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God's Word Is Powerful

Updated on December 23, 2011

Rewritten with permission by Raymond Tremain.

As we live our life God does give to us plenty of warning that we need to live as His Word says, if we drift away then the devil will come in at attack us to bring us down.

But for those who take notice and read the Word then God will bring the family back home safely.

Even Jesus was tempted by the devil so yes we also will be tempted.

We are to be happy, the people who are broken in spirit are happy because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them, the peolpe who are crying now will be happy, because they will be comforted, humble people are happy.

We are to take notice of the Law and what the Prophets said, as Jesus did not come to destroy either of them, He came to give them their full meaning.

How many times do we make mistakes, do we go and try to make them right, what we need to do is to go to that person and make it right before we offer up our prayers to God.

How many times have we said yes "I'll do it you can count on me" but when the time comes to do it we seem to find excuses, 'Do not break your vow to God; do what you promise!' Do not make a vow to God or make a vow to heaven as heaven is God's throne. do not make a vow to God you will not keep it, God is the only one who can keep a vow as He never goes back on His Word, His Word is His Word, you can trust what He says will come to pass.

We are taught to love our enemies, to some that may not be easy, as we all have gone thro some very terrible wars fighting against people who were not of good standard, but here God is saying to love our enemies.

And we are to return Good instead of evil, and many times we try to judge others, God says that He is the one who will judge not us, as we will just muck everything up, but God knows who and how to judge.

"Your eye is like a lamp for the body, if your eye can see clearly, then the whole body is made bright." BUT! if your eye is dark with sin, then your body is made dark, if the light in you becomes dark, how great is that darkness!"

We are to be the Light for the World, so when others see that we are doing right by the Word of God, yes they will see the light, as light draws you to see more, and more clearly you will see.

God is light and He is Love.


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