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God's Word Spoken To Me

Updated on August 27, 2010

This hub will be about my trip overseas as I went to England and Europe just back a few weeks ago.

As I'm a Christian I try my best to do what God wants me to do.

When I left home aussie land I knew that I would be used in some way to help others, but what that would be I did not know, and I wouldn't know until it happened.

When I plan to go away I always make up a schedual as to what I would like to do and places to go to.

Well I did plan to go to many places, but the first thing that I do is to work out where I will be on Sundays as going to Church is my first priority, there are two churches that I do go to when in London, the first one is the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church at Harrow & Wealdstone a suburb out of London, and the other is the Charles Spurgeon Tabenacle at Elephant & Castle another suburb of London.

Now as I planned to go up to Inverness the capital of the HighLands of Scotland, as I was there about 25 years ago and I wanted to see it again, the first time I did not go to church, but his time I went looking for a church and I found one a pentecostal church hidden around near some factories.

Their morning service was at 10am and evening at 6pm, so I planned to go to both.

When I got to them morning service I was made welcome, some spoke to me about the pastor who had a stroke about 3 months earlier but was improving in health, during the service I had a very strong feeling that I was to pray for the pastor, after the service I was introduced to him and I said that I had a feeling to pray for him did he mind, he said no he did not mind.

I prayed for him to improve in health, and as I prayed God spoke to me to tell him that he will get better, As I prayed for ps. Paul I layed my hands on him, and I had the feeling that what I asked for in faith and believed and did not have any doubts that ps. Paul would be healed.


Jesus said in Matthew 21  "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain,'Go and throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." ( this mountain can be anything that is hindering your growth in Christ, or any illness that you may be suffering from)

This is what I do I lay my foundation for prayer on, FAITH, BELIEVE, AND DO NOT DOUBT.

And I have seen healings take place in front of me when I prayer.

After the service ps. Paul's son drove his father home, and I believe that the conversation would have been about me praying for ps. Paul.

When it was time for the evening service,yes I was there during the service I was asked to testify about my coming to Christ, I shared a lot about how I believe in praying for total healing, as 2 years ago I had an operation on my right knee for total replacement, I was told by the surgeon that I would have pain lots of it and not able to drive for about 6 weeks.

I prayed a lot everyday for some weeks before the op. for TOTAL HEALING and that I would not have any pain at all.

Well after the op. I was connected up to a morphine drip, when I woke up from the op. I asked what that drip was for they told me,but I said take it away as I DON'T  have any pain an give it to some one else who may need it, they would not disconnect so I did and told them to take it so they did, I was walking that night around in the ward, I went home after 5 days and was driving in 3 weeks,while in the hospital I told everybody I saw that Jesus had healed my knee.

Then last year I had both my eyes op. on and had lenses placed at the back of my two eyes now I don't wear glasses, I was told that I would have bruised and blood shot eyes and pain for about 2 weeks, again I prayed for total healing, when the bandages came off 8 hours after the op. there was nothing wrong with my eyes you would not know that I had an op. on them.

All this happened because I believed in FAITH and did not have any doubts at all.

This can be for any one who believes in faith and not doubt, just as Jesus said.

Well after the evening service I was asked to pray for some people there,which I said yes, this couple came to me and I was told that the wife has had a pain in her stomach for a long time the doc. have been unable to cure it, she was in pain when I started to pray, during the prayer she started to be under the Spirit her husband caught her from falling,I said, let her go as she was in safe hands, then she started to go again the Spirit told me to just keep praying as she is being healed, when I ended the prayer I asked her how was she did she still have the pain, guess what her answer was she said the pain was gone, she started to thank me I said no thank Jesus as he is the healer not me.

The husband then asked me to pray for him as his business was or had fallen down a bit, so I prayed for him, then he gave to me a blessing, and because I was blessed I was able to bless others there in Inverness before I went back to London.

At the other Pentecostal church that I go to that next Sunday I was taken out to lunch by the Pastor, I as able to share with him, then during the service which was a water baptisum 6 got baptised, well I was asked to share, again I shared about my baptisum and the healings I have received.

Then the next sunday that I was there I was asked to close the service with prayer, after the service another pastor came to me and told me that God said that He (GOD)has many plans for me and that I was an evanglist for prayer and healing.

When I was in Paris I was able to bless a guy who sleeps in a park as he has nowhere to stay, one morning as I was having my breakfast as I liked to have it in a park, well this guy came up to me rubbing his stomach as he spoke french I did not understand but by him doing what he did I knew he was hungry so I gave him my meal, and was able to tell him about God if he understood me or not I'm not sure but well the Holy Spirit would be moving on him anyway.


I feel that when an oportunity comes along never let it pass you by, as you don't know what benifits that you can give to them.

And when you give, give with a thankful heart and bless them as this way you are sowing a seed.

God promises to save all who turn to Him.

Through His Holiness there is no way that He can not but keep His promises  John 6:35.


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    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 7 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Many thanks Tracy, our Lord is so wonderful, because all the promises that He will give to us when we become his child, what a great Father we have

      God's blessings to you


    • Tracy711 profile image

      Tracy711 7 years ago

      I so enjoyed this hub..I like that you write as if we are having a conversation..and of course I love our father God so truly enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things you do for God..will be back to read more..thank you for your lovely heart :o)

    • Raymond Tremain profile image

      Raymond Tremain 7 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Many thanks Jim I argee with you, we all can make a difference when we tell the truth. I have just writen a hub about my son

      God loves you


    • matt6v33 profile image

      matt6v33 7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      hello young man,

      "Wow" very inspirational, love your "Young" heart! and that awsome God given talent u clearly posssess! Keep Writing Sir, for this Loss and dying World, we find ourself in, needs one, such as u!

      In Christian Charity,


    • profile image

      Raymond Tremain 7 years ago

      Many thanks Rev. yes I tell it as it is, even when I speak about our Lord. did'nt Jesus tell it as it is so why should we tell it any other way, even for an op. yes I love telling others what happened to me. it does encourage them I'm sure.

      God loves you

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Thank you for sharing this inspiring hub of your spiritual adventure and the showing of God's blessings upon many. All glory to God for His love and mercy which faileth not.

      Love and peace,

      Forever His,