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God's Will On Suffering Part 1

Updated on November 20, 2012

After reading articles on God's will and how God allows the suffering of humanity for whatever reason, I feel I must put in my two cents worth.

First and foremost, it is man who creates the suffering of humankind. God has nothing to do with it. It is wrong to say when something bad happens that it is God's will for it to happen. Again, another fallacy. God doesn't allow suffering, we do.

God created the earth, we created the circumstances in which we live.

The fighting, wars, famine, sickness, disease, anger, hostility, hatred, cultural bias, prejudiced behavior, racial injustices, global warming, enviromental setbacks, greed, hunger, homelessness, the unrest, we created all of that without any help from God.

We as an ungodly bunch created all of this under the guise of religion, family or whatever other excuse we could come up with for our misbehavior.

But the fighting, unrest, famines, greed, hatred are far more than a little misbehavior. We've created a world that within a few years will be unlivable if we don't reign in our bad behavior and misguided beliefs.

We believe we are fighting because we are fighting a war against terrorism but what we are really fighting about is the ability to control everything within our grasp much the same way we did when the civil war and other infamous wars took place.

We fought because there were many people out there that didn't want the country(america) to move forward. They wanted to continue to have slaves, run indians from their land, suppress women, rule the world.

So people had to stand up and fight just to have the right to freedom, just to have what was theirs remain theirs and still the indians lost their land.

Religion explains this as God allowing such suffering. God didn't allow this suffering, we created it and then use a scapegoat to explain our rationality for our own messed up mentality.

None of this in any way has anything to do with God. For that matter, it has nothing to do with satan either unless we take responsibility for satan living within the individual that perpetuates brutality.

It isn't God that allows suffering. It is we that allow it. When we see a homeless person we rationalize our corrupt hearts by saying the person deserves it. We rationalize wars by blaming them on terrorism when in reality what we are doing is trying to force everyone to be alike, to worship the same way, to be culturally the way we deem fit regardless of centuries old customs.

It all could end by making a conscious effort to live peacefully and to help others. All the hunger could come to an end tomorrow if we all banded together to bring an end to waste and corruption. We waste enough food every year to feed the entire world.

Most of the fighting and wars have more to do with religion and christianity than any actual need for the fighting.

Religion perpetuates hatred rather than peace. We can't accept that we shouldn't have control over everyone else. We believe we have the right to tell others how to believe and how to worship and if people of other religions and cultures don't accept our way of thinking then that is all the motivation we need to fight. Religion teaches fighting must occur to save people from Hell but what we are really doing is trying to control others.

People love to fight, push others into the dirt and most of all control. And we say God allows this suffering. How did God even come into it?


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      A fine analysis of the reality. Yes, we are the makers as well as the breakers. Everyone must correct himself first of all his folly, his wrong judgements and opinions about other people and also about God. God is a mere witness. He has laid down the rules governing creation. But man blatantly transgress them and he suffers! Thank you for the nice thought.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      This is beautiful. "We as an ungodly bunch created all of this under the guise of religion, family or whatever other excuse we could come up with for our misbehavior"

      The Brothers and Sisters Marley and me and my little flock follow only one religion. "Love is my religion"

    • profile image

      cajunsnake 5 years ago

      In regards to fighting and wars, Vietnam taught me that...1) The that was trying to kill me and me trying to kill him, were put there by people who are good at starting wars, as long as they (or their loved ones) aren't the ones spilling the blood. I fought for 12 guys that I grew up with, who were closer to me than my family. Sadly I'm the last one left. But my point is, our government are the ones that should be held accountable. They have shown how profitiable war is, to those that deal in it.

      Now where do I see God in all this? Standing on the side line just shaking His head. More people in history have been tortured and killed in His name, that I'm truly surprised that we are still here. As a Chirstian (and Liberal) it amazes me how people can believe that unless you follow their beliefs and their religion you are wrong. Now please understand, I'm a Christian, I don't follow any religion...since IMO, religion is man made. A talked to a devout Baptist woman some years ago and this lady made a comment that convenced me, that I want nothing to do with a religion. I asked her how she felt about the Muslim faith, her response was...Unless they convert and become Baptist, they need to die... I really don't think this is what He had in mind.

      As far as people "liking to fight" I don't know. I know there was a time when I'd of head your list. But then I was young and dumb, and just like to fight. At age 63, I stay to myself with my wife and grandkids. I tell people I don't want to fight anymore...but never confuse it with I won't fight if they come after my family. And I think that maybe, to me at least, is about the only legitiment reason for it. If I'm wrong, when I leave this world, God will let me know if I was right or wrong.