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God's Love vs. Adam's Sin

Updated on August 18, 2014

The Premise

"Could it be true that if Adam would have never sinned in Eden, that we would have never been able to experience the Truest form of Love? " This is the way a recent text came to me via a friend who is great at postulating deeper thought and seeking deeper meaning in the Bible. The rest of his text explains his questioning: "The Bible states 'there is NO greater Love that a man lay down his life for another.' Well...GOD Himself laid down His life for us...therefore exhibiting the Truest form of Love possible...or am I thinking about this wrong?"

Adam and Eve Leaving the Garden


The Evidence

I must admit that my first response was to "let me chew on this a bit." As with any consideration of a topic, I asked myself "what is the main focus of the passage and/or of the question?" The answer seems to lie in the words love and lay down. I first noticed that nowhere in the creation account of man did the Scripture say that God loved either Adam or Eve. Hmmm. Does that mean He didn't love them? What kind of love is this in the passage from John 15:13? The Greek word is agape: divine love. By reading on one can tell that Jesus was about to give HIs life on the cross for mankind. He was about to lay down His life. So, are we the greatest when we lay down our life? Are we to let ourselves be killed? Further in the reading, Jesus says that we are His friends if we obey His commands and then He commands that we have agape to one another. The first of fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22 is agape. So, this is divine love with divine origin. So It would seem that one who lays down his or her life with divine love is showing a "no greater love." Mother Theresa would be such a one. She was ridiculed and scorned by the religious, yet, day after day, her and the Sisters showed divine love through laying down of their lives.

So, back to the question: was the only way that we could experience that no greater love was by way of Adam sinning in the garden? Let's go back further than Adam's sin. Did it cost God anything to create the world and especially Adam? Cost meaning sacrifice. If it cost (sacrifice) God to create, did it not also cost Him (sacrifice of His Son) to re-create? If yes on both accounts, and I think the answer is yes, then is this not divine love seen in the first creation as well in the re-creation?

God breathed part of Himself into Man (Spirit). Man sinned and his spirit which had originally belonged to God, died. So, part of God died. Christ, being God died on the cross to resurrect that dead part of man that was God. Christ did not come to earth to make bad people good. He came to earth to make spiritually dead people alive. See the links below on Being Fully Human. God created. Man sinned and the highest form of creation was ruined. Christ died and the greatest form of creation was re-created.

The Conclusion

Since God sacrificed in the creation, the no greater love was evident before sin, yet it, like light against a black backdrop, shines more brightly today against the darkening world of sin in the lives of those who lay down their lives for others. Exhibiting obedience even if that means death.

What do you think?

Did Adam have to sin for us to experience this "No Greater Love?"

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    • Cgenaea profile image

      5 years ago from Illinois

      I like your spiritual interpretation. The laying down of one's life and dying daily is spiritual. Mother Theresa is a fine example of this.

      I really don't think Adam had to sin. He had God at hello. ;) God took one look, and was pleased. He considered the man special. He put the man in charge. He loved Adam. The idea that he sacrificed to create is interesting. A part of himself died? Interesting... a bit of a stretch, but interesting. He did "lose" the loyalty/obedience of his most treasured creation. That probably did grieve him. (Killed the original idea of them living with him forever, for a time???)

      Nice hub!


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