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Golden Valley Ghosts

Updated on June 11, 2013

Golden Valley Ghosts

Golden Valley N.C. has a rich history of Ghosts , Gold , Moonshine and much more. The Fellowship Baptist Church featured below in the photos and the videos we shot is in a lot of the Ghost Stories. We will feature several of them here.

Frank Hunt's Ghost Story About Fellowship Baptist Church

In 1991 Frank Hunt and a friend went up to the Golden Valley area deer hunting and camped out in a tent in the yard of Fellowship Baptist Church. It was very cold for November in the area and during the night Frank got very cold and got up walking around to get warm. He happened to look towards the church and noticed that the lights were on in the church and he figured he would go inside and get warm maybe. He walked the 50 feet or so from his and his friends campsite over to the church and he heard singing coming from inside the church. When he got to the door he could still hear singing coming from inside the church but the doors latch was fastened from the outside. He said he thought to himself he had to see what was going on inside the church and maybe get warm but when he unlatched the door and opened the door the church was not only dark but there was no one there. He said the hair stood up on the back of his neck because he had clearly heard people singing inside the church and he knew for a fact the lights had been on in the church when he came out of the tent he was sharing with a friend.

He said he went back to the tent and woke up his friend and when they looked towards the church the windows were again aglow with light and singing could very clearly be heard coming from the church. He and his friend walked back over and looked inside but of course as before no lights were on in the church and no one was there. Frank said he and his friend packed their stuff and went home and did not even hunt that day because of what happened. Frank said after what he and his friend saw and heard all they wanted was to get as far away from the church as possible. He said that over the years he and his friend hunted in the area again but that they did not camp in the church yard again.

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Outside of Fellowship Baptist Church

Outside of Fellowship Baptist Church
Outside of Fellowship Baptist Church

Fellowship Baptist Church and Graveyard

Fellowship Baptist Church and Graveyard
Fellowship Baptist Church and Graveyard

You Drive Across The Creek On The Way To The Fellowship Baptist Church

You Drive Across The Creek On The Way To The Fellowship Baptist Church
You Drive Across The Creek On The Way To The Fellowship Baptist Church

The Bloody Sheet Ghost Story

The dirt road that goes up to the church is the old CC Camp road. The road was originaly built or done over by CC Camp workers at the end of the depression. It is now well graveled and can be easily traveled by automobiles especially in dry weather. Going to the church you do cross one creek as shown in the above photo.

The Bloody Sheet Ghost Story

It is in this area over the years that the bloody sheet story has been told over and over. The story is that somewhere in the distant past a person was murdered and then wrapped in the bloody sheet they were killed on. Supposedly the body was dumped some where in the area of where the creek crosses the road in the above photo. Over the years especially when it is raining or near dusk or dawn people see a human form wrapped in a bloody sheet walk up towards the creek where it crosses the road and vanish. It is strange that it is usually not seen on the upper part of the road above the creek going towards the Church but only on the road below where the creek crosses the road. The story has been repeated by many people over the years and some people have reported what looks like light from an old fasioned lantern out in the woods in this area. When people have tried to find the light they have never been able to.

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Bigfoot In The Area

Over the years people have even claimed to see Big Foot in the area. Some people even claim to have seen Big Foot ( Sasquatch ) in the area of where the creek crosses the road on the way up to the church. When we have time we are going to check the area out well and see if we can find footprints of Big Foot in the area. If so we will be sure to film them and show you the videos. When you look around the area you could see how easy it would be for a creature of any size hide in the area. Over the years I have saw Bears and Wild Boar in the area and when the animail gets a few feet into the bush it vanishes from site. So its not that far fetched to believe that Big Foot could be hiding in the area also.

Golden Valley Post Office Around 1895

Golden Valley Post Office Around 1895
Golden Valley Post Office Around 1895

More Ghost Stories About Fellowship Baptist Church

Maggie Scrugg's Ghost Story

Maggie Scruggs told us this story about the Fellowship Baptist Church. She said that when she was a young girl ( She is now 85 ) her and her family used to go up to the church on picnics once in a while. She said that when she was about 14 her family was parked in the church yard having a picnic lunch on the tail of her fathers truck when they saw a woman dressed in a real pretty white dress walk up the road and go into the church. She said her mother became concerned when the lady never did come out of the church and she went over to see if she could help the lady in some way. But when she walked into the church ( the door was standing open at that time ) the lady who had walked into the church was nowhere to be seen. No where. And they were sure the lady had not come back out of the church. Maggie said when they got home later that day to Bostic N.C. she remembers her Grandfather saying that the lady in white had been seen over the years both around the church and walking down the side of the road leading up to the church. It was said that if you stopped to ask her if you could help her or offer her a ride she simply vanished. He said no one had any ideal who she was and that she had never been known to speak.

Bobbie Greenlee's Ghost Story About Fellowship Baptist Church

Bobbie Greenlee from Spartunburg S.C. has an interesting story she told us about the church. Very simular to the hunters story above.

She said that her family liked to go to the Fellowship Baptist Church and to near by Camp Mcall for picnics when she was a young girl. ( She Is Now 37 ) She said when she was about 12 her family went up the road to the church to have a Picnic but about the time they got near the church a huge thunderstorm occurred and it was almost as dark as night. Bobbie said her father pulled up in the church yard to wait out the storm and when they turned into the church yard they noticed that the churches windows were bright with light and at first they feared the church was on fire. But they kept watching the church and at some point the rain eased up and her father rolled down his window to smoke and when he did they heard clearly what sounded like Amazing Grace being sung by a group of people coming from inside the church.

At first her father said it was people inside the church singing but as they set there and looked around there were no other vehicles around the church and minutes later when the sun came out they noticed the singing had stopped. She said her father walked over and opened the church door but that no one was inside and the lights were off. She said she remembers her father was really shook up by it and that they left the church and drove over to Camp Mccall for their picnic.

After that she said they did return to Camp Mcall for picnics but that her father would never go back to the little church again. Years later after she was grown her father told her that when he first opened the church door the day they heard the singing he saw people setting in the church but they vanished almost as soon as he opened the church door.

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Our Yahoo Ghost Group

Click Here For Our Yahoo Ghost Group

All Videos on this page were produced by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost and Nosycat Film Productions and are owned by them. All other material on this page was also produced by Thomas Byers and Nosycat Film Productions.


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    • profile image

      Mike Gilbert-Brown 

      6 months ago

      My GreatGrandpa n GrandMa are buried there.

    • profile image

      J Jones 

      6 months ago

      My husband and I were there July 29, 2019. It was a beautiful sunny day. The Fellowship Church is well cared for with many silk flowers on the graves. No ghosts! It is near the end of the road and we have been told there is a waterfall about a mile farther away.

    • profile image

      dean laws 

      2 years ago

      maybe take a trip up that way some day,dont know.


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