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A "Theory" On & Of Rest

Updated on July 23, 2011

What Does God Say About Rest

God commands us to rest on the Sabbath, the 7th day. Thats a Saturday to the Jewish community, however once Christ rose from the dead on the first day of the week (Sunday) the Apostles made that day the Christian Sabbath, in remembrance of Christ overcoming death.

God made us to require rest daily, eight hours seems to be the most widely accepted and agreed upon recomendation. It doesn't fit everyone, but most studies have shown it's a cycle of the body "rebooting" itself. So, we already have one full day of rest, then 8 hours out of each day, easily stated sleep alone would account for a third of our time. If we multiply the 8 hours a day for the six remaining days we get 48 hours, thats 2 days. So a full 3 days worth of time out of 7 are for rest, wow.

Sadly "rest" is a lost art in modern society, it's getting harder and harder to "get away". It's nearly impossible to "be still" and listen for that "still small voice". It can be done, but it takes discipline, a serious discipline. In a time of workaholism, debt, job & career fears, a constant desire for "more", and an attitude that if your not willing to devote every waking moment to "going & doing" something, you must be lazy. Constant non-stop demands from every area of life, work, school, family, Church, community, & friends. Granted, most of these are important, but most is just that person or organizations "mode of business".

Eating on the run, wether it means fast food or microwaved processed food, either way, not the best stuff. Remember when 7-11 first opened, it was "'unique" for a store to have those hours, to be open that late! Now, they need to change their name to 24/7 - yeah, I guess thats progress. Please note, I'm not promoting laziness either, the Bible is pretty clear on that issue as well. It's all about balance, I mean technically, were told to work 6 days and rest on the seventh, so our "weekends" are a play day and a rest day (for those with a 5 day work week). But we push, and push, in every facet for more to do, more to occupy us and more to distract us and we end up losing that quiet time with God, that time that He holds so dear and that we should too.

Always remember, the world is upside down from what God desires, if we really look at the worlds view on many things, it doen't line up with scripture. So much of what we hear (often even within the Church) is tradition, it's just the way the world is or has gotten. Keep God in Christ first. Peace!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon



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