. With the least amount of restrictions.

Ever wonder if He is upset that we give Him a bad reputation. That what we allow does not match up with what He had written about Himself, in his biography.

The Bible, the biography or the book / letter in which God talks about Himself can not be ignored. It describes what He feels. What He believes and what He does, has done or approves of, yet He is not taken seriously or at His own word. Despite the fact that He does it all to protect and make our lives the best they can possibly be.

I wonder why?

Questions to ask yourself...

Remember all of these are based on understanding the character of God - LOVE, which in turn will give you insight into what He would sound like or say to you.

All based on a relationship...and LOVE!

Who is God?

  • our father
  • the creator of human kind
  • the all powerful one
  • love

What does God sound like?

  • still small voice
  • disciplanarian
  • encourager
  • lover

What would God be saying?

  • the opposite of the world
  • love me
  • love your neighbor
  • turn the other cheek
  • do good
  • seek Jesus

Why would he speak or try to communicate with you?

  • he is love
  • love
  • he loves you
  • you called, He answered

Can you trust what you hear?

if you don't know what God will say then you can't trust what you hear. Does it match with what the bible says or what you know about love

Does it line up with what you do know about God?

Knowing the bible is important, cause what you know about God's voice can only be verified in the bible. His biography.

Would He deny Jesus?

His only begotten son. All through the scriptures i notice where God, not once denied Jesus...until He was crucified and hanging on the cross / tree. At that moment in time all the evils of this world were upon Jesus and God the father turned His face.

Would He contradict Himself to satisfy the crowd?

No, why would He? Ever read about Jesus speaking to crowds.

The word of God talks about all that Jesus did was because it was all that God the father did, no contradictions. Jesus came to fulfill the law and the prophets then left us with two new laws reiterated really. To love God and our neighbor as ourselves. So loving yourself is understood!

Your neighbor is anyone you have the privilege to meet or interact with including your family.


  • love involved
  • question: does it sound like Jesus
  • Know Bible
  • Know what God would say for yourself
  • Know that He is love
  • Know that He would correct because of love
  • Know that He would not contradict Himself
  • Acknowledge that mankind through our own personal choices have damaged God's reputation

Other things to remember God is love. He wants a relationship. He sent His son, Jesus because of Adam's choice. He restored us to free choice, which he will never infringe on. He has the best of the best planned for your life as his beloved child through Christ Jesus!

Oh, one other thing, yes we are all God's children but we are not all children of God... You have to chose Jesus to be considered children of God, the difference is subtle but not impossible to understand.

God's children speak of the creation of the human race. Being children of God speaks of us deciding to be His child.

In other words a birth child or an adopted child can be yours but not until they choose to be yours.

Nurturing parents will probably get this quicker than others.

Just think about it...


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 4 years ago

      Thanks Laurie, Rayne123, it's all a work in progress...cause God is good!

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      great hubs and very informative, you did your research, you understand God well