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Going Into the Light

Updated on August 31, 2013

Surprise! You're Dead!

Lightworkers are abundant nowadays. What is the Light? Love and Light are the same thing. Light is the opposite of shadow and dark. Not exactly the opposite.When the light enters the darkness disappears, proving it was not real. Darkness can be seen as an illusion, a trick of the eye, a slight of the hand.

The darkness was merely the absence of light. That the light can be absent is a non-truth. That the Light can be hidden on the earth plane is true, but the Light is behind the darkness in a sense, and we can discover this if we wait long enough, or open enough curtains or live enough lives.

There are numerous occasions says *ACIM, where we have opportunity to gladden ourselves and yet choose a dark thought and refuse to see the Light.

If God is All and God is All That Is, God is also the shadow, or shall we say God Is the Light and is behind the shadow, behind the cloud that obscures the full radiance of the sun. The cloud itself is water, a thing needed for life to form. God is not separate from life. The water, the cloud soon dissolves, evaporates in the light as if it had never been. So too does the dark disappear within the Light, as if it had no existence. Yet really, the water has changed into life, for when the rain falls on the earth, life is formed in conjunction with sun and water, and matter of earth. It is all God and we have found it all useful to evolve here.

Our dark thoughts disappear when exposed to the Light as clouds disappear. Where has the dark gone? We have seen that the dark thoughts didn't matter, they were never true thoughts that we thought from our right minds. We fooled ourselves to say the Light is not where I am. We can be in our wrong mind, then we can be in our right minds. Whenever we feel love, we are then in our right minds.

I had this profound meeting with the Light. I had died. Oh dear, I was so shocked to learn I was dead now. My life was over, and I must have skipped the part of the movie where you know you're about ready to die, so you get your affairs in order and get ready to drop every little single thing you had planned to do and enter the afterlife station.
When I learned I was dead I stopped wandering the astral plane in search of people to talk to. It was a relief to know I was dead, because all the people I was meeting were totally unaware I was trying to communicate with them, only one was psychic enough to pick up on the fact I was standing before him and yakking my head off, trying to join the conversation.

As great as I might have been in life as a group component functionary, I was certainly having difficulty after dying. It seemed paramount to discover what was wrong with me.

I was told I was dead by somebody who loved me. She told me because first I had to ask "what is wrong with me?" She started crying when she told me I was dead. I wanted to tell her, pull yourself together, although as you say I'm dead, I don't think it's something to cry about, because, gee, I feel that I'm still alive.

I didn't say that to her because I think she had to go through that grieving process and wouldn't have understood that I was alive, because my physical body was not around anymore. Now, we were simply chatting through a spirit to spirit connection.

I was glad she told me I was dead, even if it came as a shock. Immediately I had to go, I didn't know where, just go somewhere. I watched my daughter doing dishes for a moment and a glad thought hit me, if I'm dead, well, I don't have to wash dishes anymore! I was still me, finding merriment and humor in the most dire of circumstances. I turned to go, I had to let her get on with the grieving process. I thought I'd check in on her later and make sure she could deal with this death thing ok. I knew in my heart, death was a temporary parting.

I thought about maybe I could meet God now? All my life I would talk to God conversational style as a child. I think now who I was really talking to was like helpers in the other realm, who double for God. It's hard to live a life here. It's not easy. We must have made contracts with one another before life. There were places in life where it seemed death would be the easy way out. Always would come a voice of reason, just a little bit of Light could turn me straightway around.

I now shot upwards hoping God was "up" there, even feeling silly to think there was an up and a down, and gee, this has to be my belief system making me shoot upwards, but here I go anyway. Yet I certainly wasn't going to look for God down here, and as a matter of fact, I felt I was escaping from a place very close to whatever hell was, so up I went.

God is "up"

I thought, well if I'm dead, if my life is over, whoever I am, for I had forgotten my name even, then perhaps I need recycled once I find God.

That was a horrendous thought but I had to proceed with my only plan to find God. I remember enjoying my flight upwards, after all, it well could be my last flight.
God might be a bit miffed that I'd gotten lost and forgotten Him. Er, or Her.

God turned out to be the Light. I found the Light! God was formless. God was just this Light. Warm and bright, safe, serene, all forgiving, intelligent Light.

I felt so safe in the Light's loving embrace; I believe I fell asleep for awhile.

I asked God if I'd done OK. I just wasn't sure that I could have done more for humanity's suffering, or if I'd made bad decisions what not. God just talked in waves of forgiveness. He/She/It didn't use words. He used Love when He talked. God was never angry or upset about anything at all.

It was only people that got upset or angry. Not God. God told me I had completed my mission successfully. Then there was that feeling of completion. That's what the Light feels like. A sense of completion. Well, in my case that's what death felt like.

I was ready to be wiped out in my individuality status now but it didn't happen. God sent me back in but first I fell into a brief sleep. When I awoke I still had the sense that I'd completed my mission and was about to be assigned to a new mission which would be more fun than the first. Apparently, the old me had died. Now I was a new person but still had the memories of the dead little girl who had lived about half of her/our life span, but still had more good years left.

If I talked too much about my childhood people said oh poor you! They didn't know the little girl was dead. I was just taking her place now, and this new me, it didn't want sympathy, because what they didn't understand was the little girl had fulfilled her mission in life, so she was to be celebrated. Only there was no congrats that came forth. Only from a few friends who were very perceptive and loving.

So it is God that celebrates your completed missions. It is God that loves the unlovable among us. God is the Light. We can run far and wide from God but in the end there is no place to go but up, back to God. And that's where we came from also. So it's a nice feeling. God said life is not complicated. Life is simple when you live it on the sunny side of the street and you know we are all so very immortal, it's enough to make you burst out laughing to know we are the Phoenix rising each lifetime.

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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      thankx. I find your philosophy the same as mine Shyron. and glad to meet you fer sure.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Hello LaughingRain, beautiful concept. I have a poem that says how I feel about Life and Death.

      Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die. Only those are fit to die who have not shrunk from the joys of life. Life and Death are part of the great adventure. --Shyron


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