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Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Sri Sadguru Gondavalekar Bramhachaitanya Maharaj. This dress is worn during his discourses on Life.

Sri Gondavalekar Maharaj of Gondavali.
Sri Gondavalekar Maharaj of Gondavali. | Source

His dress during his Prayers.A photographer wanted to take his picture with out telling him he took the picture and went home to devolop but there was no photo

Sri Sadguru Bramhachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj.
Sri Sadguru Bramhachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj. | Source

Sri Sadguru Gondavalekar Bramhachaitanya Maharaj.

The picture above found in many books and places is that of beloved Maharaj.

Sri Sadguru Maharaj was in his deep meditation when his 'GURU' sent him home and told him to spread GOD'S name to people to end their misery and slavery to worldly affairs forgetting that there is one god to end human sufferings.His advise was to just tell the people to remember gods name and repeat his name continuously irrespective of what they are doing,where ever they are. HE GAVE him THE NAME BRAHMA CHAITANYA. [ though his name was Ganapathi as christened by birth ]

What were his achievements as I know from a book that my mother kept.

1 - He was born by the blessings of Lord Vittala of Pandarapur near Gondavali his father was a Brahmin and the Village Accountant ( a highly respected person in any village during British Rule ) and the Britishers appointed always only this caste as they trusted Brahmins for their honesty and trustworthiness.

2 - He did not cry as soon as he was born he was chanting Gods Name ' RAMA '.

3 - When he was sleeping his mother went to wash clothes in the River Managanga.

4 - When she returned she heard Ram Bhajan going on in her home and it was her baby chanting the Ram Nam. ( Gods Name ).

5 - He knew whatever was taught in his school and gave up going to school to learn what he knew.

6 - He desire for knowledge that he did not know grow very fast and he left home at an early age seeking his teacher.

7 - He was very fast in learning which made him find a teacher ( Guru ) difficult.

8 - He kept searching for his teacher and went to Himalayas to find him.

9 - He found him and learning from him was very hard but he succeeded fully.It was then he was asked to go back to his birth place and teach only Rama Nam. He came back to the village after so many years that his own mother could not recognize him immediately. He also did not go home when he came to the village but was sitting under a Banyan Tree. Taking food from strangers like a sanyasi. The Village soon got wind of his presence known by all as a strange Sanyasi in the Village. Even his sister could not recognize him. He soon went home to his mother and asked for food,knowing that he was the Village Strange Sanyasi she gave him food and inquired if he had ever met his son GANU as she called him by that name. She was informed that he had met him and that he was on his way home and soon she would meet him.After a few days he came home and told his mother that he was GANU soon she recognized his voice and hugged him crying saying why he did what he did.

Sri.Tulasi Plant which was worshiped daily by Maharaj is still at Gondavali Mandhir even now.

Sri Tulasi Plant Holy & Its Herbal leaves cure for all aliments.
Sri Tulasi Plant Holy & Its Herbal leaves cure for all aliments. | Source


If you want to know all about Tulasi you will know,just type the word 'Tulasi' in Google.

Every Hindu Home has the plant in front of their home and its worshiped by the Lady's of the house.Its a strong belief that this plant worship brings peace and prosperity to the persons who reside in the home.The plant also is VASTU friendly.

Eating just 3 leaves of this plant makes the person healthy and is also a HERBAL plant.

People grow this plant in VRINDAVAN a special design as seen in the picture.

The Main Gate at Mandhir.

Main Door of Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya.
Main Door of Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya. | Source

This is what I saw and wondared.

As you near the Main Gate at the Mandhir at Gondavali after a road journey from SANGLI Maharashtra the Main door is hidden by road side street vendors who stay permanently adjoining the Mandhir compound.They make the place dirty by the way they have their shop put up.If Maharaj was present it would not be their.The present Management which looked after the Mandhir very efficiently have failed to make this ROAD look great.

If I have a choice to stay at GONDAVALI I will make it a holy city like Dharmastala of south canara in Karnataka.I may do it by only sweeping the street opposite to the Mandhir as long as I could and persuade others to do something useful and make the Mandhir one of its kind in India..

This is the place where devotees can sit and stand during the ARATI first to sri.Maharaj's Paduka's later to Sri.Krishna's Idol kept over his samadhi.He was a s

Inside view of Samadhi Mandhir of Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya Maharaj.
Inside view of Samadhi Mandhir of Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya Maharaj. | Source

To Touch the PADUKAS devotes are going inside the Mandhir and the Padukas are kept below the floor over his samadhi and you can touch his Padukas and take Prasa

Place where the " Padukas " used by of Sri Gondavali Bramhna Chaitanya Maharaj.
Place where the " Padukas " used by of Sri Gondavali Bramhna Chaitanya Maharaj. | Source

You Feel the Presence in the holy place inside his samadhi.This is a place where I forgot what I should do.The Tulsi plant I wanted to touch but it was fenced .

Waiting for Arati.
Waiting for Arati. | Source

3000 Persons can Dine here.It is so huge that if they serve 10 persons 20 persons would have completed their eating of the prasad / meal of the day.

Huge Dining Hall at GONDAVALI.
Huge Dining Hall at GONDAVALI. | Source

Mandhir Complex. over 100 acres all Sri Maharaj's own property.

At Gondavali Mandhir Complex so HUGE.
At Gondavali Mandhir Complex so HUGE. | Source

100 Year Old Door kept at the time when his deciple Bramhananda built the Mandhir after he left his body.His presence is still there if you can see him.He will

The 100 Year Main Gate Door.
The 100 Year Main Gate Door. | Source

Serving Prasad. There are over 100 people doing all jobs to serve food all day and night as also provide rooms to stay comfortably.

Volunteers Serving Prasad / Lunch.
Volunteers Serving Prasad / Lunch. | Source

Worshipers takeing Prasad / Lunch.Any number of persons get their prasad / meal non stop till none is present to take the prasad.The prasad is a full meal with

Devotees taking Stupendous LUNCH.
Devotees taking Stupendous LUNCH. | Source

Sharry taking Prasad / Lunch.The QUE is never stationary but keeps moving contineously till none is in the QUE.

My Wife in 'Q' for taking Prasad / Lunch.
My Wife in 'Q' for taking Prasad / Lunch. | Source


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Dear Phil Plasma,

      It was in a village 100 years ago,what can be impressive at that time.I have kept the picture just that I saw it and remembered how nice it was in a village where GOD lived.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      For a 100 year main gate door, it doesn't look particularly impressive.