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God's final wish

Updated on May 6, 2016

Disobedience can be art to our heart but looked over after time may change our perspective of it.


The one thing God wishes

The one thing. Imagine the one things God requires of us on a moment by moment day by day basis. Now imagine if we denied that one thing. Then imagine if those in our circle denied His request. Then our city. Our state. Our nation. Imagine the millions of unanswered prayer daily due to unanswered requests. The little things. The quiet disobedience. The still born actions. And Jesus remains patient, weeping inside, angry yet still. As our days pass grudgingly after our yielding to our own wills not His. The one things which have accumulated to landfills of 'no's' and would be's, should be's. The consequences we failed to monitor, the slipping away of simply receiving His grace. Imagine those 'no's' turned to our lost loved ones. Imagine our family in hell because though we prayer, someone decided to keep walking away.

Send me I'll go is not a cliché in Christianity. It is a verb seldomly used. Jesus died. He did it for us while knowing we were still in sin. While we were yet sinners.

Art can be as beautiful as free will...

God is intimate with the upright. He confides in us. He knows how much we can be entrusted with. For to whom much is given, much is required. Imagine the souls our lives will have affected in the afterlife. The ripples from stones which skipped in faith to the sound of the wind. Imagine the hope that ignited in the eyes of a lost soul, who may be moments before an eternal fate of hell. The moments lost to our memory of our yes's to Christ. When none watched. When others failed to pray. When we reinforced our character when none watched. When our grieved Holy Spirit was loved on in hell's sight. We will welcome so many when we first step into Heaven.

"From Sin to Redemption": A spoken word by Brendon Anthony

A legacy of obedience

And then what would our lives be like if we lived every moment thinking of Christ' return. Purifying our soul as we trudge through our days, building a wear on our souls. For we were meant to live forever... Just not down here. And as heaven and hell are beside each other, we walk the cliffs of earth beside the chasm below, beside the clouds above. And what if grasping God's Hand has brought us closer to heaven, imagine the legacy of obedience. Imagine the revivals we would initiate by just being trusted to move from one command to the next. For obedience is better than sacrifice. And though our consequences were apart of our lives, how much the recompense of reward?

I believe in scripture- David Bowden

Cindy Trimm

All I asked for was yes.

Do you remember Me? I am God. You are Mine. My beloved. My apple of My eye. Do you remember who I am? Do you remember how we walked? How we danced when you were first born of My Spirit? Do You remember Me when you prayed for life when you were about to die? And the vows you promised which I silently watched as you slowly let them go? Or when you slowly stepped away. I said nothing. But I brought the wind to whisper. I sent mercy new every morning. It rained, yes mercy rained as your guilt drove your head into your hands. The simple yes I required you held back. And someone else paid for your disobedience. Someone you may not have known, who waited for an answer, waited for moment.

And this was my perfect will. But you settled for my acceptable will. You settled for less than your cup to overflow. Less than a feast before your enemies. Less than goodness and less than mercy.

All I asked for is yes.


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