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Going to the "Heart" of the Masters of God

Updated on July 17, 2010
Catholic Saints
Catholic Saints
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael
Koot Hoomi al Singh
Koot Hoomi al Singh
Maha Chohan
Maha Chohan
Jesus the Christ
Jesus the Christ

Masters of God as Heavenly Hosts

What do I mean "to go to the heart of the masters"? Moving on from the concept of "going to the "heart" of the matter, I say the "heart" of the matter is God. And if you believe that God is at the Heart of all that "IS", then going to the heart of the masters is connecting with God, through the "Heavenly Hosts" that "work" to help humanity to re-unite with God.

From the heavenly hosts, we expand our word usage of that concept, to cover as many of the religions and philosophies of the earth that have occurred throughout history.

Hence, in "Heavenly Hosts" we have: Jesus, the ascended Saints, and the angels that work with disciples and mystics of Christianity; Masters and deities and the various gurus that work with chelas of Hinduism; Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and monks that work with followers of Gautama's teachings; Muhammad and the mystic Sufis that work with the followers of Islam; the Sefirots in the Kabbalah and Jewish mystics and the followers of Judaism; Confucius and his concepts of an enlightened society; Lao-Tze and the Tao of Yin and Yang; Native Americans and the Great Spirit and devotion of mother earth; Origen, Plato and Aristotle and the adherents of the mystery schools of Greece; Master Morya (M), Master Koot Hoomi al Singh and H.P. Blavatsky and the followers of the Theosophical Society; Nicholas and Helena Roerich and the followers of the Agni Yoga Society; the Ascended Masters and The Divine Mother with Mark and Elizabeth Prophet of the Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Triumphant; Jesus with Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science; and the list goes on and on.

In this new millennium, these same heavenly hosts work with humanity to help them unite with their own highest level of consciousness that is directly connected with God. And to make plain to humanity that they are here and are wanting to help us to find God, and to keep us from getting lost in the miasma of our own lower "psychic" effluvia (and the likes of psychics, channels, mediums, charlatans, false pastors and some politicians!, etc) that are connected to the lower astral realms of inner planes of consciousness. We all need to raise up our souls to the higher levels of our consciousness/psyche, and get to the "Heart" of the matters of God with the help of the heavenly hosts.

The Wholistic Lifestyle Plan of your own creation, (see other WLP hubs and those by SparklingJewel, for more information and perspective) can include this spiritual concept of working with heavenly hosts, no matter what your religion or philosophy of life.

But the spiritual component of the WLP means to seek only to unite with the highest levels of God and not seek just to fulfill desires only of the lower ego, that are less than God. (How you define between those two aspects is what "seeking" is all about !)

Proof of Inner Planes ?

Can I give a description of this in provable words...or are they (the Heavenly Hosts/Masters) intimations of the inner Self that have no outer proof of existence? That is one of the continuing "sagas" of the forums here on HubPages!

It is also what the Path of Life is all about, whether we put it into those types of words or not, or even think of it at all! I believe we do have "connections" with God (just being alive is proof of that), and with higher aspects of our humanity (becoming the best person we can be), and with God's Hierarchy, if we pray to, and choose wisely, always seeking for that "heart" of the matter. Just because other people have different experiences than your own, doesn't make them wrong, they just are where they are on the Path of Life. If we all didn't have things to work on in our unification process, we wouldn't be here.

We are unique individuals, here for a special purpose and mission, to do what only "I" the individual can do. No other individual can do all that you came here to do, especially for humanity.

All too often people dismiss these intimations of the heart, that are the higher voice of our individual inner guidance connection with God, our Holy Christ Self, our Christ Self, our highest consciousness, and/or a Heavenly Host/Master.

Of course, we must be careful in our choosing of which inner voice to listen to. If we are balanced mentally and emotionally, don't do drugs, or if we don't drink or smoke in excess, if we are dealing with our psychology, and don't easily fall into fanaticism, nor have the need to follow a group, then one can find their way to learning to listen to the True/highest inner voice/intuition.

One of many things a person could do to cultivate this "hearing of the inner voice" the "small voice" of conscience, the Holy Spirit, the Higher Self or even a heavenly host, is to read about the lives of those in history that have followed a path seeking these connections with God and God's Hierarchy; saints and sages of east and west.

I would like to touch upon a few of these souls that have chosen to seek and connect with the realms of God's Light in the more recent past. I choose these three paths because of their mutual claimed connection with the Master Morya, also known as Master M, and El Morya or Morya El.

The three are: The Theosophical Society with H.P. Blavatsky; The Agni Yoga Society with Nicholas and Helena Roerich; and The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant with Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

Master Morya
Master Morya

Master Morya

"The name Morya is the same as that of the Maurya clan, which ruled India from 322-185 BCE. The invincible Chandragupta Maurya founder of the Maurya Empire, united the Indian subcontinent, while his grandson, Ashoka the Great, adopted Buddhism and sent missions to other parts of Asia as well as the Mediterranean world.

In the Mahaparinibbana Sutta, an early Buddhist text that records the end of Gotama Buddha’s life, the “Moriyas of Pipphalavana” are said to have “built a great stupa for the embers” that remained from the cremation.

This passage suggests that there was already a connection between the Maurya clan and Buddhism. Blavatsky claims that long after the fall of the Mauryan Empire, the Mauryas (or Moryas) continued to have a deep connection with Buddhism. In 436 CE an Arhat (Buddhist saint) named Kasyapa, who belonged to the Morya clan, left an Indian convent in Panch-Kukkutarama with the fifth of seven golden statues of the Buddha, which he carried to a lake in Bod-yul (Tibet), thereby fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Seven years later the first Buddhist monastery was established on that spot, although the conversion of the country did not begin in earnest till the 7th century. Most of the abbots of that monastery “were the descendants of the dynasty of the Moryas, there being up to this day three of the members of this once royal family living in India.” 1

"Blavatsky explicitly affirms a link between the Shakya clan, to which Gotama Buddha belonged, and the Moriya clan, stating that the former founded a town called Moriya-Nagara. She adds that the Rajput tribe of Mori owes its name to being “composed of the descendants of the first sovereign of Moriya, Nagari-Môrya,” and that the Moryas are Kshatriyas, unlike Master Koot Hoomi and the Rishi Koothumi who are “Northern Brahmans.

The name Moriya probably derives from mayura or mora, which means peacock. The peacock image connects this warrior clan with Karttikeya, the Hindu war god, whose vehicle is a peacock, and possibly with the Buddhist “Peacock Lord,” a Wisdom King (Kujaku-myoo in Japan, the female Mahamayuri in India)."1 Master Morya is said to be a decendent of the original Maurya (Moriya) clan.

Helen P. Blavatsky and others, began the Theosophical movement in 1875. Nicholas and Helena Roerich joined in the 1920s, and shortly after, began the Agni Yoga Society, that developed within the Theosophical Society. Not only were they all on friendly terms with each other within the Society, they also had connections with the Master Morya.

Master Morya was considered to be an Eastern adept of the highest order of Masters. A soul that is "above" the earthly realms, yet still within them as an assistant to enlighten humanity to God's "heavenly hosts". He communicated mysteriously with Blavatsky (clairvoyance and/or clairaudience) and directed her to do particular things to further the Theosophical Society's work.

Master Morya also communicated with the Roerichs clairaudiently and they wrote down his words of direction and information to share with others as instruction for following a path of spiritual enlightenment.

There have been other spiritual movements between these of the Theosophical Society and the current organization of the Summit Lighthouse that began in 1958 with Mark Prophet. And later in the 1970s, his wife, Elizabeth Prophet, started the Church Universal and Triumphant. Both of the Prophets communicated with Master Morya and other adepts and Masters of God's Hierarchy of Heavenly Hosts through dictations while they were under direct influence of the Holy Spirit level of consiousness.

This is a very, very brief introduction of the extensive and complex concepts of humanity communicating with the heavenly hosts. It is not a new concept, but has been going on since before recorded history; it is at the core mysteries of all faiths and beliefs in God and humanity's purpose. There are various ways of defining it, and various denouncments of it even actually happening, as well. So goes the path of Life and enlightenment. The human ego always believes it has to have the upper hand on power.

I hope that this has been of interest to you, and that you might seek to further your knowledge of this aspect of life. It is my understanding that the mysteries of God and Life are meant for everyone, that is interested of course, in thier own time. If there is any information you would like, just ask, I may have an answer.

Until next time...Vondir,


Sources 1. Wikipedia; and various books by the three organizations of the Summit Lighthouse/Church Universal and Triumphant published by Summit Universtiy Press; The Theosophical Society and the Agni Yoga Society and their publishers.

There are so many books from each society that I won't name them. But if you ask in comments below, I could give you a few titles that I have read.



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    • SparklingJewel profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from upper midwest

      Thank you, Roland for reading, and for your neutral/kind response! Feel free to ask any questions.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Very interesting


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