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God's connection with the mundane world!

Updated on July 29, 2013

All things are connected to God's Will.

Many of us may feel that the subject “God” has no relevance in worldly activities. But it is not so. All the things we consider ‘mundane’ are really the manifestation of supreme will. The things that go into the creation of the world and cosmos are the five basic elements like earth, water, fire, air and sky or ether. If you examine the entire world of creations all things are made up of only these five elements and no sixth element is involved. The planets and stars, the black holes and Milky Way are comprised of these five elements. If we examine our bodies, the same is the permutation and combination of the above five elements.

In many of the scriptures of the world, it is written that God has created the world and myriads of beings. In the Veda and Upanishads, it is revealed that everything was void before creation started. There was a formless power which was alone and there was no second entity beside that. In fact, there was no Time, Space or Causation even. The power was still. Something happened that too because of that power. We may call it a ‘stir’ or motion’. Then there was the supreme ego which manifested as the five elements. In another place, it is written that a thought arose! “I AM ALONE, LET ME BECOME MANY’. This seems to be the seed thought for creation and the scientists talk about ‘big bang theory’. We can surmise that there was stillness and it was subsequently disturbed and movement has taken place. We may believe that this is the exact moment for the origin of Time, Space and Causation. If we examine deeply, the three are inseparable! For instance, the existence of time alone has no meaning or relevance. Likewise the existence of space also loses its relevance when singled out. Causation can takes place only with reference to time and space!

How time is defined in scientific language. It is the interval between one point to other when there is a motion in space. We talk about the time taken by a plane from one city to other. The distance travelled is intricately connected to the Time. In a way, they are imaginary. It has relevance only after the creation commenced. Scientists aver that in the first second after big bang, many particles and radiation erupted. In the second one many transformation took place. But they talk about the origin of life in the universe after billions of years only. The evolution seems slow. The origin of human beings too was approximately one millions years ego. There were so many theories about the evolution itself and still scientists are searching for a correct clue. Summing up, we can construe that it all evolved from the initial stir or movement originated from an unknown formless power. Many call it as God and the experiments are now going on in hadron collider in search of the God particle! We are not aware of the basic building block of the universe but we can fairly conclude that the five elements were the first one to come! Though all activities with regard to living in this world is called ‘mundane’, yet it is the first thought that arose (we may call it as ‘will’) that enabled all this to happen and manifest. Hence everything we perceive has a definite stamp of the will (God) and the creation is not haphazard as it may seem. It is really a well thought and planned paradise provided we look at the creation in the vision of a Jnani or the self-realized soul. The creation is beauty and symmetry. If we observe asymmetry anywhere, it is due to our faulty perception, since we have not viewed it as a Whole!

The all comprising form (Viswarupam)


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